Stanhay Webb Ltd is a UK manufacturer of precision seed planters. We offer a range of planting equipment designed for use with over 250 types of produce - supplying to agricultural users throughout Europe, North and South America, Australasia and southern Africa via an extensive network of dealers. All of our planters are designed and manufactured right here in Britain.

Stanhay has been pioneering the design of precision planting equipment for more than 40 years, making us the worldwide market leader. Our products are recognised as being the best that the industry has to offer: over the years they have proved themselves capable of giving a higher and more consistent yield at harvest than any other planter.  

All engineering is done in-house at our 30,000 square foot facility in Lincolnshire. Here we focus solely on the production of seed drills and associated parts, allowing us to concentrate our efforts on achieving engineering perfection. Often copied but never bettered, our drills differ from other manufacturers’ equipment in that they allow the grower to plant up to four lines of produce from a single row unit. That means less weight, less set-up time, better accuracy and a more even and consistent seed placement. 

Some of our planters are detailed in the sections below. You can find out more by visiting Stanhay Webb online. 

Seven - Mechanical Cell Wheel Drill

Seven is a mechanical cell wheel drill that is unrivalled for speed, accuracy and reliability anywhere in the world. High quality materials and a robust design give it the strength to survive tough conditions year after year. Seven is able to maintain consistent depth control and accurate spacing even in cloddy, uneven seed beds thanks to a telescopic clod deflector that clears away clods and stones to leave a smooth planting surface. Stay-clean front and rear wheels help to keep it running smoothly even when the soil is sticky. The machine features hydraulic or manual marker arms, a plastic seed hopper and seed press wheels (optional). Find out more by visiting Stanhay Webb online.

Nine - Electric Precision Drill

Nine is an electric precision seed drill with a time-proven cell wheel metering unit that facilitates accurate placement of any pelleted seed or regular shaped raw seed (it is particularly well suited to sugar beet). Each of its rows is controlled by a separate electric motor, allowing infinitely variable speed spacing and making it easy to turn off individual rows for tramlining, section control or changing the spacing on rows next to tramlines. All settings can be controlled from a user-friendly terminal in the tractor cab. The addition of clod deflectors, seed press wheels and depth controls ensure your crop gets the best possible start. Find out more by visiting Stanhay Webb online.

Stanhay Parts

Stanhay can supply a comprehensive range of spare parts through an extensive network of dealers across Europe, North America, South America, Australasia and southern Africa. On our website you’ll find our Parts Finder form - please complete this with as much information as possible about your part and we’ll get back to with a quote.

780 High Density

The 780 is an air-operated seed drill designed for high density crops. A slimline chassis alongside Stanhay’s ‘slimline’ seed hopper allows minimum row spacing of just 150mm. This, together with its unique ability to plant up to four lines from one row unit, means the 780 is capable of achieving excellent planting density. Meanwhile, Stanhay’s minimum drop height system helps to ensure precision placement through the elimination of ‘bouncing’ seeds. Standard features include a Cat 2 Headstock, 540 PTO shaft with over run clutch, zero pressure wheels, drag coverers and 12 spacing transmission.

Star - High Precision Multi-line Planting

The Stanhay Star is a high precision multi-line planter that incorporates more than 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision seed drills. Its ‘wind up, wind down’ depth control feature enables the operator to quickly and easily adjust seed depth, while its adjustable pressure parallel linkage enables the drill to float up and down more effectively, following the contours of the terrain and giving more accurate and consistent seed depth control. The Stanhay Star’s drive chain is encased between the parallel link, which lessens the chance of ‘chain jump’ and seed misses, giving you a more even and consistent crop. Find out more by visiting Stanhay Webb online.

Star Plus - High Precision Multi-line Planting

The Stanhay Star Plus is the most accurate, versatile and reliable seed drill for all growers of vegetable and salad crops. It has many of the same features as the standard Star model, but with a double sided chassis for even greater strength and an easy change sprocket system which means the operator need only change the seed rate on different rows rather than have individual discs for each row. Video demonstrations for both the Star and Star Plus can be found on the Stanhay website.

840 - Smaller 'Market' Gardener Applications

The Stanhay 840 is a high precision belt planter designed for compact or small tractors. Offering precision planting at a very affordable price, it’s ideal for smaller ‘market gardener’ applications. The 840 can be used to plant all seed types and it allows you to plant in various patterns. It’s driven by its own rear wheel, which means no land wheels are required.  If you would like to find out more, please head over to our website or get in touch using the contact details provided at the top of this page.

820 Handpush

The Stanhay 820 Handpush is a high precision belt planter perfect for small scale farming and self-sufficiency operations. It’s adaptable for every seed type and it can be configured according to your spacing requirements. The 820 Handpush delivers seed to the ground by way of a circulating belt which is punched with holes that are sized according to the type of produce being distributed. This simple but effective design gives remarkable results, ensuring a high yield at minimal cost.

870 Belt Planter

The Stanhay 870 is a high precision belt planter suitable for both large and small-scale growers. It has a free floating chassis, is landwheel driven and can have up to 18 different drill rows. The 870 can be used to plant virtually any type of seed, from flowers to sugar beet, carrots to beans. It gives you total control over plant density and offers a number of planting patterns. A choice of rear wheels and coulters means you can plant in various soil types and on flat or raised beds.



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