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Spearhead Machinery are the European leaders in manufacturing specialist rotary mowers and tractor-mounted machinery for green area and crop maintenance. We have become synonymous with high quality build, innovation and reliability within the field of vegetation management. 
No matter where or what type of vegetation it is, it will always need trimming, cutting or maintaining at some point. From agricultural uses to airports, playgrounds to parkland, and highways to high streets, Spearhead will have the ideal solution to maintaining the area to increase safety and productivity.
We manufacture and supply innovative, high quality reach mowers, rotary mowers, self-propelled, rotary mulchers, flail mowers, and a complete selection of parts and spares. If you cannot find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us via or website, or by calling us on 01789 491860.


Reach Mowers

Spearhead Machinery manufacture an outstanding selection of Reach Mowers, for the management of specialist areas such as ornamental hedges and amenity areas, as well as small trees and other difficult to reach vegetation. Their flexibility comes from their swing arms and other features, and we are able to supply optional extras if required. Below are a list of the models of Reach Mowers that we manufacture: 

  • TWIGA 120
  • TWIGA 320 
  • TWIGA 420 
  • TWIGA 470 
  • TWIGA 500  
  • TWIGA 555 
  • TWIGA 600 
  • TWIGA 655T 
  • TWIGA 700T 
  • TWIGA PRO 560 
  • TWIGA PRO 650T 
  • TWIGA PRO 700T  
  • TWIGA PRO 800T  
  • TWIGA PRO 600VFR  
  • TWIGA PRO 650VFR  
  • TWIGA Flex Range 
  • TWIGA Orbital Range 
  • TWIGA HXF Range 

Click on the link to find out more and to view images of each model. You can also download the latest brochure for each on our website.

Self Propelled

Our range of Self-Propelled mowers are flexible, heavy duty and designed to be used for multiple applications, and are intended for use by professional operators. They offer versatility and a high output for extra performance, and are made for a variety of uses in green spaces. They are ideal for local authorities and contractors, as they can be used for many maintenance tasks and have a host of available attachments. Below are a list of the Self-Propelled Mowers that we manufacture:


Click on the link to find out more and to view images of each model. You can also download the latest brochure for each on our website.

Rotary Mowers

Our range of Rotary Mowers come in a wide selection of sizes and offset cutting positions, suitable for every mowing use you can imagine. Our range options are shown below, but please click to view each item in full detail and to download the brochure for the specific model, and to discover the optional extras for each product.

  • Agricut  
  • Pasture Topper
  • Swipe E Range
  • Destroyer 
  • Multicut 160 
  • Multicut 200 
  • Multicut 300 
  • Multicut 420 
  • Multicut 460
  • Multicut 620 
  • Multicut 820

Rotary Mulchers

Spearhead’s selection of Professional Rotary Mulchers are ergonomically designed to offer the best technology to achieve the best performance. All our Professional Rotary Mulchers are heavy duty and reliable, and offer a high level of quality with unique cutting systems for a variety of vegetation and conditions. Listed below are the models available. Please click on the link to view each specification in detail, and to download brochures, as well as to look at our blade options:

  • STARCUT300 
  • STARCUT500
  • STARCUT730
  • STARCUT910 
  • STARCUT1210

Flail Mowers

Our range of Flail Mowers come with different cutting widths and adjustable cutting heights. They are ideal for mounting to tractors in a range of sizes, for professional and semi-professional use. They are designed to tackle general grass vegetation, such as paddocks and grass, as well as light scrub clearance and vegetation control in vineyards and orchards. Below are our models available – just click on the link to view each in full and to download a brochure: 

  • Compact R Range 
  • R Range 
  • RHD Range
  • RHD Offset Range
  • RHD Open Range 
  • QS Range
  • QHD Range 
  • Trident Range 
  • Trident HD Range
  • QHD Offset Range 

Aftersales - Parts

All Spearhead machines are designed to be durable, reliable and have a long and efficient life. However, from time to time you may require specific parts to keep your machinery in tip top condition. We have a wide selection of components available, including blades, hoses, flails, filters and much more, all of which are available from your local dealer. If you choose genuine Spearhead parts, you will be able to protect your warranty and significantly increase the lifespan of your machine. Please discuss what part you may require with your dealer, who will be happy to advise you, or you can contact our dedicated Parts Team on 01789 491862.

Stubble Management

Introducing the new Spearhead STARCUT Stubble Management System – designed to offer a different, revolutionary and highly effective approach to traditional management of arable crop stubble. Our high performance mulching system offers a much more effective solution to chopping and distributing crop residue. It can save you both time and money, as well as saving fuel and reducing worn parts of your combine. Also, crop residue decomposition is accelerated, fertiliser requirements are reduced, and the risk of carrying disease over to the next crop is also diminished. Click on the link to discover more about our Spearhead STARCUT stubble management system.


Spearhead regularly take part in shows throughout the year, in order to showcase some of our newest and most popular machines. The shows range from the Kent Agri-Expo, through to the Royal Highland show in Edinburgh, the Demopark in Germany, the Salon Vert in France and the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show in Ireland. Click on the link to view a calendar of upcoming events this year.


Dealerinside is our new website launched exclusively for use by our extensive Dealer network. The specially tailored area is password protected, and gives access to parts ordering and returns, warranty claims and machine registration, as well as the latest news and product updates. Click on the link to visit the site, or contact us on 01789 491860 for more information.


At Spearhead, we take pride in offering exceptional customer service. That's why we have a dedicated customer service team who are available to answer any questions you may have about our range, or to help you decide which is the best model for your requirements. We have worked hard to build up our reputation to become the EU leader in manufacturing specialist rotary mowers and tractor-mounted machinery, so why not speak to the experts when it comes to keeping arable land and vegetation under control.

We are able to offer a warranty on our machines, as well as a full after sales service for any possible queries you might have. We can also supply genuine Spearhead parts, if required, as well as advise you on which components might need to be replaced after years of heavy usage. Just contact our friendly team on 01789 491860.

Spearhead Spotlight

The Spearhead Spotlight is our own industry magazine, updating you on the latest news, products and innovations from Spearhead. Designed for professionals, it offers a seasonal look at the world of cutting and stubble management, and comes out quarterly. Speak to us today if you would like to receive your copy directly, or you can download current and previous issues on our website - just click on the link to start reading, and stay in the know.


At Spearhead Machinery, we invest in our staff and place a strong emphasis on training. Every staff member attends external training on an annual basis, to ensure all staff remain at the forefront of their game and to ensure the company’s momentum continues to build. This, undoubtedly, has led to Spearhead being recognised not only for design awards, but for Export Achievement and after sales service, both in the UK and overseas. Click on the link to find out more about our award-winning products and service.



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