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Three Shires Ltd provides ecological, forestry, fencing and equestrian solutions for construction companies, civil engineers, house builders, developers and environmental and ecological consultancies. Our clients also include farmers, country parks, prestigious estates, and land and woodland owners. 
Our ecological division is part of the National Herpetosure Group of ecological contractors. It provides mitigation solutions for a variety of protected species, including fencing to control and protect snakes, newts, reptiles and water voles, as well as badger setts, otter holts, bird boxes and bat boxes.
We also run a dedicated fencing division that provides a cost-effective solution for any fencing, barrier or gate requirement. Whether you need mortise, close board, palisade, stock or post and rail type fencing, Three Shires can deliver it to any specification.
The Three Shires forestry division can provide professional solutions for a comprehensive range of forest and tree related works, from preparation and establishment to maintenance, thinning and harvesting. We’re able to draw upon years of experience to provide innovative forestry solutions that are tailored to your needs.
Last but by no means least is our specialist equestrian division, dedicated to the provision of lunge pens, under cover canter circuits, ménage fencing, timber shelters, paddock/gallop fencing systems, hedgerow planting, grassland management and decorative or commercial gates. Our team of equine experts have a wealth of experience in racing, eventing and bloodstock industries. 

Newt Fencing

Several species of newt found in the UK are protected by British and European law, and therefore must be carefully managed. We offer temporary and permanent newt fencing solutions designed specifically for the containment of these endangered amphibious animals. HERPETOSURE® newt fencing systems are reusable and recyclable, as well as highly impact resistant, providing a strong, secure boundary. It is installed 300mm vertically below ground and 375mm vertically above ground, ensuring an appropriate level of animal containment. Find out how HERPETOSURE® newt fencing is installed by visiting Three Shires online.

Reptile Fencing

Like newt fencing, HERPETOSURE® reptile fencing is both reusable and recyclable, making it a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for the containment of reptile species. A strong, sturdy construction with supporting stakes (optional) makes it a highly secure system. Temporary and permanent versions are available (temporary being slightly smaller and less thick). Reptile fencing panels are installed 225mm below the surface and 600mm above. A versatile design means they can easily be cut down or made to overlap to allow for uneven ground or contours.

Snake Fencing

Three Shires can also supply specialist HERPETOSURE® snake fencing in temporary or permanent panel sizes (permanent being thicker than temporary), which is installed 300mm vertically below ground and 825mm vertically above. Snake fencing can be supported by stakes where required. Being both reusable and recyclable, HERPETOSURE® snake fencing is a cost-effective, waste-free way of managing or containing a variety of snake species. For more information on installation, please visit Three Shires online.

Water Vole Fencing

HERPETOSURE® water vole fencing offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly method of containing/managing water voles. Like most HERPETOSURE® products, it is both reusable and recyclable, eliminating project waste altogether. Strong, sturdy and highly resistant to impact, it offers a secure boundary solution in virtually all environments. Water vole fencing is installed 500mm below ground and 1200mm above, and is supported with timber stakes. Fine weld mesh can also be integrated into the fencing system to allow water balancing/flow at ditch crossings.

Herpetosure Badger Solutions

Each badger sett supplied by Three Shires Ltd is individually designed and built to complement the natural features of the surrounding area. We work to the brief supplied by the supervising ecological consultant to deliver an effective and environmentally-sound solution. We use natural and untreated materials wherever possible, and the sett chambers are always covered with ungalvanised steel reinforcing mesh in order to keep unwanted outside disturbance to an absolute minimum. Entrances are designed using local materials to match the surroundings. Chambers can be constructed with open walled sections that allow badgers to extend the sett accommodation as they require.

Bat Solutions

HERPETOSURE® Four Season Bat Boxes are designed to provide a year-round roosting solution for various species of bat. They are made with stages of inner insulation into which bats can move as the ambient temperatures dictate. Made from 98% natural and/or renewable materials and completely solvent/glue-free, HERPETOSURE® Four Season Bat Boxes are an environmentally friendly solution with almost zero waste. They can be erected as free-standing units or attached to existing buildings as required, and we’re always happy to provide advice on a positioning and installation style most likely to result in successful habitation.

Bird Boxes

Whatever the species, population or site, Three Shires Ltd can design and build a bird box that’s right for the task. We offer solutions for the smallest bird species right up to the largest raptors, and can design boxes as free standing units or for attachment to a building.  

Three Shires are also able to design and build timber hides, galleries and platforms for reserves and wildlife conservation areas. We use timber sourced from sustainably managed forests and can construct a hide that complements the surroundings.

Otter Holt Solutions

The Three Shires ecological division has thus far built a number of dual-chamber, multi-entrance otter holts made with sustainable materials. They are designed to provide secure, insulated and inviting accommodation that offers optimal conditions for mating otters. You can view some examples of our otter holts on the Three Shires website. 

If you would like any further information regarding our products and services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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