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The Plastic Piling Company is a leading authority on plastic sheet piling; particularly with regard to how these product are installed, what equipment is needed and available for your job.   We are constant innovators, combining the most advanced plastic sheet piling from world leading producers, with our own invention and design of piling equipment.  We have proven time and time again that we have the best products, and this is only possible through our constant innovation.   The Plastic Piling Company were the first to introduce plastic sheet pile designs that did not copy traditional steel designs; these advanced sheet piling designs provide better performance in terms of installation and use.  These unique designs carry forward sheet pile design, beyond that of what can be accomplished with steel.   Tel 01543 677290 

The Plastic Piling Company are also the European agents for the innovative JETFilters, weephole filters and the EMS Series piling vibrators see www.plasticpiling.co.uk or follow us on twitter @plasticpiling 

Drainage Channels - Visit our website

Plastic piling provides an effective soil erosion solution in many drainage applications. It is waterproof, chemically resistant, biologically resistant, easily installed and long lasting, thus ensuring a durable defence against water flow. Some of our plastic pile products with flat frontages also reduce flow turbulence. 


Plastic piling can be used for lining drainage channels, creating micro dams and for restoration projects where drainage related erosion needs reversing or limiting. The choice of profile depends on the budget, the means of installation and the effect required. For expert advice, please contact us on 01543 677290. 

Flood Management and Water Control Structures - Visit our website

Plastic piling makes for an extremely effective flood barrier. It provides watertightness comparable to that of hot rolled Piles at just a fraction of the price, and when you combine that with easy handling and reduced installation hazards, you get a fast, effective solution that’s economically viable even when budgets are tight. Plastic piling is also significantly easier to install in areas that are difficult to access, creating less disturbance in the neighbourhood.  The introduction of MultiLock selfseal, the UK's first plastic sheet pile with inbuilt mechanical seal, has greatly improved the performance of these plastic piled water control structures.

As well as flood barriers, plastic sheet piling can be used for more complex flood management projects in which drainage ditches and streams are blocked to encourage water levels to rise in designated areas, absorbing water that would otherwise cause flooding further downstream. 

The Budget Plastic Sheet Piling - Visit our website

The Plastic Piling Company offers an economy range of plastic piling for users working on a tight budget or applications in which only low levels of strength and driveability are required, such us erosion control, scour protection and various DIY projects. The range includes three types of plastic pile:


  • The EcoZ or standard economy Z pile – the design representing one of the earliest employed in the UK and is a good value solution for low load applications such as root barriers and ditch blocking - available in two thickness 3.5mm and 5.5mm.
  • Europile – a 300mm wide, 120mm deep pile with a flat front and a rear pan.  The Europile is one of our most popular products, appealing to users and contractors who need a highly functional product that installs more efficiently than the EcoZ profile, offering the strength of the Box format with the coverage of the rib format.
  • Trench Pile – this gives a section a flatter, shallower profile, and has a centre pile that is ideal for the insertion of wedges. 

The Traditional Plastic Sheet Piling - Visit our website

The traditional range offers more substantial products and our U piles are also available in standard or premium versions.  These products provide a marked performance improvement over the budget range with stronger, thicker sections and additional ribs that make installation easier.

  • Ultra U – an extremely rigid profile with heavy duty interlocks for improved water tightness and pull out resistance.  Available in 4 widths and a variety of thicknesses.
  • Ultra Z – a heavy duty section designed to be driven; recently has appealed to coastal application, where the extra thickness provides greater wear resistance to abrasive tidal action and sand.

The Advanced Plastic Sheet Piling - Visit our website

The advanced range includes a number of high quality piling products that combine outstanding performance with unobtrusive visual appearance. They are designed to do the job to maximum effect whilst remaining easy on the eye, which makes them suitable for all manner of applications.

  • MultiLock – the top-selling plastic pile in our range, MultiLock is a 500mm-wide section with hexagonal tubes that provide outstanding levels of rigidity and which permit internal reinforcement. It can be used on its own or with timber or steel tubes/posts, depending on the levels of strength required.
  • ProLock – a flat-fronted, 500mm-wide pile that is ideal for applications where strength and appearance are both important, such as marinas or inland waterways.
  • Truline Series 800 – Truline forms a side-to-side rather than a front-to-back U section, creating a box pile that can be filled with gravel and concrete for extra strength. It is one of the most advanced products in our entire range.

To find out more about our economy, traditional and advanced ranges, please head over to our website or get in touch directly on 01543 277680.

JETFilters - The Maintainable Weephole Filter - Visit our website

The JETFilter System has been designed to prevent the erosion of backfill materials caused by the movement of material fines through the wall's weepholes and/or sheet interlocks.  Without a proper erosion control system in place, the hydrodynamic pressure of perched and seepage water can cause loss of landfill.

The absence of weepholes or a drainage system can even lead to premature wall failure if the water pressure exceeds the maximum load.  A Blue Marlin Filter System can relieve this pressure, giving you added peace of mind.  It has been designed for easy installation into both new and existing seawalls, retaining walls and bulkheads.

The JETFilters are available in 3 sizes, 2 1/2", 4" and 6".  All are available in ATSM Steel and Stainless Steel and the smaller 2 1/2" filters are also available in ABS Plastic and a range of colours.

EMS Series Vibrators - Visit our website

The sight of small air hammers driving trench sheeting on the UK waterways is an established method entrenched in the history of the inland waterways.  They are effective and easy to use, but it is perhaps the lack of alternatives that has led to their continued use, in spite of the high noise levels and lubricant pollution.

With this in mind, The Hammerman is extremely pleased to broaden our portfolio of innovative pile driving equipment by offering the EMS Agency to our existing range of piling products.  The EMS range of vibrators are unique in that they include the UK's smallest piling vibrator, the ESF03, which can be either excavator mounted/powered or suspended and runn off a separate powerpack.  Whilst work continues on an even smaller unit, the ESF01, the range still boasts 5 sizes all under 1 tonne in weight.

The key feature of the ESF03 and the soon to be introduced ESF01 is the small size of the powerpack.  The ESF01 and ESF03 can be run off a standard 20/30 litre powerpack and so provide an exceptionally portable pile driving combination.  This combination has been introduced primarily for our riparian contractors, piling off workboats too small to accommodate a traditional powerpack vibrator, or with insufficient connections or hydraulics to power our existing EMV's off the mounted boom or crane arm.

Models 1-4 currently need to be excavator powered as well as mounted.  Although we hope to have this addressed shortly, by providing micro pack solutions for these.

Hammerman Piling Mandrels - Visit our website

The concept of steel strengtheners in piling applications is well established.  This is particularly true when one considers plastic sheet piling.  The Hammerman offers side sleeves, side mandrels and internal mandrels to facilitate the installation of longer lengths of plastic piling, or simply assist in driving into harder soil conditions.

PD1 Handheld Post & Pile Drivers - Visit our website

Extremely popular since our introduction in 2009, these are used when you cannot get any larger machinery to site and are particularly useful when installing hybrid plastic piling such as MultiLock.

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