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Strain Measurement Devices Ltd (SMD) are world leaders in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of highly accurate, cost-effective sensor products.  From our beginnings in providing solutions for the medical device market we now cater to the diverse needs of the aerospace, biopharmaceutical and semiconductor markets with our highly accurate standard and bespoke sensors.

Our diverse product portfolio includes:

  • Load cells and force sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Bubble sensors
  • Flow meters
  • Scales
  • Float switches and level sensors
  • Signal conditioning 

Alongside the portfolio of standard products available from SMD, we also offer custom engineering and design services to ensure the unique needs of OEMs are met, both technologically and financially. 

Through investment in our facilities and ongoing research and surveillance of the markets our customers operate within, we strive to continually improve our current products and develop new ones that meet their evolving needs.

Load Cells and Force Sensors - Visit our website

SMD has accrued 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of load cells and sensors using state-of-the-art thin film gauge technology, and as such has become the world leader in this field.  From our beginnings in providing solutions for the medical device market we now cater to the diverse needs of the aerospace, biopharmaceutical and semiconductor markets with our highly accurate standard and bespoke sensors. With miniature and micro load cell designs right through to force sensors designed to accommodate capacities of 5,000kg, SMD can work with you to produce a sensor solution for your exact needs.

S215 Miniature Load Cell - Visit our website

We sell the Model S215 Ultra-Low Profile Miniature Single Point Load Cell for limited-space applications where a highly accurate measurement solution is needed for measuring full-scale forces of two, four, or twelve pounds of force. The S215 can be used with a platform, rigidly mounted, or to measure tensile or compressive forces. And the wheatstone bridge has very low consumption of power – extending battery life in portable products. The load cell is mounted from the bottom to keep the total height of the assembled product to a minimum. This product is perfect for scales, weighing bottles or bags in medical instrumentation, other laboratory use, and industrial weighing applications.

S251 Miniature Platform Load Cell - Visit our website

The S251 is a low profile, single point OEM load cell that benefits from outstanding accuracy. Measuring just 0.71” in height, this miniature-platform load measurement device is ideal for smaller medical instruments, low-profile scales and other compact devices that require high levels of performance. A 3,000 ohm thin film strain gauge bridge ensures low power consumption, ideal for battery powered and current loop applications. Load capacity ranges from 200g to 10kg force full scale. Visit SMD online for further details and specifications.

S256 Force Sensor - Visit our website

SMD’s S256 Force Sensor is favoured for its durability and longevity whilst having the advantage of being compact in design.  This makes it an ideal device for measuring displacement and force data in a diverse range of applications such as medical instrumentation, robotics and laboratory testing.  Manufactured with an integrated overload protection, the sensitive S256 sensor features high, long-term zero point stability and hysteresis of <0.03% R.O for superb accuracies.

S100 Load Cell - Visit our website

The S100 utilises proprietary sputtered thin-film strain gauge technology for improved durability and long-term stability. It also benefits from a compact, low profile design, low consumption and low hysteresis. This highly sophisticated load cell with simple beam-mount configuration can be used to electronically measure force or displacement in a range of applications (battery powered equipment, robotics, medical instrumentation, food dispensing equipment, etc.). S100 loads cells are manufactured in large quantities using state-of-the-art equipment. For more details and specifications, please visit SMD online.

S300 Single-Point Load Cell - Visit our website

The S300 is a single-point load cell that has been designed for use as either a platform load cell or tension/compression sensor and captures highly accurate, bi-directional load measurements. It features built-in overload protection to provide enhanced longevity and offers low power consumption via the combination of a 10,000 Ω Wheatstone bridge with a thin film strain gauge.  The S300 has been used by our customers in a number of applications in the automotive and medical industries, including testing equipment and medical instrumentation.

Custom Load Cells - Visit our website

SMD offers extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art load cells that have been produced to meet the specific requirements of our customers.  In fact, about 90% of our products are made bespoke, all featuring proprietary sputtered thin film strain gauge technology and made using SMD’s leading-edge equipment.  Contact our knowledgeable, customer-centric team to discuss your unique requirements.

Pressure Sensors - Visit our website

Precision apparatus, such as that used within the medical industry, requires minuscule, highly-sensitive sensors that do not impede in mission-critical applications.  SMD’s pressure sensors utilise proprietary thin film strain gauge which affords exceptional stability over long term use as well as incomparable accuracy and repeatability.  We have standard designs available to chose from, alternatively we can work with you to produce a bespoke solution.  Our pressure sensors can be sent to you to be welded in house, or we can arrange to do this for you.

B472 Pressure Sensor - Visit our website

Made from stainless steel and featuring a full Wheatstone bridge circuit, SMD’s B472 pressure sensor offers usage flexibility and can be used with either a pressure fitting or as a welded attachment to an existing pressure system component, such as a valve or manifold.  This particular pressure sensor, which uses minimal power, is a popular choice for applications such as: hydraulics, aerospace and downhole applications in the oil and gas industry.

