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  • Mr Paul Forester - Business Development Manager
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E-Tech Components UK is an independent company supplying high quality electrical cable accessories to a wide range of industries, both in the UK and abroad, who demand superior, robust and reliable products.  Our customers include nuclear power plants, military and defence, telecommunications, traction and rail and the oil and gas industry, to name a few examples.  We offer an extensive range, combining very competitive prices with high quality products, ensuring our customers receive the best service possible.  We are the sole UK distributor for the Elpress crimping system.  All our Elpress terminals are fully compliant with BS7609:1992 and A2:2009, the code of practice for the installation and inspection of uninsulated compression and mechanical connectors and BS7727:1994, the code of practice for the installation and inspection of pre-insulated compression terminals and connectors.  We offer an extensive range of high end brands from a number of top of the line manufacturers.  Our team make full use of their considerable experience and expertise in installation, manufacturing and distribution to give our customers a complete and reliable service.

Electricians Tools

The Crimp Company specialises in the supply of electricians’ tools and accessories, and can offer a huge range of products from some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, including C.K Tools, Knipex, Irazola, Draper, Kew Technik and DeWalt. Our core product categories are:

  • Electrical testers
  • Tool storage
  • Mains testers
  • Crimpers
  • Pliers
  • Cutters and knives
  • Screwdrivers
  • Holesaws and holesaw kits
  • Nail guns
  • Power tools
  • Other tools and accessories

You can find out more by visiting The Crimp Company online or calling our sales team on 01744 762 936. 

C.K Tools

The Crimp Company is proud to offer a full selection of electricians’ tools from leading manufacturer C.K, whose products are recognised throughout the world for their quality and durability. C.K have been manufacturing tools for the professional tradesman for over 100 years. Manufactured to the very highest standards, they offer the strength and performance that enables you to complete a job quickly, efficiently and effectively. 

Every tool within C.K’s extensive range has been designed to meet the needs of exacting tradesmen - that is why they are the tool brand of choice for professionals throughout the world. The Crimp Company’s range of C.K products includes:

  • Electricians tool kits
  • Fast4 holesaws
  • Tool storage
  • Screwdrivers
  • Combicutters
  • Pliers and cutters
  • Building, plumbing and decorating tools
  • Knee pads
  • Saws and woodworking tools
  • Metal and masonry drill bits

For the full range, please visit the Crimp Company website. 

CK Tools Magma Range

We are also proud to supply C.K’s Magma range of premium storage products, which combine optimal functionality with eye-catching style for a smart, practical storage solution. Magma tool bags, tool belts, holsters, knee pads, braces and vests have been designed in collaboration with a panel of cross-trade professionals. As well as being contemporary in style they are solid in design, strong in structure and convenient in use. Built to survive the rigours of everyday work, Magma tool storage systems offer all the functionality, comfort and protection that a professional tradesperson needs. Take a look for yourself by visiting The Crimp Company online.


Knipex tools are designed and built to exacting international standards in one of Germany’s largest and most advanced tool factories using the very latest technology and the finest materials - it's no wonder they are so popular with electricians and other tradesmen the world over! Over 10 million pairs of pliers are made at the Knipex plant every year, but stringent quality control procedures ensure that every single pair is up to the job. This is what makes Knipex tools some of the finest in the world. The Crimp Company is pleased to offer its customers a full range of Knipex pliers, cutters and other hand tools.

Socket and See

Socket and See™ is a leading brand of electrical testers known to professional electricians and electrical engineers for quality, performance and reliability. The Socket and See™ range includes socket testers, RCD testers, voltage testers, test kits, fuse finders, loop testers, industrial socket testers, digital multimeters, clamp meters, phase testers, thermometers, light meters, distance meters, insulation testers, test leads and a range of accessories. You can find them all listed on the Crimp Company website with details, prices and specifications. For advice on choosing the right type of tester, please contact our sales team on 01744 762 936.

