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The TOA Corporation have offices in the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Russia and South Africa. We can provide our customers with a selection of professional audio solutions that cross a diverse range of applications and include security, public address, voice evacuation and digital audio contracting markets. Our variety of products grows and evolves continually and it is due to our continued ability to provide a superb choice of high quality products that we have been able to win contracts with well known companies, including the English National Opera at the London Coliseum for whom we provided a state of the art digital public address and emergency highway and the National History Museum where we installed a voice evacuation system.

At TOA we don’t just supply the hardware, we also offer a full design and technical support service to any company that contracts us and this allows them to realise their own vision with our help.

Pro-Audio Ceiling Speakers

AT TOA we have a new range of ceiling mounted speakers that feature many exciting benefits.  Our new speakers boast a new design that offers well-balanced audio reproduction due to the extra-wide dispersion characteristics which means that there is no treble attenuation over an expanded listening area. Our new speakers also feature non-frequency dependent directionality, which in conjunction with the wide dispersion means that there is a reduced high frequency roll-off. Our latest range of speakers are quick and easy to install and will blend seamlessly with a smooth, low profile design.

Pro Audio Compact Array

We have a choice of compact array speakers that provide a variable dispersion speaker system. There are four speaker modules which can each have their orientation changed independently and enables the adjustment of the directivity angle of the speaker system. The speakers are equipped with a built in passive network that maintains the sound quality. TOA’s compact array speakers can be used on both permanent and temporary installations and can be positioned either vertically or horizontally. There is the option to use mounting brackets which allow the speakers to be used in a variety of areas and they come complete with a useful carrying handle.

Pro-Audio Coaxial Array

At TOA we have two sizes of Coaxial Array Speaker with a 12” or 15” diameter woofer. The high frequency mounting driver array in a coaxial configuration with the woofer ensures that they are both lightweight and compact. This means that in relative diameter to the woofer it is the world’s smallest enclosure. It size and weight means that is easy to carry and the speaker is available in black or white and 100V line models.


We have a wide choice of subwoofers in stock at TOA. Our FB-100 Super-Woofer Speaker System has a 25cm speaker and is a 450W High-power sub-woofer system. The enclosure is an Acoustic Super Woofer that reproduces infrasonic frequencies of up to 35Hz, or can accomplish slow-slope phase characteristics by working as an acoustic band-pass filter. Made from sturdy urethane-painted MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), it can easily be repainted to match in with a specific colour scheme or to feature a logo.

Wide Dispersion Box Speakers (F-Series)

The F-Series of wider dispersion box speakers have received great praise in the industry. The F series are a versatile collection of two-way speakers that are highly efficient and have been designed to perform at a higher level and offer both frequency response and power handling at a wider range. Featuring a pioneering horn, the F series provides wide dispersion. They can be easily installed using various mounting brackets and the sleek speaker casing has been designed to be highly rigid. We also have a splash proof version available.

Desktop Mic

Our selection of desktop mics includes paging mics with corresponding amplifier control units as well as remote mics. Our paging mics are dynamic microphones with cardioid polar patterns and feature a short-off press to talk switch that has a locking lever. The corresponding amplifiers can be desktop or wall mounted and has an output remote control signal for the main amplifier On/Off power that can also be used for initiating all-call paging. There is volume control for the microphone and a talk On indicator. A gong plus 4-tone, 2-tone and single tone chimes can be selected for paging when the remote microphone's talk switch is pressed. An AC adaptor provides the power to the unit.

Handheld Microphone

The majority of our handheld microphones at TOA, have a moving coil for hand-held speech use. Made from a durable yet light, rigid diecast aluminium body they are unidirectional. We also have in stock two unidirectional paging microphones and an omnidirectional paging microphone. These are also handheld moving coil microphones and they come fully equipped with a built in push to talk switch which can be locked and are successful at dealing with high ambient noise levels.