P940 Pressure Diaphragm - Visit our website

The P940 is a stainless steel, wetted surface pressure diaphragm with a proprietary sputtered thin-film, full-bridge strain gauge circuit offering excellent long-term stability and high temperature resistance. A unique lead out pad design gives it a rugged construction and makes soldering easy, while the 10,000 Ohm bridge offers low power consumption for transmitters. The P940 is ideal for pressure transducers and pressure transmitters in aerospace and automotive applications. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +200°C.

P571 Pressure Sensor for Transducers - Visit our website

The P571 is a small diameter stainless steel pressure sensor designed for use in pressure transducers and other OEM pressure measurement applications. Thin-film metal strain gauge circuitry ensures long term stability greater than 0.1% per year. The P571’s unique design means it can be used with an infinite variety of pressure fittings (which can be supplied by SMD or provided by the customer). The P571 is typically used in process control, general industrial, down-hole, CENELEC, aerospace and automotive applications. For details, specifications and application notes, please visit SMD online.

P30 - Noninvasive Pressure Sensor - Visit our website

The P30 noninvasive pressure sensor from SMD has been designed specifically for identifying pressure in small diameter tubing of up to 0.25”.  The sensor comprises two parts; the first being an economical flow model that is disposable and the second part is a reusable pressure sensor.  It offers a capacity of up to 30psi.

Custom Occlusion Sensors - Visit our website

Our custom occlusion sensors comprise a stainless steel ball that, when coupled with SMD’s 10,000 Ω thin-film strain gauge technology, provides a linear output for the applied force.  These highly efficient and accurate sensors can be manufactured to custom forces ranges to suit your exact requirements and feature robust commercial-grade housing. Their exceptional levels of accuracy make them highly suitable to a range of applications including syringe pumps, medical instrumentation and occlusion detection, amongst others.

B354 Pressure Sensor - Visit our website

The B354 pressure sensor affords a compact, low-profile design, which combined with its low hysteresis, low power consumption and high levels of longterm stability makes it the ideal solution for a number of different applications, particularly in the aerospace industry and in downhole applications.  Manufactured by SMD from stainless steel, the B354 pressure sensor can either be used directly with a pressure fitting or can be easily welded into place on a supplementary pressure system component.

Bubble Sensors - Visit our website

Bubble sensors are devices that when affixed to a tube, can detect bubbles within the fluid running through it.  SMD’s bubble detectors are non invasive and have been designed to be ultra sensitive, enabling them to detect bubbles in an almost exhaustive list of liquids and through most materials and sizes of tubing.  We offer a range of standard sizes for tubing up to 1/2” diameter and can also manufacture custom sizes to suit larger tubing as required. 

We can also assist with bubble size testing at our very own production facilities, and are able to undertake size testing and reporting for any applicable FDA approval processes.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters - Visit our website

SMD’s range of ultrasonic flow meters have made great strides in helping our customers in the medical, life sciences, laboratory and industrial sectors to achieve improved flow rate resolution and we offer a range of different materials to suit a variety of applications.  For ultimate levels of accuracy and turndown ratio, we recommend combining with SMD’s FlowDAQ® ultrasonic flowmeter system which allows the flexibility of selecting different parameters such as time of flight, speed of sound and signal strength to further enhance data collection.

FlowDAQ® Flowmeter System - Visit our website

To really make the most of our ultrasonic flow meters we recommend installing them in conjunction with SMD’s FlowDAQ flowmeter system, which provides detailed insights.  Flow rates are measured via ultrasonic signals that track upstream and downstream transit time. The FlowDAQ® is able to provide data based on temperature and pressure measurements with a variety of parameter options.  The FlowDAQ features an intuitive touch screen operating panel, which can also be connected to a computer for graphical displays and to transfer data files to be stored.

UF32210 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Sensor - Visit our website

SMD designed the UF32210 clamp-on ultrasonic flow sensor to be used specifically with flexible tubing and to accurately measure flow rates via the ultrasonic transit-time technique.  It is easy to set up and can be used in conjunction with our FlowDAQ® flowmeter system to obtain output for the data and measurements taken. The ‘clamp-on’ design ensures there is no possibility of fluid contamination making it well suited in particular for medical, bio process, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

UF10500 In-line Ultrasonic Flow Sensor - Visit our website

If you are looking for an in-line flow meter that measures bi-directional flow, then look no further than SMD’s UF10500 device.  Favoured by the medical industry due to its black poly-carbonate casing, the UF10500 is equipped to take measurements for flows between 0 to 10 litres per minute and can also be set up to detect bubbles that may be present in the fluid.  When used in conjunction with our FlowDAQ flowmeter system output data can be transferred to your computer to obtain graphs and to allow measurements to be saved.

