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Topcon GB is one of the largest daughter companies of Topcon Europe and we specialise in the development, manufacture and distribution of a range of ophthalmic instruments.  We aim to offer a comprehensive solution and therefore our products span not only diagnostic, refractive and surgical categories, but also include complementary products such as software for image capture, database and practice management as well as a range of furniture including instrument columns, instrument tables and chairs.

As a company we are focused on producing the highest quality products and comply to ISO 9001:28 and ISO 13485 standards.  We continually monitor and refining our processes where necessary to ensure our quality management is the best it can be.

Optical Coherence Tomography

Topcon offers a range of optical coherence tomography (OCT) equipment, which can be used to assist in determining the thickness of retina layers.  There are four different imaging testers to choose from:

  • The DRI OCT Triton, an anterior and posterior swept source OCT offering multi-modal true fundus imaging
  • The 3D OCT_2000, featuring hi-res colour fundus camera
  • The 3D OCT-1 Maestro, which enables 50,000 A scans per second and dual eye scanning function
  • The 3D OCT-2000 FA plus, an all encompassing tomography solution allowing image generation for not only OCT but FA, FAF, colour and red-free images.

Retinal Cameras

When choosing an imaging device to capture imagery of the internal eye area, careful consideration should be taken as to the functions a device can offer you.  Topcon’s range of retinal cameras covers both non-mydriatic and mydriatic models and combines the latest technology with a range of features and footprints, covering the needs of most ophthalmology practices. We currently offer four retinal cameras to suit a variety of functional and budgetary requirements, including the state-of-the-art TRC-NW8F, which enables ultra fine detailed imagery thanks to its Nikon D-90, 12MP camera.  It has a user-friendly joystick control for agile control, whilst auto functions for shoot, focus and exposure enable exceptional images to be captured each time.   Please see our website for full specifications of each model available.

Slit Lamps

The range of slit lamps and imaging solutions provided by Topcon is extensive and allows ophthalmology professionals to view detailed, magnified imagery of both anterior and posterior segments of a patient’s eye. Each of our slit lamps are made to the highest specification and the selection of models available covers a wide range of features including both digital configurations and more basic models. Take a look at our website for full specifications of each of the models available as well as sample imagery and downloadable brochures.

Wavefront & Topography System

Topcon’s KR-1W is an innovative wavefront analyser that offers both refractive and diagnostic capabilities; a combination of features that is currently unique to this type of system.  The KR-1W is a 5 in 1 device that can be used for the following: wavefront aberration, corneal topography, pupilometry, keratometry and auto-refraction.  A simple, user-friendly joy stick and inclusion of and auto-alignment function makes it easy to obtain measurements and offer diagnosis, follow ups and treatment plans in one go, providing the opportunity to improve efficiencies.


A topographer is an imaging device that enables practitioners and surgeons to gain an overview of the condition of a patient’s cornea through detailed mapping of its surface.  Topcon’s range of topographers encompasses four models, each of which offers additional functions.

  • CA-800 offers comprehensive corneal mapping, as well as features for Meibomian Gland observation
  • The Aladdin Biometer offers the advantage of precision intra-ocular lens (IOL) power calculation in addition to full placid corneal topography, with the addition of a range of reporting features
  • CA-200F makes corneal mapping effortless and also offers fluorometry, pupillometry, Zernike analysis and IOL calculation
  • The KR-1W wavefront analyser also features a corneal topography function.


Tonometers are used for assessing the presence of the condition glaucoma, as they measure the pressure of the fluid inside the eye. Topcon’s range of three non-contact tonometers have each been designed to offer a low footprint, whilst still offering excellent and reliable performance capabilities. Each model features touch screen operation and soft air puff for a more comfortable patient experience.  The CT-1P incorporates a printer for seamless provision of results. The CT-800 benefits from a new air intake system that is maintenance free, whilst the CT-800A features a 3D auto-alignment function for precise results every time.

