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The first Thermotube was made in 1948 by the Ecko Domestic Products Company in Malmesbury, Wilshire and the manufacture of the tubes remained at the same factory until 1960. In 1967 the company was taken over by Philips Electrical Industries after the death of its founder Eric Cole and an unsuccessful merger with PYE. Philips developed the Thermotube TH#P tube heater and despite splitting the original company into three, ensured that they all worked together to make sure it’s first heating product was a success. In the mid 90’s the Thermotube was being manufactured by the Harlow Group for Philips. When the plant in Ashford, Kent was closed due to the construction of the Eurostar, the Harlow Group bought the rights from Philips and began developing the tubes and in 2003 they renamed that area of the business Thermo Products Ltd. Thermo Products split from the Harlow Group entirely in 2005 and has continued to develop the Thermotube tubular heater. There have been many improvements during that time, including making it more cost effective and offering a better level of performance.

Low Cost Tubular Heaters

Tubular Heaters provide a low costs source of further heating when used in conjunction with an existing domestic or commercial heating system. Our Thermotubes come in sizes from 1ft to 6ft at 60W per foot and they are all IP54 rated. Each length comes with mounting brackets and anchorage and linking kits (TBX2-PK) are also available so that heater banks can be installed. The Thermotubes are available in white or parchment.

Eco Tubular Heaters

Providing a constant, background heat our Eco Tube heaters come in sizes from 1ft to 6ft and in wattage ratings of 60W right up to 360W. Eco tube heating costs as little as £0.005 per hour/per foot to run and is a truly cost efficient way to provide a steady stream of heat to areas throughout the day. In addition, having an ongoing heat source is an ideal way to help prevent from frost and condensation build up in the winter. These heaters are perfect for use in greenhouses, storage cupboards and the 110v can be used for a heating source in boats and caravans.

Aluminium Tube Heater

Our tubular heaters are manufactured from lightweight aluminium that is powdered coated in white or parchment. Aluminium heats up more quickly than steel tubes and provide a more durable heating source, as unlike steel tubes they do not require a thermo cut out to prevent the melting of the element which causes the reduced life. The aluminium construction retains heat much better than steel and is also rust resistant and has lower running costs.

Versatile Tubular Heater

Thermotube Tubular heating is one of the most versatile forms of heating available and has a history dating back to 1948. Thermotube Tubular Heating can be used as a vital tool in the winter to help stop pipes freezing, air washing in an airing cupboard if the boiler has been removed and can be used in other areas around the home such as utility rooms, porches, garages and greenhouses. It can also be used as an added heat source in an office or in commercial pet enclosures. Other more unusual uses have included placing the heater under pool and snooker tables for improved ball speed, using it to melt honey and even putting it in a brewery to speed up the hops.

Thermoguard Tubular Heater Guards

Our heater guards have been especially designed purely as a safety feature to protect contact with the tubular heating system and are incredibly useful in areas where very young children or the elderly may accidently knock into the heater and burn themselves. They are also ideal to protect pets from hurting themselves on the heater. The guards come in sizes from 1ft to 6ft to perfectly fit our Thermotube tubular heaters and we also have double guards to allow banks of heaters to be covered. The Thermoguards comes in the same colourways as the heaters, white or parchment and are made from durable carbon steel and are long lasting.

Heater Controls

An added benefit of our Thermotube Tubular heating is that it can also be thermostatically controlled, enabling our heating systems to be pre-programmed to the perfect temperature. There are four different types of thermostats to choose from and it will depend on the needs of your application and the desired temperature range that you wish to control. We have a plug and hard wired solution for internal use well as two external weather proof options available. 

ET05 - Plug-In Thermostat

Using a digital temperature display, the ET05 Timeguard Plug-In Electronic Thermostat is electronically controlled and can be used to regulate temperatures between 0°C and 35°C. It simply plugs into the mains with no need for any additional wiring and features an integral battery power enabling it to be set out of the mains socket. It can be easily overridden by using the instant ON/OFF switch and the temperature setting can be simply changed using the precision digital temperature control.

RAM701 - Hard-Wired Room Thermostat

A surface mounted room thermostat, the RAMSES 701, has a temperature dial range from 5C to 30C. The Ramses 705 has exactly the same benefits of the 701 but also features a handy ON/OFF switch and system ON indication. Both models use a 2 or 3 wire connection and can be either surface or flush mounted using an adaptor plate onto a single gang wall box.

WN33TS-C - IP66 Weatherproof Timed Socket

The IP66 is a timed 12A outdoor socket outlet that has been primarily designed to operate in extreme outdoor weather conditions and can easily cope with rain and water spray as well as being resistant to dust contamination. The IP66 meets all the requirements of the BSEN60529. The IP66 features a 24 hour timer and is made from a high impact polycarbonate. The timer has a sturdy clip feature to ensure it keeps tightly closes as well as rust proof hinges. The timer is also UV protected.

WNS33DT-C - IP55 Weatherproof Digital Timer

The IP55 timer is from the same range as the IP66 and is also specifically designed for outdoor use. The timer is a 7 day, digital timer with a 13A resistive load and a 2A inductive load. The power on indicator is clearly visible through the external clear cover. The timer has been manufactured to confirm with both BSEN 60730-1:1995 and BSEN 60730-2-7:1992 standards.


Our online gallery shows a variety of pictures to help give you some idea of the versatility and multitude of uses and places that our Themortube Tubular heating can be used in. The gallery highlights just how small, unobtrusive and indiscreet the heaters are and how they can be easily slotted into any environment, with the choice of two colourways allowing them to work with any décor and style from contemporary to traditional.



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