Tool Bags and Tool Storage

C.K’s award-winning range of tool belts, tool bags and accessories was launched for the professional tradesman requiring storage solutions that were better, stronger, more comfortable and more durable than the products already on the market. To design their belts, bags and accessories, C.K enlisted the help of professional tradesmen whose wants and needs became key considerations in the development stages. They then put their products through a whole series of strength and durability tests to ensure they were ready for the rigours of daily use. The result is a range of ergonomically designed storage solutions that will last for year upon year.


The Crimp Company is able to offer a complete range of electricians’ tools from Kew Tecknik, including their market leading “Utac It” staple guns, tool kits, pliers, wire strippers, saws, cutters and cable management products. You can find full details on our complete Kew Technik range with prices and specifications in our online shop. Visit the Crimp Company website for more information.

Irazola Screwdrivers and Tools

We are very pleased to offer a complete selection of VDE screwdrivers from one of the world’s leading screwdriver manufacturers – Irazola. Spanish company Irazola has been making screwdrivers (and nothing else) since its foundation way back in 1942. 70 years of experience and expertise goes into every tool that they manufacture. 

With an Irazola screwdriver you can expect nothing less than top quality performance and standard-setting durability. The Crimp Company can offer the following Irazola ranges:

  • Tekno Plus VDE boxed sets and counter display stands
  • Premium tool range
  • Premium and VDE box sets
  • Tekno plus range
  • Tekno Plus boxed sets
  • Tekno Plus through-shank range
  • Tekno Plus VDE range

Dextro VDE Screwdrivers CK Tools

We can also supply C.K Tools’ Dextro™ range of VDE screwdrivers, which are aimed at the automotive, engineering and technician sectors. These have been designed to meet the needs of the busy tradesman, and while at first glance they may look like any other screwdriver, a closer inspection will reveal just how different they are.  Indeed, Dextro™ screwdrivers have been made specifically to give the close fingertip control needed in automotive and engineering applications, where machine screws are far more common than wood screws. Find out more by visiting The Crimp Company online.

Draper Tools

Draper is one of Europe’s foremost tool manufacturers, and we’re proud to offer a great range of their products. Customers can choose from a full range of Draper DIY power tools, Draper socketry and spanners, Draper Expert power tools and even a selection of Draper gardening tools. You can find them all listed with details, prices and specifications on the Crimp Company website.

Steel Armoured Cable Stripper

The SACS (Steel Wire Armoured Cable Stripper) is an innovative stripping tool that can be used on all concentric type cables, copper pipe and plastic conduit. It is able to cut both circumferentially and longitudinally with less effort and more accuracy than virtually any other tool on the market. A compact and ergonomic design means the user is more able to terminate cables in confined spaces, and a lightweight aluminium construction with precision-engineered parts means the tool can withstand repeated usage. The SACS was designed by an experienced technician who saw the hazards of stripping cable with a hacksaw or utility knife and decided to build something that was safer, easier and more efficient to use.

PPE and Safety Workwear

Every worker needs to feel safe and protected at work, which is why we now offer a complete range of personal protective equipment and safety workwear designed to limit the Health & Safety risks associated with electrical engineering. The range includes everything from safety helmets and goggles to gloves, dust masks, knee pads and high visibility clothing. We even offer a collection of general work clothing that includes aprons, overalls, trousers and jackets. Take a look for yourself by visiting The Crimp Company online.


The Crimp Company is able to supply all types of BICC Components / Pirelli/BICCON / BICON products, including cable glands, cable cleats and much, much more. We also offer BICC / BICCON / BICON R391 components. Our product categories are:

  • Cable gland kits
  • Glands
  • Gland accessories
  • Hazardous area glands/kits
  • Cleats and cable fixings

If you have any questions about BICC Components / Pirelli/BICCON / BICON products, please do not hesitate to call. Our sales team can be reached on 01744 762 936.