UF31210 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Sensor - Visit our website

Another device that has been made to work with our FlowDAQ flowmeter system is the UF31210; a clamp on ultrasonic flow sensor that accurately measures the bi-directional flow of a variety of fluids through flexible tubing.  Its non-invasive design lends itself perfectly to applications where potential contamination is a critical concern as the clamp-on nature of the device eliminates any need for contact with the fluid being measured. Such applications include those in the medical industry and in bio/pharmaceutical processing.

Custom Flowmeters - Visit our website

Alongside our standard range of flowmeters, SMD is also able to produce custom designed and manufactured flowmeters; in fact the vast majority of the products we produce are made bespoke to match the unique requirements of our customers.  We can design both clamp-on and in-line devices and can manufacture in a range of materials including stainless steel, Teflon, PEEK and a variety of other metals and plastics depending upon your needs.  Line sizes of up to 200mm can be accommodated with flow ranges specific to your application.

UF30610 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Sensor - Visit our website

The UF30610 clamp-on ultrasonic flow sensor meets the precise hygiene requirements of applications in sectors such as medical, bio-processing and industrial based applications as it eradicates possible contamination as the sensor takes accurate measurements from outside of the tubing.  This particular sensor from SMD utilises ultrasonic transit-time technique to take bi-directional flow measurements and can also alert the operator to the presence of bubbles within the fluid.

Scales - Visit our website

We can provide a wide range of standard and bespoke medical scales which have been designed with accruacy and reliability in mind. With many years of experience within the field, we understand the importance of offering products which are suited to the unique challenges faced within medical settings. It is for this reason that we can customise scales with specific features such as an option for wireless, an option for Bluetooth, sensor signal conditioning, small sizes and low capacities, as well as many more. 

Float Switches and Level Sensors - Visit our website

We supply Float Switches and Level Sensors, both off-the-shelf and custom-designed versions, and using many shapes and materials. Our products come in an inexpensive plastic or a rugged stainless steel casing. And these products can be used to measure pressure, force, weight, temperature, torque, liquid level and many combinations of these measures. Please visit our website for full details on our range.

FM - Multi-Level Float Switches - Visit our website

SMD manufactures two models of multi-level float switches, designed to provide information on tank levels and our team of highly-skilled engineers are on hand to produce a device that will meet your exact requirements.  The two basic models we offer are both made from corrosion resistant materials for enhance longevity.

  • FM10 - a miniature multilevel float switch that has been designed for use with small and medium tanks where space confinements are a factor. 
  • FM20 - a sturdy design lending itself well to possible high pressures and temperatures in full-size tanks.

FL50 – Ultrasonic Liquid Level Detector - Visit our website

The FL50 ultrasonic liquid level detector is a sensor that floats on the surface of the liquid in a tank or vessel and works by capturing data of its position within the tank through the emission of high frequency sound waves.  This way of capturing data not only makes the device suitable for point level applications, but also for those where continuous level sensing is required.  SMD has designed this component in a chemical resistant, nylon or polypropylene housing in order that it can be utilised in conjunction with a wide range of fluids and environments.

FS Vertical Float Switches - Visit our website

SMD offers a range of standard and bespoke vertical liquid level sensors, which are used to determine and provide information on changes of fluid levels within a tank or vessel.  They can be located either at the bottom or top of the tank and their design comprises a main stem that has a torus-shaped float around it.  If fluid levels within the tank change the float moves up or down the stem, which in turn activates a switch that is configured to send an electronic signal. We can provide both plastic and stainless steel models depending upon the requirements of your individual application.

FH Horizontal Float Switches - Visit our website

Horizontal float switches are devices that are side mounted into a tank or vessel and are used to indicate any changes in fluid levels.  These devices provide a highly accurate solution in a number of different applications and can be easily inserted via a hermetically sealed hole in the wall of the tank.  This watertight seal is also where the wiring for the device is placed.  We offer a range of standard and custom components, with stainless steel and plastic options.

Signal Conditioning - Visit our website

Contact our technical engineering team here at SMD to discuss how we can assist in designing and supplying you with fully integrated sensor solutions.  Whatever output protocol you are working with, whether it be digital or analogue, we can design a device to provide the data and information needed for your particular application. Our engineers are highly experienced in designing electronic devices that can assist with areas such as filtering, averaging, temperature compensation and calibration.

Custom Solutions - Visit our website

SMD know how different our customers requirements are and an off-the-shelf solution isn’t always the best option.  Our team of engineers have decades of combined experience and adopt a customer-centric approach to producing bespoke solutions, whilst always looking for new ways to meet the challenges faced by todays OEMs.  The thin-film technology SMD is renowned for has enabled us to produce the comprehensive portfolio of highly accurate sensors that we have today and the business’ dedication to investment will enable us to continue to provide state-of-the-art solutions in the future.



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