Gooseneck Microphone

At TOA we have a choice of three gooseneck microphones; two are unidirectional and can be stand mounted whilst the third is a desk mounted option, which is perfect for use on table in situations such as meetings, lectures or religious services. Focused pickup is enabled through the electret condenser microphone element that has a cardioid pattern. The frequency response is an impressive 60 – 20k Hz which offers crystal clear delivery even over a PA system. The gooseneck offers more flexible positioning angles. Feedback is minimised thanks to the elimination of unwanted off-axis sound. 

Boundary Microphone

Our boundary and flush-mount boundary microphones are ideal for use in applications when it is necessary to record sound. They can be used to record meetings lecture or religious services. Both types contain an electret condenser microphone element. The flush design can be easily installed flush mounted into walls, ceilings and desktops, whereas the standard boundary microphone is slim line and elegant and will sit discreetly on a tabletop or desk. Both types of boundary microphone have a phantom power range of 9 to 52 volts for flexible operation.

TeachIR (All in One School System)

Designed specifically for the classroom environment, TOA’s educational wireless system can be heard throughout the class room with superb sound quality thanks to the single wide dispersion speaker. It is simple to install into the ceiling, requiring only one CAT-5 cable and comes with a desktop tuner that can be easily accessed as well as two lightweight, low fatigue IR wireless microphones, one for the student and one for the teacher. As it is tailored made for class room use there is no need to install any unnecessary, large equipment.

UHF Wireless Systems

At TOA we have several options of UHF wireless systems available. These include a vast choice of wireless sets that come with handheld wireless microphones and tuners. They use an electret condenser microphone capsule, which makes them suitable for a range of applications. The PLL synthesizer enables the option to use 64 different operating frequencies and a radio signal transmissions is guaranteed via the high output cable.  Our PLL synthesizers with controlled double superhetrodyne diversity tuner are especially enabled for use with UHF wireless system and they have been equipped with a compander noise reduction circuit which reduces the influence of ambient RF noise.

VHF Wireless System

In terms of equipment for VHF Wireless Systems, TOA provides bracket kits for rack mounting equipment, wireless antenna distributors that are wall mountable and have dual two-antenna inputs and four-antenna outputs, wireless speech, lavaliere and vocal microphones, a wireless headset microphone with 6 channel frequencies and wireless tuners that are easy to set up and make use of TOA’s Space Diversity technology. All items are made to the highest quality and are robust and long lasting whilst offering the maximum level of performance.

Infrared Wireless System

Our choice of infrared wireless systems includes hand held and hands free microphones, tuners, distributors, a charger and wall and ceiling receivers. Infrared provides an excellent barrier against eavesdropping and radio interference, which is one of the reasons why it is a popular wireless communication device. Our range of equipment utilises the very latest in infrared technology and items such as our hand held infrared wireless microphone uses two infrared emitters perfectly placed on the body shape of the microphone which will stop them being accidentally covered by the users hand whilst holding the microphone.

Rack-Mount Equipment

TOA have a range of sturdy rack mounting equipment available to wall mount many of our products that are going to be in situ for long periods of time. Whether you are mounting amplifiers or antenna distributors, TOA have the perfect bracket for the job that will guarantee that the piece of equipment is securely attached to the wall for as long as is needed.

Digital Power Amplifiers

The digital power supply is incredibly important to an amplifier and our new DA Series incorporates a system that allows power to be directed independently to each of the four channels. The new series offers the user a broader choice of power ratings, although remaining energy efficient. They contain superior Class D amplification circuitry and AC mains to output power ratio that provide excellent efficiency.  Furthermore the DA Series are suitable for use in a variety of venues and their space saving design means that they are unobtrusive. Models D and F are also suitable for presentations and press conference of any area where there are multi zone applications, whereas the FH and DH models are better suited to larger areas such as exhibition halls and sports facilities.

Mixed Amplifiers

We have an impressive choice of mixer amplifiers at TOA, with model numbers A-2240, A-2120, A-2060 and A-2030 offering a higher level of performance which makes them suitable for commercial audio systems used in schools, offices, religious premises, factories, restaurants and large meeting rooms. There is better isolation from external noise factors due to the inclusion of balanced mic inputs and these models are more robust than our standard ones. The output range is 30W to 240W and the tone control at the bass and treble allows for a comfortable acoustic space. The master control volume enables quick and easy volume control. Another benefit is that they are both scratch and fingerprint resistant.