Ophthalmo Meters

The OM-4 ophthalmometer’s precision technology obtains accurate, objective corneal curvature measurements allowing practitioners to diagnose the presence of and intensity of astigmatism.  It can also be used to accurately determine contact lens radius of curvature. This device allows all of the eye’s principal meridians to be measured at the same time, thus reducing the time taken to acquire measurements.  The OM-4 also benefits from an internal scale reading system that offers an extended range.

Specular Microscope

Topcon has designed the SP-1P specular microscope with improved efficiencies in mind. Its 10.4” rotatable touch screen monitor amplifies the ergonomy of this device and negates the requirement for a control lever.  The rotatable nature of the screen improves the patient experience when discussing the captured images and its sizes enables easy viewing.  The SP-1P’s automated measurement acquirement ability means limited training is required to use the device as a simple tap of the pupil on the display is all that is needed to achieve accurate results. Full specifications for the SP-1P specular microscope can be found on our website.

Visual Field Analysers

Topcon is pleased to offer three different models of visual field analyser, each of which offers high precision technology for accurate results.  Our latest model, the Henson 7000, has been designed to offer a practical solution.  It is fully portable and features all the solutions you require from a visual field analyser without the added extras that make other devices in this category potentially unaffordable. Our other models, the Henson 9000 and MPS II also combine high specifications with pragmatic design, with the Henson 9000 featuring the latest ZATA threshold algorithm, which conforms to Goldmann standard.

Kerato / Refracto meters

Machines that incorporate both kerato and refractometers are designed to measure the anterior cornea surface curvature as well as the refractive error to determine an individual’s prescription.  Topcon has a choice of six models of machine that can be used for this dual purpose, some of which also offer other functions:

  • KR-1 Kerato-refractometer – features a tiltable and rotational touch screen
  • KR-1W Wavefront analyser – additionally features functions for wavefront aberrometry, corneal topography and pupillometry
  • KR-800/RM-800 Kerato-refractometer – a compact, manually operated device
  • KR-800A Auto Kerato-refractometer – features 3D auto alignment
  • KR-800S Subjective kerato-refractometer – features objective and subjective testing as well as glare, contrast and AMD testing
  • TRK-2P Kerato-refractometer and tonopachymeter – an all-in-one refractometer, keratometer, non-contact tonometer and pachymeter.

Full specifications of each model, including images can be found on our website.

Vision Testers

Topcon’s range of vision testers will satisfy any environment, whether it be for use within a hospital setting, the optometrist or ophthalmologist. The CV-5000PRO is our state-of-the-art vision tester and offers practitioners a wealth of features.  There is a video of this model on our website where you can see its performance in action. The VT-10 is a manual model that features an auto-rotating cross cylinder. As well as the CV-5000PRO and VT-10 we also offer the FS-1 floor stand, which is a small foot-print model that can be used in conjuction with a number of different phoropter holders.

Chart Systems

The ACP-8EM is a remote control operated chart projector that offers a choice of 30 different test charts.  It boasts speeds of 0.03 seconds per chart frame and has the ability to display five optotypes per line. To complement this projector, we also have a choice of three chart displays, each of which is LCD format and come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. Speak to us about our service options to ensure your chart system is supported when the need arises.  We offer everything from comprehensive support to ad-hoc support, as well as options for annual servicing.

Lens Meters & Lens Analysers

The range of lens meters and lens analysers at Topcon has been designed to meet the requirements of a number of settings and budgets.  The LM-8 is our classic model that provides portability via battery operation. The crosshair style target is lit by an LED light for a brighter view and to prevent fatigue.  Topcon’s CL-300 computerised lensmeter features a compact, ergonomic design and is operated via an LCD colour touch screen for fast, simple measurement acquisition. Finally, the EZ-200 is our most advanced model yet and features fully automated simultaneous lens analysis. Its intuitive design makes it incredibly simple to operate, whilst the integrated Hartman Shack sensor enables full scanning of the lens in one go.



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