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T.J. Williams Instrumentation specialises in the manufacture, supply and repair of pressure/ vacuum gauges, test gauges, tank contents gauges, low pressure capsule gauges and chemical seals.

The company was established more than 150 years ago when it set out to supply nautical instruments and charts to customers in the thriving Welsh shipping industry. Today, T.J. Williams offers a comprehensive selection of top quality instruments suitable for a range of applications.

Alongside our fantastic product range, we also provide an excellent calibration and repair service suitable for all types of pressure temperature/ level/ flow instrumentation.

Customers that come to T.J. Williams Instrumentation will benefit from our wealth of experience and can take advantage of a complete range of services, including design and development, under one roof.

We are ISO 9001: 2008 approved.

Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

Here at T.J. Williams Instrumentation, we are pleased to supply a wide range of top quality pressure and vacuum gauges to suit a range of industry requirements.

The range includes:

  • General Purpose (Black) Finished Gauges: suitable for non-aggressive gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous and do not crystallise.
  • Stainless Steel Cased Gauges: designed and manufactured to resist the most stringent operating conditions created by the environment and the medium under pressure.
  • Black Steel Cased Pressure Gauges: available in 160, 200, 250 and 300mm.

Other items in the range include: Brass Cased Gauges, Diaphragm Gauges, Test Gauges, Safety Pattern Gauges, Differential Gauges, Low Pressure/ Vacuum Gauges, Contact Gauges, Absolute Gauges and Special Purpose Gauges.

Chemical & Hygienic Gauges

We are also pleased to supply a range of tough and robust chemical and hygienic gauges.

Examples of the range include:

  • Welded Chemical Seal with Gauge Model 14W: bolted chemical seal with gauge and can be fitted with a range of flanges or threads.
  • Bolted Diaphragm Seal Gauge Model 14B: bolted chemical seal with gauge that can be fitted with a range of flanges or threads.
  • Bolted PVC Seal with Gauge Model 14BT-PVC: for applications where the medium used is aggressive towards stainless steel.

Other items in the range include: Hygienic Seal with Gauge Model 14HYGA, Flange Type Flush Diaphragm Barrier Seal, Threaded Type High Pressure Threaded Chemical Seal and 14G Grout Gauge.

Diving Industry Gauges

  • Depth Gauge: the depth gauge is used to monitor water depth, chamber depth and other pressure applications. It is available in a range of dial sizes including 150, 160, 200, 250 and 300mm. Each depth gauge is supplied with a point-by-point Test Certificate of readings on its final test.
  • Caisson Gauge: this gauge is used to measure the pressure inside pressure chambers (caissons, living chambers, hyperbaric chambers and decompression chambers). Gauges in this range are supplied with a standard 160mm dial size and each gauge is supplied with a point-by-point Test Certificate of readings on its final test.

Please visit our website to view full product specifications.

Test Equipment

Our range of test equipment includes:

  • Test Gauges: the Class 0.25% gauge is used to calibrate pressure gauges or pressure transducers, pneumatic controllers, valves, transmitters and more. Each standard test gauge is supplied with a point-by-point Test Certificate of readings on its final test.
  • Dead Weight Testers and Comparators: we supply various Dead Weight Testers and Comparators. Please contact us directly at T.J. Williams with your requirements and/or to find out more.

Pressure Transmitters

Our range of pressure transmitters includes:

  • Muesen Field Transmitter: the MSP80 is widely used in various chemical and process engineering applications for the accurate measurement of gas, vapour and liquid pressure.
  • Muesen Differential Field Transmitter: the MSP80D is easy to programme via three simple buttons. Different parameters can be set and adjusted including: scaling, decimal point, damping, display model, fix output current and reset.
  • General Purpose Transmitters: the MSP101P is a unit that features a silicon piezoresistant stainless steel sensor suitable for gases and vapours. It can be mounted in any orientation without affecting its performance.

Special Purpose Gauges

Please contact our friendly team at T.J. Williams to find out more about our special purpose gauges. We provide a wide selection of top quality gauges to suit a range of industry requirements.

Examples of the range include:

  • Oxygen Use Gauges: designed and manufactured to avoid any oil contamination and available with a range of dial sizes including: 63, 100, 160 and 250mm.
  • Compound Gauges: these gauges measure vacuum and pressure on the same gauge. They are feature a range of dial sizes, case materials and connection sizes.

Other items in the range include: Contact Heads for Gauges: 14G Grout Seal Gauge and Gauge Dials. Please visit our website to view the range in full.

H & V Thermometers

We are pleased to supply HVAC Bimetal Thermometers featuring a range of dial sizes to suit different application requirements. These thermometers feature a black case, 304 stainless steel bezel and instrument glass window. They can be easily mounted via vertical or centre back stem.

We also supply the Low Cost St St Bimetal Thermometer. This range is suitable for use in the H&V market where the risk of explosion is present. They are widely used for applications such as: dryers, storage tanks, food processing, diaries, breweries, pharmaceuticals and petro-chemical industries and refining.

Heavy Duty Thermometers

Our Heavy Duty Thermometers have been expertly designed and manufactured for applications such as monitoring refrigeration in the food and dairy industry and monitoring process temperatures in the petro-chemical industries.

These tough and robust units feature a rigid stem for direct mounting and a flexible capillary for remote reading. A non-toxic ‘filsafe’ filling and stainless steel option is also available.

Please visit our website to view full product specifications.



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Q: Please could you tell me what size batteries does a model 36s-2 battery operated tank gauge take. On the cover it says , contains lithium thionyl chloride batteries. The gauge is flashing a red light indicating to change the batteries but when i have open the case it has 4 x 1.5v aa lithium batteries in it but laying near the gauge there were 4 x 3.6v aa lithium batteries. Which should i use.
A: HI Gary The correct batteries to us are the 3.6v lithium

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