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Straight plc specialises in the supply of innovative, high quality waste and recycling solutions for all areas of industry and for a broad range of customers. We offer an exceptional range of waste management and recycling products made to the very highest standard to guarantee reliability and performance over an extended lifetime. They include waste bins, wheeled waste containers, recycling bins, recycling stations, hazardous materials bins, home composting products, hardware products and much, much more. You can find them all listed on the Straight plc website. 

Straight plc has been involved in the manufacture and supply of waste and recycling products for over two decades, and during that time we’ve come to fully understand and appreciate the needs of the waste and recycling sectors and the companies working within them. This has allowed us to build an outstanding range of products which reflect the requirements of our customers. 

But we also believe in pre-empting as well as responding to customer requirements. That’s why we’re constantly developing new, innovative products that create lasting change within the industry as a whole. This philosophy has seen Straight plc become a market leader and a pioneer within the waste and recycling sector. 

You can find out more about our products and services in the sections below. If you would like any further information, please visit Straight plc online or contact us directly on 0113 245 2244. 


Our product range is unrivalled anywhere in the industry; it includes a whole host of waste and recycling containers for almost every aspect of a domestic or commercial waste stream, from simple food waste recycling bins right through to metal-wheeled, large capacity waste containers. We also have a number of specialist solutions for organic waste, dry recyclables, hazardous waste and workplace recyclables. Whatever the material, whatever stage of the disposal or recycling process, Straight plc can provide a solution. 

Visit Straight plc online today and download our digital brochure for a full list of waste management and recycling solutions. 

Food Waste Recycling

Our food waste containers are amongst our most widely used products. They include the Kerbside Caddy, the Kitchen Caddy and a number of other conveniently sized organic waste disposal bins for indoor and outdoor use. 

  • Solid Kitchen Caddy – designed to sit on the kitchen worktop. Capacity for up to 3 days of kitchen scraps.
  • Vented Kitchen Caddy – specifically designed for use with compostable liners. Features aerated surfaces to increase airflow and allow liquid to evaporate, thereby reducing the weight of the contents. 
  • Kerbside Caddy – a market-leading, feature-laden caddy for the collection of food waste at the roadside. 
  • Compostable Liners – in a range of sizes and gauges. 100% biodegradable. 
  • Food Waste Wheeled Container – for the collection of food waste in communal areas.
  • Food Waste Steelybin – with a 500 litre capacity, ideal for commercial use. 

Kerbside Recycling

Our market-leading kerbside collection boxes have been designed to be as practical, sturdy and functional as possible, making them popular with householders and collection crews alike. The range includes:

  • Ergo Kerbside Box – our most popular kerbside collection box, with over 14 million units supplied in the UK alone. 
  • Grab Kerbside Box – features a large rim for easy lifting. 
  • Flatside Box – based on the original UK kerbside box design. Ideal for frequent collection programmes. 
  • Kerbside Accessories – including windproof lids, lid nets, dividers, trolleys and tracking chips. 
  • Inner Caddy – designed to sit within a standard two-wheeled bin.

Workplace Recycling

Straight plc offers a comprehensive range of innovative workplace recycling solutions ideal for offices, schools, universities, hospitals or any other similar environment where waste needs to be separated for recycling. The range includes:

  • EcoSort Recycling Systems – a flexible workplace recycling system with various sizes of bin and a range of lids with apertures for different material streams.
  • EcoStep  - a pedal-operated bin designed for hygienic, hands-free waste disposal.
  • Deskside Containers – suitable for any office and ideal for paper recycling collections from individual desks. 
  • Colour Coded Containers – for colour-coded recycling programmes. 

Plastic Wheeled Containers

We offer a range of plastic-wheeled containers in a wide variety of sizes, with two or four wheels (depending on size) and a host of modification options. All of our wheeled bins are tested to EN-840, and are suitable for the collection of general waste, recyclables, organic waste or clinical waste. 

  • Two-wheeled containers – in a range of sizes and colours
  • Four-wheeled containers – for trade waste and recycling applications
  • Wheeled Recycling Bank – fitted with apertures and lid locks. 
  • Food Waste Wheeled Container – with a custom lid, small food waste aperture and a slam lock – ideal for food waste collection in communal areas.

Metal Wheeled Containers

We also offer several metal-wheeled containers that are also tested to EN-840 and which can be customised with a range of features such as Danish handles, lid locks and internal buffer plates. 

  • Steelybin – a high-specification, four-wheeled bin with a choice of lids and a wealth of useful features. Ideal for commercial applications. 
  • Food Waste Steelybin – with a 500 litre capacity and a hopper type aperture to keep the contents hidden. Also features a foot pedal for hygienic opening.

