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SFS is a key supplier of Huck® brand fastening products. We offer a comprehensive range of lockbolts, tools and accessories designed to give a strong, secure and durable fixing in a wide variety of industrial applications. Huck bolts are typically used in the truck and trailer industry, in industrial heating and ventilation, railcar construction, roller shutter doors and steel fabrication – in fact, any application requiring repeatable high-speed fastener installation. 

Few fastening products can match the quality and performance of a Huck bolt. In most cases they last longer than the parts and components they hold together. Manufacturers worldwide recognise Huck fastening products as being the best the industry has to offer. 

To complement its range of Huck products, SFS offers a large selection of threaded fasteners, from self-tapping screws through to H.T bolts and sets. Whatever you need, we can supply it. 

We also supply, hire and repair installation equipment for Huck systems and other fastening products. 

Key to our success is our service. We are committed to delivering quality products and providing comprehensive customer support. Our experienced sales staff are on hand to provide all the advice and guidance you need in the selection of fastening products. We offer a range of delivery options to suit individual customer requirements, including Kan-Ban systems and consignment stocking.  

Our aim is to become your business partner, rather than just a supplier. Get in touch with SFS today to find out more about how we can provide tailored solutions to your joining and fastening requirements. 

Hucktainer Lockbolts

The commercial vehicle body manufacturing industry demands the highest standards of quality and durability. Manufactured from G.R.P. (Glass Reinforced Plastic), Hucktainer lockbolts not only ensure a longer vehicle lifespan but also improve vehicle security.

Hucktainer lockbolts are uniform, making them easily applicable to a wide variety of tasks. Installation does not require skilled labour, and the added option of a unique 'Star Lock' system allows installation to be carried out by one man rather than two. 

To make the lockbolts blend in with your side panelling, Hucktainers may be supplied with encapsulated colour heads. A low profile design ensures they remain unobtrusive within the vehicle. 

C6L Lockbolts

C6L Lockbolts are heavy-duty, two piece fasteners offering outstanding strength, proven performance and long-term reliability. They are totally resistant to vibratory loosening, extremely easy to install and are completely maintenance-free. 

C6L Lockbolts are available in a range of sizes with a variety of head styles and finishes. 

Diameters available:

  • 3/16” ( 5mm )
  • ¼” ( 6.4mm )
  • 3/8” ( 10mm )

C6L Lockbolts are typically used in commercial vehicles, domestic appliances, heating and ventilation, railway carriages, general sheet metal fabrication, fencing and various automotive and agricultural applications. 

C50L Lockbolts

C50L Lockbolts offer exceptional levels of strength, performance and reliability and are available in a range of sizes. Their extra length allows removal of joint gaps prior to swaging, and their unique design increases speed of installation.

C50L Lockbolts are grade 8.8 general purpose fasteners. They are available in diameters ranging from ½” ( 12.7mm ) to 1 1/8” ( 28.5mm ) with a variety of head styles and finishes. 

C50L Lockbolts are commonly used in construction, rail track assembly, bridge building, railcar and wagon construction, quarry and plant machinery, mining equipment, truck and trailer chassis and various other applications. 


The Huck-Fit is a grade 10.9 two-piece fastener offering high strength and resistance to vibratory loosening. Its unique thread form allows pre-tightening fit-up prior to swaging and, using standard impact wrenches, removal of the fastener if required. Huck-Fit fasteners are available in a range of sizes from 12mm through to 27mm. For more information on Huck-Fit fasteners and other Huck products, please head over to the SFS website, where full technical specifications can be downloaded.

Magna-Grip Lockbolts

Magna-Grip is a unique two-piece fastener with a wide grip range and outstanding resistance to vibratory loosening. It is available in a range of sizes from 3/16” ( 5mm ) to ¾” ( 19mm ) with a variety of head styles and finishes. More details and technical specifications can be found on the SFS website.


The Auto-Bulb was designed to fulfil a market need for high clamp blind fasteners for use in thin sheet applications. It features a large diameter head and a broad bulb spread to diffuse the load over a wider area of the material, making it ideal for use in vehicles. Auto-Bulb fasteners are commonly found holding sheet metal together in commercial vehicles, buses, trailers, trains and cars.  

Other Auto-Bulb benefits:

  • Improved blind-side clearance
  • Superior grip overlap
  • Controlled pin break
  • Standard pin size
  • Lead-in chamfers 

Full details and specifications can be found on the SFS website. 

Magna-Lok Blind Fasteners

Magna-Lok is a blind high strength fastener featuring the unique Huck Solid Circle Locking System. Like all Huck fasteners it offers high resistance to vibration and loosening, and is available in a range sizes and head styles. Magna-Lok also benefits from a weathertight design, a wide grip range (1.6mm – 15.8mm) and easy installation. For more information, please visit SFS online or contact our customer advisors on 01772 622194.

BOM Blind Fasteners

The BOM fastener is a high strength blind bolt ideal for heavy duty jointing applications in box and tube sections or where blind access is restricted. It offers high strength and vibration resistance, is quick, easy and quiet to install, and allows visual inspection, eliminating the need to X-ray welds or torque check bolts. 

BOM fasteners are available in a range of sizes from 3/16” ( 5mm ) to ¾” ( 19mm ). Typical applications include HVAC equipment, mining equipment, bridge construction/repair, railcar and wagons, quarry plant and machinery, construction, containers, ship building, trucks and trailers. Technical specifications can be downloaded from the SFS website. 

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