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Total Frequency Control (TFC) is a leading supplier of high quality frequency control products such as quartz crystals, precision quartz oscillators, quartz filters, helical coils, wound coils and inductors. We have a range of products to cover all manner of frequency control applications.

At our UK manufacturing facility we produce thousands of OCXO, TCXO and VCXO oscillators up to 1GHz, suitable for a variety of telecomms, datacomms, satellite communications and instrumentation applications. All of our crystals are processed and assembled within a clean room environment to ensure maximum reliability and long-term stability. The design and development of precision oscillators includes in-house environmental testing to qualify them for use in harsh conditions or for military applications. 

All design and manufacturing processes are carried out at our state-of-the-art, Livingstone-based facility and in full compliance with REACH regulations and RoHS directives. The company also has a Quality Management System in place that meets EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004 standards, guaranteeing the quality of our products as well as services. 

Find out more about our market-leading, industry-approved frequency control products by visiting TFC online or calling us on 01903 74000. 

OCXO & GPS Reference Oscillators

TFC’s OCXOs (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators) offer exceptional levels of performance from small, compact packages that are easy to install and which are suitable for a wide variety of frequency control applications. All crystals are assembled within clean room facilities to guarantee reliability and long-term stability. As well as standard oscillators, we offer PLL variants and a number of GPS synchronised reference oscillators. Details of these can be found alongside standard OCXO oscillators on the TFC website, where datasheet downloads are also available.

TCXO Oscillators

TCXOs (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators) from TFC have a low profile design with excellent phase noise, outstanding stability, low ageing and low jitter. They incorporate high precision quartz crystals with wide frequency ranges and a lifespan of up to 10 years. TCXO oscillators can be customised according to your requirements – find out more by visiting TFC online or contact our dedicated sales team on 01903 74000 to discuss your requirements with an industry expert.

VCXO Oscillators

We also manufacture a series of VCXOs (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators) with wide pulling ranges, good linearity and low ageing characteristics. Frequencies go right up to 1GHz. VCXOs are commonly used to convert a slow analogue signal into a digital signal for transmission over long distances (digital TV, digital audio, ADSL, etc). For product details and application guidance, please visit TFC online or speak to a member of our sales team on 01903 74000.

Clock Oscillators

Our Micro smd clock oscillators are manufactured by River Eletec and are available in sizes from 1.6 x 1.2mm upwards. Each device is packaged in a ceramic and metal vacuum-sealed housing for enhanced reliability and improved resistance to mechanical shock and vibration. Frequencies range from 10MHz to 400MHz. Bespoke designs are available if required. 

We can also offer a great range of basic clock oscillators from 34kHz to 1GHz, in sizes from 2.5 x 2.0mm and upwards. All of our oscillators benefit from a low profile, good stability, low jitter and low ageing. For more details on our standard and Micro smd clock oscillators, please visit TFC online or contact our sales team on 01903 74000. 

Quartz Crystals

With sizes down to 1.2 x 1.0mm, precision quartz crystals from River Eletec are amongst the smallest in the world. Each unit is packaged within a ceramic and metal vacuum-sealed housing for enhanced reliability and resistance to mechanical shock and vibration. Frequencies range from 32.768kHz to 80MHz, with tolerances of ±10ppm. Operating temperature range on most units is -40°C to +85°C. 

This category covers the requirements of those looking for:

  • Precision quartz crystals
  • High stability HI-REL quartz crystals
  • SC, BT, IT and AT cut crystals
  • Miniature precision crystals
  • Low profile miniature smd crystals
  • Low phase noise SC cut quartz crystals
  • Low ageing crystals

Wound Coils

To complement its range of oscillators and other quartz crystal devices, TFC offers a complete portfolio of wound coils and inductors, covering:

  • RF inductors
  • Smd power inductors
  • Axial inductors
  • Radial inductors
  • Moulded coils
  • High current chockes
  • Wound toroids
  • Toroid chockes
  • Air wound spring coils
  • Smd spring coils
  • Chip inductors

Products can be customised according to client specifications. For size, inductance and frequency details, please visit TFC online or contact our sales team on 01903 74000. 

Quartz Filters

Also available are a range of monolithic quartz filters with sharp selectivity, small insertion loss and very high reliability. The range includes standard 10.70MHz, 21.40MHz, 45MHz fundamental and third overtone designs. Customers can also choose from six and eight pole block filters with the option of matching transformers. Find out more by visiting TFC online.

Helical Filters

Custom-wound screen helical band pass filter coils are available from 45MHz to 2600MHz, in 5mm and 7mm packages. Customers can choose from double, triple and quadruple pole designs with 50 ohms and 75 ohms matching impedance. You can find a list of helical filters along with downloadable datasheets on the TFC website.



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