Secure Containers

Our secure containers are ideal for users who regularly dispose of confidential documents. These tough and durable plastic bins feature a narrow paper slot and a tamper-proof locking system to prevent unauthorised access. We currently offer two types of secure container:

  • EcoSort Secure – available in two different sizes. Features a narrow paper slot and a patent-pending tamperproof locking mechanism. 
  • Secure Wheeled Container – designed for the safe storage and disposal of larger quantities of confidential waste. 

Outdoor Recycling

Straight plc can offer an exceptional range of quality outdoor waste and recycling containers for all sorts of material streams and for a variety of different environments. Our products have been used in town centres, public and communal spaces, educational facilities, car parks, recreational areas and many other municipal spaces. They include:

  • Wheeled Recycling Banks – fitted with apertures and lid locks.
  • TuffBin – a strong, durable dustbin designed for the collection of general waste or recyclable materials. 
  • Hex Bin – an innovative recycling unit that can be manually emptied, despite its large capacity. 
  • Sprite Bin – a bright and attractive outdoor recycling solution with a range of features. 
  • GummyBins – for dealing with chewing gum litter. 

Hazardous Handling

Straight plc can provide a number of secure containers for the safe disposal, storage and transportation of hazardous waste. These can be used in the workplace, in retail stores or in communal areas. Products include:

  • Battery Tubes – available in countertop and floor standing versions.
  • Battery Boxes – with two or three apertures for various types of battery.
  • Battery Banks – ideal for communal recycling areas and retail environments. 
  • Hazardous Waste Box – designed for handling hazardous household waste. 

Home Composting

Straight plc is the UK’s leading supplier of home compost bins, offering an extensive range of composters to cover all organic waste disposal requirements. We also have a great range of composting accessories such as base plates, kitchen caddies and aerators. 

  • Compost Convertor – the UK’s best-selling home compost bin.
  • Compost Machine – designed to optimise the composting process.
  • Compost Tumbler – for rapid home composting. 
  • Kitchen Composter – takes meat, fish and dairy for 100% home composting. 
  • Thermo King – retains heat within the bin to speed up the composting process.
  • Composting Accessories – including base plates, aerators, liners, activators. 

Water Saving

A water butt is a great way of reducing your water bill and protecting the environment. They are designed to collect rainwater from your guttering and store it for various uses. At Straight plc we have water butts suitable for every garden type and size, as well as a range of water butt accessories such as butt stands, rain diverter kits, link kits and water conditioners for keeping collected rainwater fresh and clean. 

  • Rainsaver Range – our best-selling water butts, available in two sizes. 
  • Garden Lake Range – with an attractive wood-grain effect barrel, available in two sizes. 
  • Harcostar Range – our premium brand, available in various shapes and sizes. 

Hardware Products

Straight plc offers a range of durable, cost-effective hardware bins, containers and buckets for use in all sorts of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Products include:

  • TuffBin – a strong, durable dustbin designed for the collection of general waste or recyclable materials. 
  • TuffBucket – a heavy duty builders’ bucket made from recycled plastic. 
  • Wheeled Containers – including a range of two and four-wheeled bins ideal for industrial applications. 


All of the wheeled bins, kerbside boxes and food waste containers found in the Straight plc range can be fitted with unique bar code labels or readable RFID tags that allow you to track their movements using a simple handheld or vehicle mounted system. By tracking the movement of your recycling containers you can get a better idea of how many people are participating in a recycling scheme. Track-in-the-Box™ software allows you to log each bin to a specific address in order to see exactly who’s recycling and who’s not.


As well as a complete range of waste management and recycling products, Straight plc can offer a number of supporting services to help our customers improve their waste management processes. This includes promotion, project management, new product development, after-sales care, call centre provision and home delivery. Whatever your requirements, Straight plc can work with you to find a solution. Get in touch with our service department today on 0113 245 2244 to find out more.

New Product Development

Over the last two decades Straight plc has worked in close cooperation with a number of clients to develop brand new products that address their waste management and recycling needs. Some of these products have gone on to become UK best-sellers. By listening to our customers’ requirements, we’re more able to deliver practical, working solutions. So, if you have a waste management problem that needs solving, speak to the team at Straight plc. We’re able to design, develop and manufacture practical solutions for just about any requirement.

Project Management

At Straight plc we have a dedicated project management team that can assist you in the implementation of a complete recycling programme. They link together all aspects of production, logistics, promotion, delivery and customer care to provide a full service solution to your waste management requirements.  Find out more about our project management services by visiting Straight plc online.



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