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With over 40 years of experience, Storax Racking Systems have become a leading provider of storage systems for warehouses that use pallets and other unit loads. Based in Worcestershire, we provide a range of racking systems, including mobile racking, drive-in racking, pushback racking, conventional racking, narrow aisle racking, cantilever racking, the Storax ranger and the Ramada 2Store. Regardless of the racking system you choose, our services include everything from planning and design to manufacture and installation, all the way through to maintenance and aftercare.

In order to effectively use all of your warehouse space, the right storage solutions need to be chosen, which is why we work closely with our customers to provide impressive solutions to the question of which storage would be best. With our commercial experience and wide range of high-density solutions, we can help you to economise your space and avoid higher warehouse costs.

At Storax, we understand that no two warehouses are the same, so we tailor our solutions specifically to the requirements of each customer. Of course, all of our solutions provide compact storage and 100% access to the locations, so your company's efficiency can benefit.

Mobile Pallet Racking

If you need a solution that lets you utilise your warehouse space as economically as possible, mobile pallet racking is the option for you. The superstructure is fixed to motorised mobile bases which follow rails embedded in the floor, allowing any aisle to be opened or closed by the operator with a single command.

Mobile pallet racking allows you to use up to 95% of your warehouse space while still being able to access every pallet, which can afford you an increase in warehouse cost-efficiency. This type of racking can be utilised for storage of a variety of palletized unit loads, such as boxes, drums and sacks, or decked out as shelving for high density storage.

Conventional Racking

The simplest and most popular solution is conventional racking, which can be constructed to handle any load or volume. This racking consists of single or double sided runs with aisles in between, and the height of the racking is limited only by the height of the building and the type of fork lift truck that will be used.

We also provide a narrow aisle racking option if you want to conserve space. This is essentially the same as conventional racking, but with the runs closer together. To navigate the thinner aisles, specialist narrow aisle trucks are required, which can be guided by inductive signals in the floor or floor mounted channels.

Drive In Racking

When you want to make the best use of the racking volume available to you, drive in racking is an effective solution to consider. With this type of racking, pallets are loaded onto continuous blocks of racking via longitudinal runners.

This system is a particularly good option when the cost of space is an issue and when you have a limited product range. If you require high density storage but only have a limited number of load varieties then drive in racking is a prime solution.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is our racking system for long, large or irregular loads such as extrusions, furniture, tubes, timber and special size pallets. This racking allows you to store your long or large loads in an effective way while also affording you easy access to them.

While cantilever racking is designed to cater for long loads, it can also be adapted to suit storage of other kinds.

Cantilever racking can also be supplied as a powered mobile version, so that you can further economise your space.

Pushback Racking

Another space-effective racking option is pushback racking, a dynamic accumulation system in which pallets are stored in lanes. With access only from the front, the system works by a LIFO (Last In First Out) principle, with the most recent pallet loaded to be the first taken out.

This can be an alternative to drive in racking, and it has the benefit of allowing all locations to be loaded or emptied without the need for moving adjacent pallets.

Pushback racking allows up to 4 pallets to be stored along the depth of the racking.

Storax Ranger

In terms of more advanced racking systems, we have the Storax Ranger, which is a high density system in which pallets are moved into place along the tunnels by a remote controlled shuttle. A conventional reach-truck can be used for loading the pallets into the tunnels, at which point the shuttle will work independently to marshal the pallets as necessary. The shuttle is equipped with photocells that position it under the pallet, and requires 24v battery blocks for power, which can be removed without the shuttle being immobilized.

Pallets must be 1200x800 or 1200x1000 and can be stored by a FIFO or LIFO method.

Ramada 2Store

If you want to increase productivity and loading/unloading speeds, the Ramada 2Store may be the racking system for you. This high density compact system allows pallets to be loaded, stored and unloaded in pairs. This naturally doubles productivity and in turn reduces operating costs. It is a particularly effective form of storage for food and beverage industries.

The Ramada 2Store is perfect for rapid offloading of bulk transporters.

Handling pallets in pairs may require an adapted fork mast.



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