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Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd has over 30 years of experience in the design, development and application of corrosion and erosion preventive coatings. We offer tank and vessel lining services, secondary containment lining services, and we also install anti-slip safety surfaces in industrial environments. 

We use a range of materials offering various levels of protection against chemicals, corrosion and temperature-induced damage – these can be applied to a number of substrates, including mild steel, stainless steel, fibreglass and concrete. 

However large or small the tank or vessel, however demanding the project, Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd can provide a solution. Visit our website or give us a call on 01424 893444 to find out more. 

Tank Lining - Visit our website

Lining a tank or vessel tends to cost around 10% of replacing one entirely, representing an effective saving of 90%. Coatings can potentially extend the practical working life of a tank by up to 30 years or more, making them an extremely cost-effective solution. Specialist Coatings Ltd has over 35 years experience in lining tanks, and over that time have come across very few tanks that could not be brought back into service.  Lining installation work on larger tanks can be completed in just a few weeks – small tanks are typically ready for service within several days.

Water Tank Lining - Visit our website

We also use a number of specialist resins to line galvanised steel cold water tanks which would be too expensive or impractical to replace. Our tank lining materials are proven to significantly extend the practical working life of water tanks suffering from corrosion, making them a cost-effective alternative to replacement. The installation process is extremely fast and efficient, which keeps downtime to an absolute minimum. Epoxy lining materials can be applied in both potable and non-potable cold water tanks, giving long term protection against the corrosive effects of air and water. You can find examples of our work on the Specialist Coatings website.

Secondary Containment - Visit our website

We also offer a comprehensive lining service for secondary containment and bunded areas, using a diverse range of flexible, chemical resistant, UV light stable and easy to clean materials. We also have several ultra fast hardening polyurea materials that are completely elastomeric and flexible, making them ideal for treating areas located on unstable surfaces such as loose shale. Secondary containment is used to prevent products from causing environmental pollution and harm to personnel in the event of an accident, and also to prevent loss of potentially expensive products. Find out more by visiting Specialist Coatings online.

Industrial Flooring - Visit our website

Specialist Coatings can also apply a number of resins to improve the safety and durability of warehouse, workshop or production facility flooring. Resin floors are ideal for those who require an anti-slip, chemical resistant, hygienic or anti-static surface which is easy to apply, easy to clean and highly cost-effective. Resin floors also offer a convenient way of demarcating areas, levelling uneven surfaces and eradicating trip hazards. In fact, there are a whole host of reasons for choosing to have a resin floor installed in your premises. Find out more by visiting Specialist Coatings (GB) online.

Brewery Tank Lining - Visit our website

Here at Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd, we carry out a range of tank lining services for customers in the food and beverage industry. Tank lining can extend a vessel’s working life by as much as 25+ years and is a great alternative to replacing vessels that have substandard internal surfaces.

We offer a range of services including: brewery tank lining, localised patch repair, materials supply, brewery tank lining repair kits, inspection and testing of completed tank lining (concrete, fibreglass, stainless steel, steel and cast iron) and more.

Please visit our website to find out more about our brewery tank lining services. Alternatively, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Programme of Work - Visit our website

Our tank lining services feature five main steps:

1)      Specification
2)      Planning
3)      Preparing the Tank
4)      Application
5)      Testing

Our experience in the industry enables us to source and select the most suitable specialist painting and tank lining materials from our extensive database of materials. We can select materials for a range of specific applications such as the containment of aggressive chemicals, noise reduction or high abrasion resistance and more.

Our work begins with a site survey and is followed by the preparation of the tank. Once the tank is ready, the coating is applied and inspected.

Please visit our website to find out more about the tank lining process.  

Self Smoothing Systems - Visit our website

Our self-smoothing resin floor coatings are the ideal solution for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.  Not only do they provide the smoothest of finishes, but they are also incredibly durable making them a popular flooring choice for warehouses, hospitals, schools and retail stores.  The smooth finish means cleaning is simple and a multitude of colour options are available ensuring they blend in with any colour scheme.  The addition of a special non-slip top coat allows areas that may be exposed to water and/or oil, such as process factories, food and beverage production areas and covered car parks, to enjoy the benefits of this floor.


Bund Lining - Visit our website

If you have bulk storage tanks/vessels used to contain bulk stocks of liquid then you must also ensure that any secondary containment areas or bunded containment areas are appropriately treated.  This is needed in order that the environment is protected from possible contamination in the event of an accident or spillage.  Specialist Coatings is pleased to offer an extensive range of lining options for this purpose, including chemical resistant, UV stable, easy clean and anti-slip.  Linings can also enable a high percentage of spilled products to be contained and therefore recovered in the event of a spill.


International Tank Lining Service - Visit our website

We have extensive experience as international tank lining contractors serving a number of clients across the globe including the Far East, South Pacific, Australasia and Western Europe.  Our resin based lining materials have been developed to withstand harsh tropical environments and environmental corrosion. Tank lining can be a hugely economical alternative to replacement and takes less time and we are confident that the majority of tanks can be brought back to full service after lining.  Please see our website for some examples of the successful tank lining projects we have undertaken.


Material Sales & Resin KIts - Visit our website

We also supply our high quality innovative resin materials directly to the end user, this option now provides our clients with the quality products we ourselves use and will have the support from our technical team.

This can be a cost effective way to refurbish tanks of all sizes and types at a fraction of the price of replacing the tanks. This ideal engineers, plumbers or maintenance departments, DIY projects and/or for the boat owner/enthusiast.

Materials quantity pack sizes are available from 200g repair kits to 5kg full units depending on the size and scale of the project.

Application equipment and accessories can also be supplied; including, specialised rollers, application brushes, deep scuttles and mixer blades etc for the convenience of having a complete kit ready to start the job, without the hassle of buying the correct rollers or brushes etc separately.”


If you've any questions about Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd products or services feel free to ask them here.

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