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As a privately owned, independent UK company in business since 1990, we are the leading producer and supplier of industrial foam and rubber conversion in Europe and beyond. We work closely with our customers to produce solutions tailored specifically to each client's product or application at a competitive price.

We stock more than 300 grades of foam as well as a wide selection of rubber and foam rolls, block, sheets and products. We have extensive in-house design, production and manufacturing facilities that enable us to produce innovative and bespoke foam products.

We produce foams and flexible foam products for a huge variety of industrial and domestic uses, including: Filters for air conditioning and aquatic systems, vehicles, and medical applications Thermal insulation Acoustic panels Gaskets and seals Polishing pads Foam packaging and case inserts Medical bedding and wound care Cleaning, bathing and cosmetic sponges Bedding and furniture sponges Buoyancy aides, body armour and sports equipment Promotional products

Polyurethane Foams

Polyurethane foam is actually an umbrella term for the two main groups of polyether foams and polyester foams, and it’s important to choose the correct foam for your requirements. Both of these foam groups contain thousands of materials and grades, and this is where our company can help you to make the right decision.

Our huge range of PU open cell foams include sponges, ink rollers and pads, case inserts, bedding, packaging blocks, furniture foam blocks and seals and gaskets, to name just a few. Technical Foam Services can discuss your needs and identify the precise type of polyurethane foam including the grade and specification to meet your requirements.

Polyethylene Foams

Polyethylene foam has a wide range of applications thanks to qualities such as shock and impact absorption, high strength, thermal insulation and high durability. This type of foam is used in areas such as the construction industry, sports and leisure, medical and healthcare, transportation, and the military and emergency services.

Products manufactured using polyethylene foams include yoga mats, bedding, life vests, footwear, protective clothing and body armour. Our company can offer an extensive range of branded foam including well-known names such as Evazote, Plastazote, EVA foam, Alveolit, Jiffycell and Stratocell. One of our latest innovative development products is the revolutionary swimming aid known as the Swimfin.

Reticulated Foams

A specialised type of polyurethane foam, the cells in reticulated foams are blown open to create a foam with a precise and consistent cell size. This makes reticulated foams particularly suited to applications in which porosity, density and cell size are prime considerations.

We offer several types of reticulated foams in four broad categories:

Air filter foam

Water filter foam

Ceramic filter foam

Engine, vehicle and aircraft filters

In general, water filtration foams are made with polyether and air filtration foams are made with polyester.

We also provide other specialist reticulated foams designed for use in medical applications, such as respiratory device filters and wound dressings.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a very well-known product thanks to its use in bedding products. Technical Foam Services has been concentrating on widening the use of memory foam for other industry related applications. Memory foam is a unique product that continually recovers its original shape after compression and our company is looking at ways of harnessing this quality in a range of products including helmet linings, computer keyboard supports, stress relief toys and therapeutic pillows.

We believe that there is immense scope for the number of uses of memory foam and we can now provide memory foam materials and products with around 20 different types of density and rigidity levels, and more developments are forthcoming.

Foam Sponges

As Technical Foam Services are the recognised engineer-biased foam converter in the UK, we can offer a huge variety of sponge materials. We offer sponge pore foams, natural sea sponges and cellulose sponges, which are used across a diversity of industries as cleaning materials. Our sponges come in every different shape and size, and applications range from cleaning the delicate skin of a baby to scrubbing kitchen floors.

We can provide heavy duty car and cleaning cellulose sponges as well as the always popular natural sea sponges. We also offer a wide range of bespoke sponge products and are happy to hear from customers who have specific sponge requirements.

Acoustic Foams

Acoustic foam is one of the best materials for providing effective noise reduction and we can tailor our acoustic insulation foam to your specific requirements. We are able to offer sound deadening foam that provides the highest level of noise reduction with an extensive range of grades, compositions and thicknesses for optimum noise reduction. Our noise reduction foam can be used to reduce noise in air conditioning units, compressors and generators, engine protection in the automotive and rail industries as well as for large rooms such as cinemas and theatres. We can supply our acoustic foam in straight sheet, cut parts, egg box panels and pyramid profiled panels.

Melamine Foams

Melamine foam has been one of the most exciting and innovative foam developments, and this type of foam is now used successfully in the domestic cleaning industry. Melamine foam blocks feature low density and open-cell polymer construction, and are used for a number of applications including sound proofing, fire prevention and abrasive cleaning. The flexible and lightweight qualities of melamine foam mean it is easy to cut to a variety of sizes, and it can easily be placed in ceilings and walls to offer maximum noise reduction. Our company has the expertise to provide custom made melamine foam solutions and we will work with our clients to provide the best end products to meet their requirements.

Packaging Foams

Technical Foam Services offers the widest range of foam packaging solutions available. We can offer our customers bespoke foam packaging solutions that will offer the ultimate protection as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Our foam comes in a variety of densities, hardness and materials to provide the most suitable packaging solutions for our customers. We also have the most up to date conversion machinery, which means we can cut foams and inserts to any required shape and size. Our range of packaging foam includes simple, plain cut foam pads through to state of the art computer numerically controlled (CNC) die cut foams.

Foam Inserts

Our foam inserts are used across a diversity of industries for transportation and shipping applications. We offer an extensive range of polyurethane (PU) and polyethylene (PE) case foam inserts, included the well-known black and fabric faced foams. Our foam inserts provide the ultimate protection but come in a lightweight and durable form. Foam inserts are especially protective for transporting delicate electronic equipment, cameras, computers and even musical instruments. We have the technology and experienced workforce to provide custom made foam inserts to meet our clients’ requirements. We are also one of the very few manufacturers of bespoke black foam inserts.

Fire Retardant Foams

At Technical Foam Services we understand that our customers have varied needs when it comes to the qualities of their required foam. Many of our clients require fire retardant foam and we manufacture a comprehensive selection of non-burning polyurethane and melamine foams and products. Our fire resistant foams and products are manufactured to meet FMVSS302, UL94 HF1 and Class O (black Pyrosorb, Fireseal and Basotect) standards. Fire resistant foams are used in a wide variety of industries where safety is vital including building and construction, furniture and bedding, machinery such as compressors and generators as well as the automotive and transportation industry, to name just a few.

Medical Foams

We are specialists in the manufacture of foams for medical applications. We understand that our medical foams must have specific qualities and take specific factors into account including performance, bio-compatibility, sterilisation and skin irritation. Technical Foam Services has over two decades of experience in supply specialist medical foams for a range of applications including medical support and devices, heat and moisture exchange (HME), wound dressings and surgical aids. Our medical foams are also used for clean room swabs and wipes as well as Hydrophilic foams, sponges and surgical pads. We are committed to our continual development of foam products that will help in the medical field.

Audio Foams

Audio foams are much more than the tiny foam pieces covering earphones and microphones. Our audio foams are used in a variety of applications including acoustic foam windscreens, foam audio speaker fronts, sound meter mufflers, ear defender mufflers and microphone windshields. Audio foam is a vital component in blocking out unwanted noise while still allowing necessary sounds, speech and music to be heard clearly by the listener. Our company has the engineering capabilities and experience workforce to produce bespoke audio foam solutions to cover a wide range of user applications. We can produce and cut our foam to almost every imaginable shape and size to provide custom audio foams not available on the wider market.



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