Cable Ties

We offer a huge range of cable ties in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours to suit most electrical engineering applications. Our stock includes standard nylon cable ties, stainless steel cable ties, screw-mountable cable ties and a selection of cable tie bases – all of these can be purchased via our online shop. We also have identification cable ties, self-adhesive clips and cable tie tools, details of which can be found on the Crimp Company website.

CMP Cable Glands

We are able to source and quote on all varieties of CMP gland and cable accessories, so whatever you need, just give us a call. Our sales agents are experts in their chosen fields and can provide all the advice and guidance you need in choosing the right type of product for your application. Get in touch today on 01744 762 936.

Dutchclamp cable cleats

The Crimp Company is an authorised distributor of the Dutchclamp cable clamp/cable cleat – the strongest clamp of its kind, anywhere in the world. Dutchclamps are designed for securing low and high voltage cables in singular or trefoil formation and have been tested for strength and durability by the Prof Ir. Damstra laboratory (KEMA registered and part of Eaton Electric B.V) and The Underwriters Laboratories Inc., USA. They are also CE registered and fully UL Approved. Dutchclamp cable clamps/cleats are available in a variety of sizes, details of which can be found on the Crimp Company website.

CCG - Cable Glands

CCG is a leading manufacturer of industrial cable glands, hazardous area cable glands, mine and quarry cable glands, junction boxes and utility boxes. The company was established in 1972 and at the time had only 10 employees. Today, it is recognised as one of the major manufacturers of cable glands and junction boxes in the world, and here at The Crimp Company we are very proud to be a distributor. CCG’s products are known worldwide for their time and waste-saving features – that’s because the simplicity of the Captive Cone concept and its built-in seal allows quick and easy fitting wherever you are in the world. Find out more about CCG cable glands on our website.

Pre-ins crimps

The Crimp Company offers a range of pre-insulated terminals from Scandinavian firm Abiko, whose crimping tools and components are recognised by professionals worldwide for their quality and ease-of-use. The range includes:

  • Ring terminals
  • Fork terminals
  • Pin terminals
  • Splices
  • Closed end terminals
  • Push-on male and female terminals
  • Push-on female receptacles
  • Push-on piggy back terminals
  • Bullet terminals
  • Female disconnectors
  • Tap-off connectors
  • Through connectors with heatshrink insulation

Find out more about Abiko terminals by visiting the Crimp Company website. 

Uninsulated/Crimp Lugs

As an approved distributor of Elpress products and components, we are able to offer our customers a complete range of copper tube terminals and pre-insulated ring, fork and pin terminals. Whatever type of crimp terminal you need, whatever the application, we can provide a solution. Elpress terminals are manufactured to all the relevant standards, including BS and IEC, ensuring the highest quality crimp results. The range includes:

  • Uninsulated terminals
  • Copper tube terminals
  • Soldering tabs
  • Assorted boxes
  • Crimp tools
  • Mobile tools

Crimping Tools

The Crimp Company has the largest and most comprehensive range of crimp tools available anywhere online. With everything from hobby crimp tools for the DIY enthusiast to high tech crimp tool machines for high volume industrial crimping applications, we have a crimping solution to meet all requirements. Our range includes the best-selling Miniforce ratchet crimper, battery and mains powered crimp tools for cables sizes ranging from 0.5mm² to 1000mm², and also the very latest hydraulic crimp tool systems with advanced monitoring and control. Find out more by visiting The Crimp Company online.

Cable Glands

We hold large stocks of industrial cable glands covering a wide range of applications. This includes SWA cable glands, brass cable glands, nylon cable glands, Ex cable glands, cable gland kits and even waterproof cable glands. These components come from some of the leading brands in the business, including Hawke, CMP, Peppers and CCG. Discover the range by visiting The Crimp Company online. If you have any questions regarding our products, just give us a call on 01744 762 936.

