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Stayfast is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of shopfittings, display systems and POS accessories. We offer a huge range of display and presentation equipment suitable for retailers of all types and sizes. On our website and in our catalogue you’ll find dozens of innovative merchandising ideas, many design classics, and of course all the essentials you need to create the perfect in-store display.


Stayfast has been supplying shopfittings and display equipment for over 50 years. In that time we’ve established a solid reputation with UK retailers not only for the quality of our products but for the excellent standard of our service. 

At Stayfast we are constantly sourcing new products from manufacturers all over the world in order to bring our customers the most comprehensive range of retail display equipment and accessories and to ensure our prices remain as competitive as ever. 

You can find out more about our products in the sections below and on the Stayfast website. We also have a showroom where you can see some of our display equipment in person and get advice from our experienced sales staff. And of course, if you’re looking for a specific item or display system, please do not hesitate to call. We’re always on hand to help. 

Slatted Panels

Stayfast has a whole category dedicated to slat systems. It covers:

  • Slatwall Panels – Made from 18mm MDF and finished in a range of colours. Panels can be supplied in both portrait and landscape orientation. Standard size is 2400 x 1200mm, however they can easily be cut to size if required. 
  • Gondola Display Units – Available in 7 attractive finishes with 10 panel/edging trim colours. Gondola units are delivered preassembled and ready for use. 
  • Slat System Fittings – Various hooks and arms in several different finishes. 
  • Slat System Acrylic Fittings – Various trays, shelves and shoe stands made from high quality acrylic. 

Discover our complete range of slatwall products by visiting Stayfast online. 

Shopfitting Systems

Our shopfitting systems include:

  • Cable Systems – Based on 1.5mm (diameter) cables which are capable of holding up to 120kg. Tensioned with a special bottom fixing device, these are able to accommodate various types of shelf and other display items. 
  • Global Fittings – A range of hooks, trays and arms compatible with various display systems. 
  • Fresco – A range of stylish retail display systems with an oak, maple or cherry finish. Compatible with a range of accessories that give many display possibilities. 
  • Concept 60 – One of the most attractive and practical shopfitting systems available on the market. 

Take a look for yourself by visiting Stayfast online. 

Garment Display

Stayfast offers a great range of display products for the fashion retailer, including:

  • Garment Rails – In many different styles, sizes and finishes. 
  • Size Finders – Designed to help shoppers and staff find the right garment size quickly, increasing impulse sales and improving stock control. 
  • Hangers – In a range of styles, sizes and colours. 
  • Pegs, Hooks & Clips – For ties, belts, scarves, gloves and other accessories. 

Discover our complete range of garment display products by visiting Stayfast online. 

Pricing and Marking

Stayfast stocks a wide range of pricing and marking equipment and consumables. This includes things like tagging guns and tickets, price guns and price labels, string tags, adhesive labels, loop fasteners and till rolls. We also offer several cash registers – these come with a 12-month warranty on parts and labour. Visit us online or get in touch to find out more.


We also provide various security products ideal for retail environments. This includes:

  • Lockers and Cabinets – Manufactured from high quality components with excellent durability. Available in a range of styles, sizes and finishes. 
  • Cash Boxes – In various sizes and finishes. 
  • Other Security Products – Including decoy CCTV cameras, CCTV signs, security mirrors, forged note detectors, alarm tags, security lanyards and much more. 

You can find our complete range of retail security products on the Stayfast website. 

Acrylic Displays

Acrylic display systems and accessories are ideal for the display and presentation of leaflets, brochures, posters and other printed media. Being entirely transparent, they are also ideal for greetings cards, magazines, newspapers and other products that require a full view. Acrylic is a strong, hardwearing material, which makes it perfect for the retail environment. You can discover our complete range of acrylic display products by visiting Stayfast online.

Display Forms

At Stayfast we have a range of display forms ideal for use in shop windows and in store. This includes:

  • Mannequins – A high quality range of headless mannequins. 
  • Bust Forms – Made with a hard, durable material and supplied with a stretchable cover, a wooden top cap and wooden base. 
  • Aquarius Display Forms – Available in a range of stunning finishes and supplied with chrome stands. 
  • Display Heads – In various styles and finishes. 
  • Other Display Forms – Including display bodies, blouse/sweater frames, hat stands, tube forms and flexible models. 

