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Terrington Machinery Ltd is an importer of farming machinery and has been supplying Einbock’s range of products to the UK farming industry since 1992.  Einbock itself, situated near Linz in Austria, has been producing farming machinery since the 1950s and utilises the latest developments in laser cutting and robotic welding in its production processes.  Their range of weeders have aided farmers in achieving success within the ever increasing organic cereal and vegetable farming arena and UK farmers have enjoyed improved grassland, and grassland profitability, as a result of Einbock weeders. 

Terrington Machinery Ltd is pleased to be the UK’s sole importer of Einbock machinery, as well as stocking an extensive range of machinery from other manufacturers such as Forgio, Tecostar (formerly Torkey) , Badalini, Robot-Werken, Fobrokress, Falc and Egedal.

Einbock Seeders

We stock a wide range of Einbock seeders and ancillary machinery.  The P-Box Speed Seeder, which is available in varying width options, features an in-cab adjuster for easy calibration adjustment, the Pneumaticstar Seeder is an excellent piece of machinery for grassland management and the Oil Seed Rape Pneumatic Seeder can be fitted to most machines and can attain distribution of between 1kg/ha and 300kg/ha by a simple adjustment.  Ancillary equipment includes maize, sugar beet and rollstar (for any row crops) hoes, seeder boxes for the P-Box Seeder and Pneumatic Seeder, seedbed cultivators, Springtine cultivators and tined weeders.


This robust piece of farm machinery is well suited to substantial farms and contractors and with its PTO driven fan it utilises the latest engineering developments in grassland seeding.  Since its market launch in 2010 over 50 Pneumaticstar-Pro machines have been sold providing farmers across the UK and Europe with excellent capabilities for molehill levelling and bare patch filling, whilst at the same time encouraging grass to shoot. Two size options are available, 3.0 and 6.0 meters, and standard features include: 10mm tines with central tine adjustment, seed filling steps, 300 litre tank and tractor cab control unit, as well as optional seeder box and levelling boards.

Forgio Bedformers

Terrington Machinery Ltd imports four different Forgio Bedformers, two duplex models and two Triple Bedformers.  Of the duplex models, the D35 weighs 880kgs and has a working width of between 130 and 170 with 52, 60 or 68 blades depending on the specific version, while the D45’s working width varies between 150 and 200, has 60, 68, 76 or 80 blades and weighs in at 1,140kgs. The TD35 triple has 156, 180 or 204 blades over a working width of 130, 150 and 170, whilst the TD45 has 180, 204 or 228 blades over a working width of 170-190.

Badalini Maize Strip Tiller

The Badalini Maize Strip Tiller is a new product for 2013 and features a heavy duty PTO shaft that includes clutch protection, rear three point linkage, depth wheels and pre-loosening tines complete with 16mm safety bolts.  There are three versions available: SEM/4L with four tilling units, SEM/6L with six tilling units and the SEM/8L with eight tilling units.  Other features include 1,000rpm PTO output and 540rpm rear output, special rotors and blades and a heady duty steel cast headstock.

Seeding & Planting – Maize Seeder

This maize drill, featuring P.T.O driven pneumatic fans, is engineered by Tecostar (formerly known as Turkay) and they have done so for over seven years. Although named a maize seeder it is suitable for seeding a host of crop varieties including sugar beet, sunflowers and beans and is capable of seeding in all soils.  Its adjustable row widths make planting different crop types a breeze and individual seed discs are provided for all the respective cops.  Ancillary items are also available to complement this seeder, including transport wheels and trailers.  Please contact us for further details and prices.

Seeding & Planting - PNEUMATICSTAR Seeder

The Einbock PNEUMATICSTAR Seeder is an ingenious piece of machinery that allows weeds to be removed whilst at the same time planting new grass it its place.  Re-seeding can take place around existing grasses leading to better germination due to increased levels of moisture in the soil.  10-50lbs of seed per acre can easily be achieved and integrated rear rollers save time from rolling separately.  The machine is available in an extensive choice of widths (2, 3, 5, 6, 9 and 12 meters) with the 9 and 12 meter width models supplied with PTO fans. Please see our website for details of additional items that can be purchased to upgrade the pneumatic seeder.

Seedbed Cultivators (Extrem)

The Extrem seedbed cultivator from Einbock is the perfect piece of machinery for the optimum preparation of seedbeds for crops such as cereals, peas, sugar beet and beans.  With its serrated crumblers that are operated via a hydraulic swivel retraction mechanism, the Extrem is equipped to deal with a variety of soil types. Standard features include pressure bars, lower links and parking supports.  A selection of optional features are also available, please see our website or contact us for further information.

Fobro Super Max Lifter/Shaker

For heavy duty crop lifting, look no further than the Fobro Super Max.  Its robust design features a distinctive fore and aft shaking/lifting action that is perfectly suited to crops such as asparagus, strawberries, herbaceous and perennial plants, medicinal plants as well as when handling bare root stocks in nurseries.  The Super Max succeeds the Super HD utilising modern technology in its design.



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