Cable Cleats / Fixings

The Crimp Company has particular expertise in the supply of cable cleats, cable clamps, cable blocks and other cable management systems. From self-adhesive cable clips and cable cleats to terminal blocks and cable tie tools, we have everything you need for securing cables in place. We’re also leading distributors of the best-selling Dutchclamp cable cleat (see our section on Dutchclamps above for more information). 

Our cable cleat/fixings category can be broken down into the following:

  • Cable cleats
  • SAF Clips
  • Self-adhesive cable clips
  • Cable hangers
  • PVC tape
  • Terminal blocks / connector strips
  • Cable tie tools

Low Voltage Cable Joints

We have in stock a huge range of LV cable joints suitable for jointing cable up to 400mm² - this includes both straight and branch type cable joints in kit form. All of our cable joints have been tested to BS 7888-3 (HD-623). We also supply cable joint resins and R391 BICC compound separately.

Product categories:

  • Low Voltage cable joints
  • Heatshrink tubing
  • BICCON R391 Compound / R392 Compound
  • BX1-225

Find out more by visiting The Crimp Company online. 

Earthing Products

Customers can now purchase a full range of earthing products via our online shop. This includes earth pits, standard earth bars / busbars, standard earth bars with single disconnecting links, earth rods, clamps and accessories. We are updating this section with new products all of the time, so please keep checking to see what’s been recently added. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch and we’ll try to source a solution. Call us on 01744 762 936.


C.K’s brand new range of combicutters allow you to strip, shear and bend using only one tool, saving you time on the job and space in the toolbox. Fast, convenient and practical, they are an essential for any electrician’s toolbox. 

  • Combicutter 3 (strip, shear and bend)
  • Combicutter 3 MAX (strip, shear and bend)
  • Combicutter 2 (strip and shear)
  • Combicutter 1 (shear only)

Details and specifications can be found on the Crimp Company website. 

Panduit Products

Panduit is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wiring and communications products. As a company they are committed to innovation and excellence, and are known globally for cutting edge products that offer maximum reliability at minimum cost. The Crimp Company is proud to be a supplier of Panduit’s Cougar LS9, a handheld thermal printer that enables users to produce a variety of continuous tapes for marking cables, wires, patch panels, faceplates, safety/facility identification and other network and electrical applications.  

Features include a large graphic display for improved visibility, fast loading label cassettes and a partial cut feature for producing tear-apart label strips. Full specifications can be found on the Crimp Company website. 

VDE Screwdrivers

The Crimp Company is pleased to offer a full range of electrician’s VDE screwdrivers from leading tool manufacturer C.K. They include:

  • SensoPlus VDE screwdrivers – with dual-compound handle technology for a better, more comfortable grip.
  • Triton VDE screwdrivers – featuring high quality steel blades and a comfortable moulded handle. 

We can also offer C.K’s range of non-VDE SensoPlus screwdrivers for non-electrical applications. More details on all of our screwdrivers can be found in our online store. 

Cutters and Knives

Also available from C.K is a range of top quality, highly durable electrician’s cutting tools, including pipe cutters, cable snips, cable cutters, wire cutters, knives and various other tools typically used by electricians. You can purchase them all via our online shop – with free delivery to UK addresses on orders over £50. 

Remember, we can despatch items to any UK or worldwide address. 

If you have any questions about our products or services, please get in touch on 01744 762 936.

VDE Pliers

C.K’s VDE combination pliers are designed in accordance with IEC 60900:2004 and are fully approved and independently audited by the German VDE institute. You can be absolutely confident in their quality, durability and safety. Each pair of pliers is individually tested to 10,000V to ensure safe working on live equipment up to 1,000V.

VDE combination pliers from C.K also meet ASTM-F 1505-94 standards. 

The range includes several different tools covering a variety of applications. Find out more by visiting The Crimp Company online. 

Kasp Van Lock

Kasp padlocks are designed in such a way that makes them almost impervious to the common forms of attack. The shackle-less lock is enclosed within the walls of a hasp, meaning there are virtually no areas exposed to tampering. It is suitable for most commercial vehicles and other high security applications. 