More details and pricing information can be found on the Stayfast website. 

Display Accessories

Our display accessories include jewellery stands, acrylic racks and shelves, card pockets, leaflet dispensers, shoe platforms, showcases and many other products traditionally used with retail display systems. We also offer a versatile glass cube system which gives you great flexibility in displaying your products. It can be adjusted to your requirements with as many cubes as you require and in almost any configuration, plus it’s strong and tough enough to accommodate almost any product line. The cube system’s glass and chrome finish gives your retail space a real designer look at a very realistic cost. Find out more by visiting Stayfast online.

Showcases and Counters

We offer a great range of high quality showcases and counters suitable for the display of all kinds of products. 

Our showcases are made from glass and aluminium with a standard metal or black finish. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, with shelving to suit your requirements. Showcases can also be fitted with low voltage lights.

Our counters, meanwhile, are built to order from our own range of designs. Their modular design means you can adjust the configuration as your business needs change. 

More information can be found on the Stayfast website. 

Display Systems

Stayfast offers three different retail display systems, each made up of various parts and components. These are:

  • Tube & Clamp – A strong, versatile system that can be designed and installed in thousands of different configurations. 
  • Chrome Mesh – A complete mesh grid system which can be transformed into a wall display for shop and exhibition use, or alternatively clamped together to create island units and gondolas. 
  • Chrome Shelving – A highly versatile display system made up of a huge range of components that can be assembled in almost any configuration. Also ideal for storage. 

More details and pricing information can be found on our website. 

Shelving Systems

We offer several different shelving systems suitable for the display of various types of product. These are:

  • AMX 35 – An adjustable shelving system which allows for frequent stock changes. Suitable for all types of retailers, from corner shops to hyperstores. 
  • Silver Shelving – For retailers who want something other than the traditional cream or white shelving system. Finished in an attractive RAL 9006 Silver. 
  • Kleerex – A transparent shelving system ideal for greetings cards, magazines, newspapers, etc. 

Visit us online or get in touch to find out more. 

Shop Essentials

Whether you’re an independent fashion boutique or a national supermarket chain, Stayfast can supply all the shop essentials you need, including:

  • Storage Accessories – Racks, shelves, storage bins, hooks, arms, etc. 
  • Wire Baskets – Ideal for storage and product display. 
  • Other Essentials – Including ladders, platforms, kick stools, scissors, knives, staplers, tape, wrap, trays and many cleaning products. 
  • Bags – An extensive range of plastic and paper carrier bags, tissue papers, etc. 

Discover our complete range of shop essentials at Stayfast online. 

Signage and Accessories

As well as a huge range of display equipment and shopfittings, Stayfast offers a wide selection of retail signage and accessories, including:

  • A Boards & Snap Frames – In a range of styles and sizes. 
  • Posters and Labels – Ideal for in-store promotions and other events. 
  • Display Aids – Including tape, tack, Velcro and many types of hook for hanging posters and graphic displays. 
  • Safety Products – Including first aid kits, barrier systems, wet floor signs, etc.
  • Safety Signs – A range of standard fire safety signs to help you comply with the law.



Registration Number: 02053567
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:8 September, 1986 (34 years and 10 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Distributor
  • Manufacturers Representative


Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Concept 60 Concept 60 is one of the most attractive and practical shopfitting systems available today. Beautifully finished and highly durable, the configurations possible are limited only by your imagination!
  • FRESCO system The FRESCO system allows storage and display for any need. The cladded units provide a high quality, easily assembled scheme for retail interiors.The system is flexible and can be combined with other systems or product. FRESCO can be supplied in any of the standard finishes or adapted to customers specific needs.
  • Propress Steamers The Propress new generation of Steamers are of unmatchable quality, safety and performance.The unique stand-by function reduces stress on the heating element, ensuring longer life. Ergonomically designed, lightweight and durable, now even easier to use.
  • Sato Corporation Price gun kits
  • Sharp Cash registers

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