Analogue Power Amplifiers

Our range of Analogue Power Amplifiers can all be used in conjunction with our rack mounts. Made from lightweight black coloured aluminium, they come with a fan for cooling.  Each amplifier has two priority inputs and two program inputs. We have amplifiers in 60W, 120W, 240W and 360W capabilities. Each model has the option to have a fault detector supplied with it.

Portable Amplifiers

At TOA we have a variety of portable amplifiers in stock. Our mobile amplifiers can be easily fitted in any 12V battery equipped car. They feature front panel controls which are easily accessible and the unit is both compact and robust. The fitted microphone is unidirectional and has a talk switch. There are also two phone jack mics inputs as well as the option to attached external equipment using the phone jack AUX input. We also carry 40W mobile amplifiers with a built in auto reverse cassette deck that has a pause function, these also feature a unidirectional mic with a talk switch and can be simply installed in-dash.

Digital Message Repeater

Digital message repeaters come in a variety of choices with a Voice Announcement Board, Sound Repeater  for Desktops,  Digital Playback-Only Announcer Digital Record / Playback Announcer and Sound Repeater for paging type, being part of TOA’s collection. Our Digital Record / Playback Announcer features a huge range of benefits for the user, which include; both manual and automatic recording, the choice of eight recording methods, which gives the ability to individually record sentences by selecting the most suitable from the eight on offer, meaning that 1,024 selectable and 256 separate sentences can be recorded over two memory cards. 

Signal Processors

A new addition to our collection of signal processors, the TOA M-9000M2 combines both a modular matrix mixer with a digital signal processor into one two-rack unit. This versatile new unit can be used for multi-zone paging, music distribution and room combining applications. Offering an incredible level of audio quality, the M-9000M2 uses an improved GUI programming interface. With two output channels and built in DSP the unit has a ten band parametric EQ compressor and delay, it can also be configured to custom systems with eight mic/line inputs and eight outputs. Simple, yet powerful mixing and complex multi zone paging applications are available using the new integrated operating mode.

Conference Systems Wired

Our wired conference systems units are suitable for use by both the delegates and the chair person at the conference or meeting, TOA also have both long and short gooseneck microphones available. Our TS-772 Delegate Unit is part of our TAO Conference System and is discreet, easy to install, lightweight and compact. Simple to use, speech is enables by turning the speech button into the On position and this will also immobilize the speaker so there is not feedback. Once in Off position the microphone can no longer be used but this does turn the speaker on and lets other conference unit voices be heard and monitored.  The TS-773 standard type and the TS-774 long type are available for use with this product.

Conference Systems Infrared

One of the products available in TOA’s range of infrared conference systems is the TS-900 central unit which is a bilingual conference system that has selectable monitoring for either English interpretation as the main audio or Japanese interpretation as the sub audio. Using a PC, the system can be custom designed for applications such as giving speech permission. There is the option to set up the number of conference units for up to four people at a time and all speeches can be recorded with crystal clear precision although the sub audio, Japanese interpretation will not be recorded.

Voice Evacuation Systems

The EN 54-16 Voice Alarm System is part of our range of VM-3000, Voice Evacuation Systems; the system offers both a public address system and an emergency voice alarm system at an extremely competitive cost. This series is ideal for use in shopping centres, retail outlets, nursing homes, schools and fitness centres as well as a whole host of other medium and small facilities. This high quality audio system is easy to install and set up and is a single system that incorporates a wide range of functions including PA broadcasting, paging and BGM functions.      

Intercom Systems - Interfaces

Our telephone, direct, audio and substation interface units are all designed to be used in conjunction with TOA’s packet intercom systems and IP network compatible intercom systems and they utilise packet audio technology. The N-8000CO intercom station can make and receive telephone line calls as it has been fitted with an analogue central office line. Paging calls can be made by simply connecting the unit to the LAN and using the analogue subscriber line. The unit can either be wall or rack mounted using an optional mounting bracket.