The Kasp padlock has been designed and manufactured to the highest standard using high grade materials. The padlock has a chrome plated and hardened steel body with a shrouded steel shackle, while the hasp is made using zinc plated heavy duty steel for extra strength and protection against corrosion. The locking mechanism itself has a 6-pin cylinder for protection against picking. 

Each lock comes with a 10-year guarantee. 

Earth Leads

The Crimp Company offers a selection of earth leads manufactured from copper braids to standards EN1977 and EN13602. These are available in lengths and cross-sections to suit individual requirements and with terminations sized to the particular application. Tin-plated copper braid earth leads can be used in many different applications across a range of industries. They are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace and rail sectors, but also for grounding in audio, video and computer systems.  Earth leads are manufactured in-house and can be designed according to your specifications. Please get in touch to find out more.

Paslode Tools

Paslode specialises in the design and manufacture of cordless and pneumatic fastening systems for use in construction, remodelling and industrial applications. We offer a range of Paslode devices and can provide the necessary European Safety Standard (BS EN 792-13) certification for free with every tool purchased. Systems available include: 

  • Paslode Impulse 35/90 and accessories
  • Paslode Impulse IM65 F16 and accessories
  • Paslode Impulse IM65A F16 and accessories
  • Paslode Impulse IM50 F18 and accessories
  • Paslode Impulse IM200/50 S16 gas stapler and accessories
  • Paslode Impulse IM200 metal roofing nailer and accessories

BICON Cable Glands

BICON cable glands are of vital importance when terminating and securing a cable system. Our armoured cable glands are used to provide earth continuity from an armoured or galvanised braid to the equipment. BICON armoured cable glands come with a separate locking ring for additional security and our cable glands are widely used in routine industrial applications as well as in on and offshore hazardous areas. Our industrial cable glands are manufactured to meet UK and European performance standards with full accreditation and to BS EN ISO 9001 quality system standards. Visit our BICON UK products website to view full product information and to view our cable glands standards certification.

BICON Cable Cleats

BICON cable cleats have been designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements laid out in the IEE Wiring Regulations. Our cable cleats provide easy installation and can be used to fix cables to a wide variety of surfaces including concrete and masonry. BICON cable cleats are designed to accept a range of cable diameters and offer space saving double or multi-stacking arrangements. Our cable cleats are constructed from a variety of metals and have the ability to resist mechanical system loads as well as providing necessary restraint in the event of a system short circuit fault.

BICON Cable Joints

BICON is a well-known and trusted name in the field of cable accessories and we are experts in this field. Our company specialises in jointing technology and our cable joints include designs with bituminous filling compounds as well as our popular BICAST acrylic resin jointing system. Our BIMOLD range of chttps://1stdirectory.co.uk/Admin/WSR.aspxable joints includes our latest heat shrink and pre-moulded products, and all four of our systems are available at voltages of up to 33kV. Our BITCAST and BITMOLD offer different benefits depending on your requirements and application use, and full product information for our cable joints can be found on our BICON UK products website.

BICON Compounds and Resins

BICON UK offers a number of high quality essential compounds and resins specifically designed to meet your application requirements. Our compounds and resins include our popular BX1-225 electrical joint compound designed to combat and prevent galvanic corrosion as well as enhancing connections in electrical joints. Our plastic weatherproof sealing compound has been designed to protect electrical connections from corrosive vapours and moisture. We also offer our range of BICON inhibitor compounds, which prevent galvanic corrosion and are especially effective on copper to aluminium connections as well as aluminium to aluminium connections. Visit the BICON UK website to view our extensive range of compounds and resins.

