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The Debug Store

Key Information
The Debug Store
Berwyn House
LL21 9AT

Tel: 01490 430526
Fax: 0151 672 0495
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Company Contacts
  • Mr John Legg - Director
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Detailed Information
Registration Number: 03152326
VAT Number: 753148236
Established: 1990
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: 200-500k

Importers: Yes
Exporters: Yes
Company Type:
  • Distributor
  • Stockholder
  • Manufacturers Representative
Parent Company: Great Western Microsystems Ltd

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Company Description
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Brand & Trade Names
  • Aardvark - I2C Host Adapter from Total Phase, Inc
  • AMX - The AMX royalty-free RTOS from KADAK Products Ltd
  • Annie-200p - The Annie-200p Logic Analyser from Janatek
  • Annie-USB - The Annie-USB Logic Analyser with USB interface from Janatek
  • Array - Power Supplies from Array Electronic Co
  • Beagle - Protocol Analyser family from Total Phase, Inc
  • Cheetah - High Speed SPI Host Adapter from Total Phase, Inc
  • ChipView - Embedded systems debuggers from ChipTools, Inc
  • FlyPort - WiFi Interface from Eikon
  • Komodo - High Performance CAN Bus Exerciser and Analyser from Total Phase, Inc
  • KwikNet - The KwikNet royalty-free TCP/IP stack from KADAK Products Ltd
  • LA-Gold-36 - The LA-Gold-36 32 channel Logic Analyser from Janatek
  • Leaper - The Leaper range of device programmers and testers from Leap Electronic Co
  • Load n Go - In-System Programmer from Amfeltec
  • Logic Cube - Range of Logic Analysers from ZeroPlus Technology Co Ltd
  • Logic-3p - The Logic-3p Logic Analyser from Janatek
  • LuLaUSB - LuLaUSB Logic Analyser from Janatek
  • Matrix - Range of Automation Controllers from Artila Electronics Co Ltd
  • mpDemon - The mpDemon JTAG/BDM interface from Macraigor Systems, Inc
  • Paradigm C++ - A range of C/C++ development toolsets for x86 embedded systems from Paradigm, Systems, Inc
  • PEEDI - Embedded JTAG Interface from Ronetix Development Tools GmbH
  • PRESTO - Low cost PIC Programmer from ASIX s.r.o.
  • Raven - The Raven JTAG/BDM interface from Macraigor Systems, Inc
  • Schmartboard - Low cost development breadboards from Schartboard, Inc
  • SIGMA - Low cost Logic Analyser from ASIX s.r.o.
  • SuperPRO - Professional Logic Analysers from Xeltek, Inc
  • uProg - Device programmer family from RK-System
  • usb2Demon - The usb2Demon High Speed JTAG/BDM interface from Macraigor Systems, Inc
  • usb2Sprite - The usb2Sprite JTAG/BDM interface from Macraigor Systems, Inc
  • usb2Wiggler - The usb2Wiggler JTAG/BDM interface from Macraigor Systems, Inc
  • USBee - USBee Logic Analysers, Digital Oscilloscopes and Bus Analysers
  • Vitiny - Range of portable digital microscopes with built in LCD from Microlinks Technology Corp.
  • WICE - The WICE Emulator from Leap Electronic Co
  • Wiggler - The Wiggler JTAG/BDM interface from Macraigor Systems, Inc

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