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Target Feeds Ltd has over 30 years of specialist experience in the production and supply of animal feeds specifically designed for a range of species. Our company was founded in 1980 by Ian Hollows who has extensive experience in animal nutrition as well as in-depth experience in the UK agri-pharmaceuticals and poultry industry. Although Ian Hollows Feed Supplements was initially created to supply feed formulations, feed supplements, raw material and technical advice we have now intensively developed and extended our range of products and services.

Target Feeds Ltd is now one of the UK market leaders in the field of specialist animal feeds for pets, commercially farmed animals and speciality animals. Thanks to our continual investment in scientific technology we are able to provide our customers with feeds and supplements that offer the latest in nutritional design and implementation. Our products are available for a wide number of species including pigs, poultry, hounds, horses and ruminants.

We also offer a comprehensive consultancy service with over three decades of experience in the farming and animal feed sector. We can provide farm and on-site visits and can undertake laboratory analysis of feeds and ingredients if required. Please visit the Target Feeds Ltd website for more information on our feeds, supplements, consultancy services, manufacturing and research and development services.


We offer a specialist horse feed division with speciality products tailored specifically to your horse’s needs. We offer a wide range of equine feeds and supplements catering to our customer’s demands and covering conditions such as breeding, conditioning, maintenance, light, medium and hard exercise as well as specialist feed for dietary requirements and for senior horses. We introduced our first horse feed range in 1989 and we have 30 years of experience in the field of specialist feeds and supplements for a diversity of animals. More information on our equine products can be found at the Rowan Barbary Horse Feeds website, which is part of Target Feeds Ltd.


Target Feeds Ltd offer a number of products specially designed for ruminants such as cows and sheep, and includes feeds, footbath products, Irish buffers and raw materials. Our ruminant feed minerals include general purpose feeds containing the basic requirements of vitamins and trace elements used for beef and dairy animals. We also offer supplements such as our universal mid phosphorous as well as our high phosphorous supplements used where a deficiency is known and high magnesium supplements for use in the prevention of grass sickness. Our specialist pre-calver supplement has been designed for pre-calving cows and contains high levels of phosphorous and magnesium as well as enhanced levels of vitamins.



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Registered at Companies House:16 November, 1987 (36 years and 5 months ago)
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Brand & Trade Names

  • Ian Hollows Feed Supplements
  • Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds An extensive range of feeds all manufactured using the highest quality ingredients to meet with the dietary needs of all types of horses and ponies, from breeding and youngstock mix to the senior range and those in light, medium or hard work.
  • Target Baits Target Baits offer the best ingredients, additives, liquids and flavours enabling you to create high quality and nutritious boilies of you own.

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