Prysmian Cable Glands

Our Prysmian cable glands adhere to the strict standards of the IEE Wiring regulations when it comes to providing earth continuity to equipment via armoured or galvanised braid. All Prysmian cable glands feature a separate locking ring for additional mechanical and electrical security, excluding our BW Prysmian cable glands. We also offer Prysmian cable glands featuring outer or inner/outer seals that provide additional protection against dust or moisture. Flameproof Prysmian cable glands are also available and all of our cable glands adhere to UK and European performance and design standards. Visit our BICON UK website to view full specs of our Prysmian cable glands and our standards certification.

Prysmian Cable Cleats

We offer an extensive range of Prysmian cable cleats suitable for most L.V., M.V. and H.V. cables. Our Prysmian cable cleats are specifically designed for safe and efficient installation and to provide the necessary restraint in the event of a system short circuit occurring. Our technical support team can advise and provide information on the correct cable cleat for your requirements depending on factors including mechanical load, cable run, environment, operating temperature, structure support compatibility and cable diameter accommodation. We also offer a number of specifically designed accessories to complement our Prysmian cable cleat range.

BICON Cable Cutting & Stripping Tools

BICON UK are experts in the field of tooling technology and we offer an extensive range of cable cutting and cable stripping tools. Our cable stripping and cutting tools include necessary tools for the stripping and scoring of screens and cable insulation. Our company is the UK market leaders in the supply of cable preparation tools including crimping tools. Our range includes tools such as our popular BICON PVC PE EPR cable sheath stripper, our cable cutting head, the BICON adjustable cable insulation stripping tool and our cable screen edge lifter. We also supply the popular BICON adjustable cable screen scoring tool, our fixed blade cable scoring tool, the BICON cable sheath spreader and our high quality cable screen stripping tool.

Prysmian Cable Cutting & Stripping Tools

We offer a wide range of high quality Prysmian cable cutting and stripping tools. Our Prysmian range of tooling technology is the ideal solution for your cable preparation and crimping needs. Our range includes all of the necessary tools for stripping and scoring cable insulation and screens. Our range includes the Prysmian PVC PE EPR cable sheath stripper, the adjustable cable insulation stripping tool, our cable screen stripping tool and the Prysmian fixed blade cable scoring tool. We also supply Prysmian cable sheath spreaders, cable screen edge lifters, adjustable cable screen scoring tools and our Prysmian E10C cable cutter and cable cutting head.

BICON Seperable Connectors

We offer separable connectors as part of our extensive BICON cable accessories range. Our BICON FORMIT separable connectors are suitable for many applications such as the connection of cable to transformers, motors, switchgear units and many more. Our BICOM separable connectors can be used for interior and exterior installations and our connectors come protected by an entirely watertight conductive envelope that is connected to earth. More specifications on our range of BICON separable tee connectors can be found by visiting our BICON UK website pages. Full technical data is available in the form of downloadable PDF sheets.

Prysmian Pre Insulated Terminals

Our company are regarded as experts in the field of high quality cable accessories and our range is extensive. We supply Prysmian pre-insulated terminals featuring funnelled insulation that come with full CEGB approved terminals featuring identification marks on the insulation and tooling. Our Prysmian pre-insulated terminals ensure that all conductors are channelled into the correct position in order to facilitate crimping. The pre-insulated terminals are particularly suitable for use in applications where vibrations can cause issues and the insulation on our terminals is of standard nylon, suitable for temperatures of up to 105C.

BICON Copper Tube Terminals

We offer a range of BICON copper tube terminals suitable for flexible or standard annealed conductors. Our terminals come with a sight hole for easy visual inspection of the inserted conductor and our terminals can be installed with either hexagonal or indent compression systems with up to 400mm² on stranded conductor. An indent compression will be required if above 400mm² is required. For more information on our range of BICON copper tube terminals/connectors and our extensive range of BICON cable accessories please visit our BICON UK website product pages or speak to one of our dedicated technical support members.

