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Stainless Fittings Ltd (SFL) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ASME BPE high purity 316L stainless steel tube and fittings for pharmaceutical processing applications. Our products have been used in the manufacture of life-saving drugs for almost 60 years. Today, they are found in pharmaceutical processing plants throughout the world, offering complete peace of mind wherever they are used. 
SFL’s sister company, Dairy Pipe Lines (DPL), is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of hygienic tube, valves and fittings for use in the food, brewing, dairy, cosmetics and soft drinks industries. DPL has been producing diamond valves for more than a century, and today its products are relied upon in manufacturing plants right across the globe.
The SFL/DPL team boasts a full range of specialist bespoke fabrication skills which enable us to produce components in exact accordance with customer specification. So as well as a complete range of standard parts, we can also offer custom components to suit your individual requirements.
Whether standard or bespoke, all of our products undergo rigorous testing and inspection to guarantee cleanliness, reliability and performance. We implement strict quality control procedures to ensure our parts meet the stringent statutory and regulatory requirements demanded by the international marketplace. Our aim is to ensure complete peace of mind.
To find out more about SFL/DPL and our quality management systems, please head over to our website. In the sections below you’ll find a summary of the products we offer – if you would like any further information or advice, please contact us on 0121 557 1188 (SFL) or 01799 522885 (DPL).

ASME BPE TUBING - Visit our website

We supply Biobore ASME BPE tubing in a number of sizes and with either a mechanically polished or electropolished finish. ASME BPE high purity stainless steel tubing is suitable for use in pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, biotechnology and many other high purity applications. Mechanically polished SF1 tubing is fully boroscoped and polished on both the ID and OD surfaces, thus reducing finish anomalies and minimising the inspection requirement. Electropolished SF4 tubing benefits from an ultra-smooth, corrosion-resistant, chromium enriched surface. It is processed and packaged in a certified ISO Class 5 clean room.
SF1 and SF4 tubing is available from ¼” up to 6” (outside diameter) in 6.1m lengths. Tubing can be cut to length if required. Please contact us for more information.

BIOBORE BENDS - Visit our website

Biobore ASME BPE bends are available in a number of sizes and may have a 45°, 88°, 90° or 92° angle. Like our standard tubing, BPE bends may have either a mechanically or electrically polished finish, depending on the levels of hygiene required. For a full breakdown of sizes and specifications, please visit SFL online. If you require any help or advice in selecting the right part for your application, please contact our helpful, friendly sales agents on 0121 557 1188.

BIOBORE REDUCERS - Visit our website

SFL also offers a range of eccentric and concentric reducers in sizes to cover virtually all requirements. 
  • ASME BPE DT21 Eccentric Reducers C/C
  • ASME BPE DT21 Concentric Reducers C/C
  • ASME BPE DT26 Concentric Reducers C/W
  • ASME BPE DT26 Eccentric Reducers C/W
  • ASME BPE DT11 Eccentric Reducers W/W
  • ASME BPE DT11 Concentric Reducers W/W

For more details, please visit SFL online, where you can download comprehensive PDF datasheets on each of the products listed above.

BIOBORE FERRULES - Visit our website

We also supply a number of high purity stainless steel clamp ferrules in sizes to cover virtually all installation requirements.
  • ASME BPE DT22A Clamp Ferrules
  • ASME BPE DT22B Clamp Ferrules
  • ASME BPE DT22C Clamp Ferrules

Visit our website for full breakdown of sizes and specifications. If you need any help or advice, please do not hesitate to call.

Diamond Butterfly Valves - Visit our website

DPL’s range of hygienic diamond buttery valves are fully machined from 316L forgings for a high quality, non-porous construction. These hygienic ¼ turn or multi-position units feature an environmentally sealed spindle and a polished, crevice-free disc which is easy to clean. Sealing materials include EPDM, silicone, Viton and Nitrile, the choice of which depends on your application.

Diamond Actuators & Switchboxes - Visit our website

DPL’s range of compact stainless steel actuators have been designed to fit diamond ¼ turn butterfly valves, giving you electronic control over opening and closing. They have a compact design to save space and a cylindrical, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction that makes cleaning easy. All actuators are factory lubricated, meaning they are completely maintenance free. DPL actuators are proven to provide an average of 1 million actuations over their entire lifecycle. 

DPL switchboxes are designed to fit on manual or actuated valves. Like our actuators, these also have an easy-clean cylindrical construction. They feature a removable cap for easy wiring, a pressure relief valve for safe operation, and IP65 protection for greater durability in harsh environments.

Diamond Series 3 Pressure Relief Valves - Visit our website

DPL’s Series 3 Pressure Relief Valves have been designed to meet the requirements of modern process industries. We have used elements of the DPL single and double seat valves to create a full bore, self-draining device available in a range of sizes from 1 to  4 inches. Series 3 Valves feature a tamper-proof pressure setting mechanism that can be adjusted in-line. They can be disassembled for servicing without affecting the factory pressure setting. Series 3 valves are made from 316L stainless steel – customers can choose from a range of seat materials.

Diamond Non-Return Valves - Visit our website

DPL’s hygienic diamond non-return valves are designed to prevent product backflow in the pipework system. They are made from hygienic 316 and 316L grade stainless steel with FDA approved seals and elastomers, thus ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness in various food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical processing applications. All components are designed to allow thorough in-line cleaning, even in the most difficult situations. Customers can choose from a range of finishes, seal materials and fitting types.



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