Intercom Systems - Door Stations

As part of TOA’s intercom systems range, the N-8640DS door station connects to an IP network, either LAN or WAN and allows users to have a hands free conversation between the unit and either the IP connected Intercom Exchange or the IP multifunctional master station. Using a network, the N-8640DS can be used alongside networked multi interface units. The features on the N-8640DS includes 1 channel of control input, 5 channels of control outputs, that includes one channel or relay control output as well as speaker output, all of which allows for the connection of sensors, indicators and external speakers as well as other relevant equipment.

Intercom System

The IP network compatible intercom system, the N-8000 uses packet audio technology and is a highly reliable system. The ‘Master to Master’ system is suitable for duplex conversations, which makes it ideal for larger facilities such as factories or hospitals. The ‘Master to Sub’ system is better utilised in schools, prisons or other similar facilities. The N-8000 can be used in conjunction with other systems including our Voice Alarm Systems, surveillance cameras, telephones or access control systems as it has be specifically manufactured to work with a variety of systems in an open architecture


Whether you are looking for a compact handheld microphone, a shoulder microphone or even a splash proof microphone with a whistle, TOA can help. Our ER-1206W is our splash proof model, with an IPX5 water jet resistant design, it has a 6W output rating and comes with a built in whistle. Supplied with a battery spacer accessory, it has the option of using either 4 R6P batteries or 6 R6P batteries without using the spacer. Both the handle and the microphone have been coated with an anti-bacterial treatment which improves hygiene and safety whilst in use.


At TOA we have several options for mixer units available. Part of our range is the M-864-D which is a digital mixer with 22 input channels that includes 8 monaural input channels, 7 stereo input channels, 6 output channels which encompasses 4 monaural output channels, 1 stereo recording output channel and 4 bus channels. The system is rack mountable and has a range of digital signal processing functions. There is no need to use an acoustic measuring instrument as the advanced acoustic compensation can be automatically carried out. The M-864-D is equipped with various function setting, 14 analogue volume faders and can be operated without using a PC.


For high quality audio signals, the NX-100 Network Audio Adapter uses the IP protocol in real time to control the signal as series data over networks. The internet and LANs are included in this and it reduces the cost of transmitting audio signals as it is not necessary to use expensive dedicated lines to transmit the audio signals to different isolated areas. This model is equipped with a DC input that will enable AC operation as well as DC. The unicast mode has up to 4 locations, whereas the multicast tool has up to 64 locations.

Interior Design Speakers

With options ranging from compact speakers, projection speakers and pendant speakers, TOA can fulfil any requirement for interior design speakers. The PJ-154BS is a conetype projection speaker that can be used for both ceiling and wall installation. Made from a HIPS resin enclosure it is 5” (12cm) and also includes a balanced dome tweeter. The speaker has been designed to work in conjunction with lighting equipment and has been used successfully in airports, subway stations, art museums and shopping malls. Another feature of the PJ-154BS is that can be painted to morph into its surroundings and a swivel bracket allows the speaker angle to be easily adjusted. The rotary switch on the upper side of the speaker enables adjustable input impedance.

Horn Speakers

We have a range of paging horn speakers, an amplified horn loudspeaker as well as a sound projection speaker. TOA’s Sound projection speaker contains a constant directivity horn that enhances the directivity aspects and makes certain that the sound dispersion is clear and uniform. The horn is housed in a lightweight ABS resin enclosure that is mechanically strong and is impervious to impact. The speaker will withstand external installation thanks to it weatherproof, polyurethane resin paint and stainless steel hardware that helps prevent corrosion. The speaker complies with IP-64 standards relating to be being dust and waterproof.

Ceiling Speakers

Our ceiling flush mount speakers can be simply fitted into the ceiling and the fittings have been especially designed to cut the installation time of conventional models, due to the inclusions of TOA’s proprietary SUS spring based installation method. The design also features a thin panel made from a steel plate that has been painted in an off-white colour and it has been crafted so that it will fit seamlessly into any venue architecture or interior design.



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