BICON Compression Tooling

We offer a complete range of BICON compression tooling equipment that is the result of extensive research and design. We provide our customers with a range of compression tooling equipment of the highest quality. Our range is extensive and we offer precision hand operated tools through to our most sophisticated electrically powered hydraulic tools including a range of conductors in a diversity of sizes. At our website product pages you can find examples and full specifications of our BICON cutting and stripping tools as well as our high quality compression tooling range.

Prysmian Copper Tube Terminals

Our range of Prysmian copper tube terminals are suitable for either stranded or flexible annealed conductors with each terminal including a sight hole to allow visual inspection of the inserted conductor. The terminals can be installed with either indent or hexagonal compression systems of up to 400mm²; about 400mm² and flexible indent compression must be used. The size of the stranded conductor is imprinted onto the connector in order to show that correct tooling has been used. For more information and specifications of our entire Prysmian range of cable accessory products including our Prysmian copper tube terminals please visit our website product pages.

Prysmian Cable Cleats and Fixings

Our range of Prysmian cable cleats and fixings is as extensive as you would expect from one of the leading cable accessory suppliers in the UK. We supply Prysmian cable cleats and fixings not only on a nation scale but also internationally. Our cable cleats are designed and manufactured to the highest of performance standards and we have developed long-term business relationships with many of clients across a diversity of industries. Our clients and customers value our trusted and reliable products as well as our worldwide full technical support. For more information and full specifications of our entire product range including our Prysmian cable cleats and fixings please visit our website.

Prysmian Link Boxes Connector Blocks

Our range of Prysmian linkboxes and connector blocks includes our all in one underground link connecting box, our metering link disconnect box and mini pillar, and our BICON single and double pole connector blocks. Our single pole terminal blocks come in brass with serrated bores suiting both solid aluminium conductors and stranded copper. We also offer double pole connector blocks featuring a two level design with a separable removable compartment for the neutral terminal block. Full details of our Prysmian linkboxes and connector blocks as well as our BICON single and double pole connector blocks are available as downloadable PDF specification sheets at our website.

BICON Insulated Terminals

We offer a range of high quality BICON pre-insulated terminals, which are fully CEGB approved featuring identification markings on both the tooling and the insulation for easy identification. Our pre-insulated terminals ensure that conductors are channelled into position before crimping takes place. The pre-insulated terminals are particularly suitable for use where vibration issues occur with metallic fingers that grip the cable insulation. The standard nylon insulation of the BICON pre-insulated terminals is suitable for extreme temperature applications of up to 105C. Visit the BICON UK pre-insulated terminals product page for more information and specifications on our entire range of BICON cable accessories.

Pre-Insulated Terminals

We supply a wide range of pre-insulated terminals, including ring, fork and pin types, all made of copper.  The pin type can be either flat or round, depending on your needs.  The insulating sleeves are manufactured from halogen-free PC plastic, with the sleeve colour denoting the cross-sectional area.  Elpress terminals are marked with a logo and all have ‘easy-entry’ sleeves to ensure easy and rapid crimping.   You can see the range of pre-insulated terminals available on our website.

Uninsulated Terminals

Our Elpress uninsulated terminals are made of electrolytic copper and are available in ring ferrules, forks or pin types.  We also have flat receptacles and sockets made of brass.  The range goes up to 10mm2, with all connectors electrolytically tinned for corrosion resistance.  All terminals are marked with a logo and relevant crimping information, so that all connectors can be checked, ensuring a professional, high quality connection.  Have a look at the full range of uninsulated terminals on our website.

Copper Tube Terminals (Cu)

Our standard range of terminals comprises 1 or 2 hole terminals, with straight, 45° or 90° angles.  These are carefully manufactured in accordance with DIN46235.  We also supply connectors for service and road lighting cables (system 0616) and 10mm2 connectors for Excel cabling.  Our terminals range from 0.75mm2 up to 1000mm2 and are manufactured from 99.9% copper.  Additionally, we can supply many customer-adapted connectors from our large range.  You can see more about copper tube terminals on our website.

