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Starrett is a global manufacturer of bandsaw blades, hole saws, hacksaw frames and blades, jig and reciprocating saw blades, hand tools, precision tools, and a range of related accessories. Our products are used throughout the world, from North America to New Zealand, Argentina to China. Wherever they find use, Starrett blades deliver outstanding performance, reliability and durability.

Our products are backed by comprehensive technical support provided by dedicated teams of Starrett technicians. They offer pre- and post-purchase advice and guidance via telephone and email,  and can also offer a free machine inspection and blade trial service. This includes a comprehensive inspection and review of current cutting parameters, operator training, and the provision of a written report detailing the findings from the visit and any recommended actions to improve cutting performance.

Starrett technicians can also assist with metrology and tool support. This includes measuring tool demonstrations and training, gauge studies (repeatability and reproducibility) and special gauging concept design. If you would like to find out more about these services, please complete our online enquiry form, which can be found at Starrett online.

For product enquiries, please contact our UK sales team on 01835 863501. 

Bandsaw Blades

Starrett has been producing saw blades for over a century, and during that time, we have been continually improving and refining our products for maximum cutting performance. Today, we offer a range of band saw blades to cover various applications, all of them manufactured under an ISO-approved quality management system. The combination of state-of-the-art production technology and a vastly experienced team of tradesmen and technologists ensures our blades meet and exceed expectations time after time. Visit our website today and explore the Starrett range of high quality band saw blades.

Bi-Metal Unique

Starrett’s Bi-Metal Unique™ Saw Technology joins two strips of high speed steel wire to a backing steel in a solid phase. This holds a number of key advantages over conventional saw making techniques. Firstly, the solid state diffusion bonding process ensures exceptionally strong teeth and significantly reduces breakage and fracture. It also delivers smoother, faster cuts - Unique™ blades are proven to be up to 35% faster than competing products. A longer blade life and a shorter cutting time make for a far more cost-effective solution. To find out more about Bi-Metal Unique™ Saw Technology and how it works, visit Starrett online or get in touch with our sales agents on 01835 863501.

Hand Tools

As well as a range of saw blades for automated machinery, Starrett supplies a number of hand tools for manual work, including angle meters, hacksaws, Hidden Edge® safety knives, levels, M1 oil, pocket levels and plumbs, tapes, utility knives and more. Discover the range at Starrett online. All of our products can be purchased via our online shop, with free standard delivery on orders over £50 (ex. VAT)

Hole Saws

Whatever the material or application, Starrett can provide a hole saw solution. Built upon the original yellow bi-metal hole saw, our range has now expanded to include a whole family of products and accessories designed to cover all requirements. They include: 
  • Dual Pitch Professional HSS Bi Metal Hole Saws
  • Constant Pitch HSS Bi Metal Hole Saws
  • TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saws
  • Diamond Hole Saws
  • Cordless Smooth Cutting Hole Saws
  • TCT Stainless Steel Hole Saws
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saws
  • Diamond Brick & Masonry Dri Core Drills & Accessories
  • Hole Saw Kits
  • Hole Saw Kit Cases & Inserts
If you’re unsure as to which type of saw is most suitable for your particular application, you can either contact us directly or download our application guide from the Starrett website.


Starrett can supply arbors to fit a range of hole saw sizes.
  • A1 Arbor with high speed steel pilot drill and 8.75mm / 11/32" hex shank. Fits hole saw sizes 14 - 30mm / 9/16 - 1.3/16" 
  • A2 Quick Hitch Arbor with high speed steel pilot drill and 11mm / 7/16" hex shank. Fits hole saw sizes 32 - 210mm / 1.1/4 - 8.9/32" 
  • A4 Arbor with high speed steel pilot drill and 6.5mm / 1/4" hex shank. Fits hole saw sizes 14 - 30mm / 9/16 - 1.3/16" 
  • A10 Quick Hitch Arbor with high speed steel pilot drill and 8.75mm / 11/32" hex shank. Fits hole saw sizes 32 - 152mm / 1.1/4 - 6" 
  • A17-38 Locking arbor with high speed steel pilot drill and 8.75mm / 11/32" hex shank. Fits hole saw sizes 32 - 210mm / 1.1/2 - 8.9/32" 
  • A3 Ulti-Mate Rapid Release Arbor System 
These are just some of the arbor types and sizes available from Starrett. We also offer locking arbors, shank arbors, and arbors with extra length, carbide tipped pilot drills.

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Whether it be wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, fibreglass or any other abrasive material, our Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades will cut through it quickly, efficiently and effectively. They are available in straight, tapered or scroll cut format, and a range of tooth pitches ensures a clean cut through everything from the thinnest sheet steel to the heaviest steel sections. V-tooth saws for plaster cutting and carbide grit blades for PVC, ceramics and other abrasive materials are available. Visit Starrett online to browse the full range of products.

Precision Tools

For a high quality range of precision tools, look no further than Starrett – a company with more than a hundred years of manufacturing experience and a worldwide reputation for incredibly accurate, highly reliable products.  Our range includes callipers, micrometers, dial indicators, dial depth gauges, digital depth gauges, dial test indicators, dial thickness gauges, dial bore gauges, magnetic base indicator holders, precision steel squares, precision levels, edge finders, taper gauges, steel rules, thickness gauges and much, much more.

Power Hacksaw Blades

We offer a range of power hacksaw blades to suit almost all power hacksaw machines, including those supplied by Kasto. These are offered in either Redstripe High Speed Steel or Bi Metal format, and are available in a number of sizes and with various tooth pitches to cover a diverse range of applications.



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