Manual Crimping Tools

Our range of manual crimping tools is ergonomically designed to produce the best crimped connections.  Due to a substantial reduction in the gripping force required, operator strain is lessened and the risk of work injury is minimised.  Apart from the hobby tools, there is a built-in full closure to ensure a professional, top quality job.  Visit our website to see more information our range of manual crimping tools.

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Our hydraulic crimp systems compress connectors from 10 to 1200mm2.  These systems incorporate Elpress pumps and crimping heads that can be freely combined.  Additionally, we supply a wide range of accessories.  Many of our systems have a fast-feed feature, which reduces start-up time, and a one-way valve ensures that the crimping process is fully completed once started.  The V250 system has a crimping head weighing only 4kg, and the PS700 is a battery or mains powered system for portable applications.  You can see more about hydraulic crimping tools on our website.

Bi-Metallic Terminals

Our range of bi-metallic terminals is designed for the larger connections in the range 16-1200mm2.  These are suitable for both stranded wire and for solid wire made from pure aluminium and electrolytic copper.  The terminals provide crimping information and ID numbers when crimped with our tools.  The range includes pin terminals, through connectors, transition connectors and tube terminals.  You can see more about all our bi-metallic terminals on our website.



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VAT Number: n/a
No of Employees: 11-20
Annual Turnover: 1-2m
Company Type:
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  • Distributor


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  • BICON BICON - Cable Glands, Cable Cleats, Cable Terminals and Tooling, Joints and terminations
  • BICON Cable Cleats Bicon UK - BICON/BICCON/BICC/Pirelli/Prysmian Cable Cleats and Cable Clamps
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  • BURNDY Burndy - Cable Terminals and Tooling
  • CCG CCG - Cable glands
  • CK Magma Tool Bags, Tool Storage
  • CK Tools CK Tools - highest quality tools
  • CK Tools electricians Tools
  • CMP CMP - Cable glands and CMP Products
  • DRAPER Draper - high quality tools
  • Draper Tools hand tools
  • Elpress Elpress - Highest quality crimp terminals and tooling. Copper tube, Aluminium, and Bi-Metallic terminals. Complete crimping system including Crimp tools and fully checkable QA system
  • FCI FCI - Cable terminals and crimp tooling
  • FRAMATONE FRAMATONE - Cable terminals and tooling
  • FURSE Furse - earthing products
  • HAWKE Hawke - cable glands and accessories
  • IRAZOLA Irazola - Irazola screwdrivers - lifetime guarantee
  • Irazola Screwdrivers screwdrivers
  • ISP ISP - Low voltage straight joints
  • Kingsmill Kingsmill - earthing products
  • Knipex Cutters electricians tools
  • Knipex Electricians Pliers electricians tools
  • Knipex Pliers electricians pliers
  • Panduit Panduit - cable accessories
  • Paslode Paslode - Nail guns, staplers and fixings
  • Peppers Peppers - Cable glands and accessories
  • Pirelli Pirelli - Cable Glands, Cable Cleats, Cable Terminals and Tooling, Joints and terminations
  • Prysmian Prysmian - Cable Glands, Cable Cleats, Cable Terminals and Tooling, Joints and terminations
  • Prysmian Cable Cleats & Fixings Bicon UK - BICON/BICCON/BICC/Pirelli/Prysmian Cable Cleats and Cable Clamps
  • Prysmian Cable Glands Bicon Cable Glands UK, BICON/BICCON/BICC/Pirelli/Prysmian Cable Gland, Gland Accessories, Nylon Gland, Flameproof, BICC Cable Glands
  • Raychem Raychem
  • Socket and See Socket and See - socket testers and equipment
  • Socket and See electrical test instruments
  • SPIT SPIT - Spit tools including Mechanical and Electrical Fixing tools, and SPIT Drills
  • Starrett Starrett - Holesaws and accessories
  • Starrett Holesaws hole saws

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements