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Spaldings bring together 55 years worth of experience in distributing agricultural and groundcare tools, accessories and replacement parts to farmers in both the UK and Ireland, and have grown to become the market leader throughout Europe. In order to provide a high quality of customer service to all of our clients, Spaldings is supported by 50 field sales agents, 24 telesales operatives and a customer service staff of 6. Our 50,000 square foot warehouse has the capacity to provide our product range to 38,000 customers in the Agricultural industry and 6,000 customers in the Groundcare industry. Spaldings have built up an excellent reputation for providing innovative and high quality products with a strong focus on helping our customers to achieve cost and time savings aided by our highly durable and high performance product range. Our goal is to consistently meet the demands of the modern agricultural or groundwork operation by continually striving to source and develop the very best range of products available. Our vast selection of products is conveniently split into two distinct online stores, an Agricultural store and a Groundcare store, in order to better help our customers find the exact item to suit their requirements.

Workshop Tools & Equipment

Spaldings stocks a huge range of workshop tools and equipment including various grounds maintenance products, hygiene and janitorial products, electric tools, air tools, fasteners, workshop hand tools, personal protective equipment, vehicle and trailer equipment, paints and treatments, welding equipment and buildings equipment. Our grounds maintenance range includes a great selection of loppers such as the Spear & Jackson 26" Razorsharp Bypass Loppers which feature a cutting edge made from high performing carbon steel as well as PTFE coated blades which provide a smooth cutting action. The handles are manufactured in aluminium to make them light in weight and are covered with non-slip grips.

Farm Machinery

Spaldings farm machinery range includes flatlift subsurface cultivators, stubble cultivators, combine sideknife products, tined weeders, 12v broadcasters, and flail toppers. The Spaldings 12 Volt Broadcaster has been specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility with spreading applications. This high capacity spreader is controlled electronically and features a fully adjustable spreading width of 2 to 24 metres which can be changed from inside the cab. Suitable for spreading a huge variety of different materials including grain, slug pellets, grass seed, oil seed rap, game feed, clover, mustard and stubble turnips among many others, our 12v Broadcaster is available with a range of different mounting brackets for compatibility with many different types of vehicle and equipment.

Plough Parts

A comprehensive selection of plough parts can be found at Spaldings with products that are compatible with a huge range of top brands including Besson, Kuhn/Huard, Lemken, Overum, Pottinger, Ransomes and Vogel and Noot. Our Plough Parts section also includes weld-on tungsten tiles, furrow splitting systems, and plough and cultivation fasteners. Our weld-on tungsten tiles, which are available in a range of different sizes, can be used to increase the durability of your plough and cultivation parts with the ability to add on up to 10 times length of life to the part. Manufactured from high-grade tungsten, these tiles can be simply welded on with either mild steel MIG wire or Truecraft 70 electrodes.

Cultivation Heavy & Light

Spaldings range of products for both heavy and light cultivation includes inch double coil tines and fittings, breaker rings, Cambridge roll rings, conventional spring S tines, disc harrow discs, double leaf C tines and fittings, following harrow tines, harrow teeth, scrubber or Dutch harrow tines, weeder tines and various other parts for heavy and light cultivation. As part of our following harrow tines range, we stock a 3.65 metre Frame Mounted Chain Harrow that features folding sides with a choice between either manual or hydraulic movements. Ideally suited for applications in tough pastures, removing dead grass, manure spreading and mole hill levelling, this harrow is easy to use and extremely effective.

Drill Parts

Spaldings online Agricultural Store is able to supply a huge variety of different drill parts for all types of application and compatible with many leading brands such as Accord, Carrier, Farmhand, Ferrag, Horsch, Kongskilde, Kuhn, Nordsten, Sumo, Vaderstad, and Weaving among many others. Other products in the range include our Heavy Duty Easy Rivet Tool which has been specifically designed to aid the replacement of drill coulter tips, combine knives and continental web bars in the most efficient manner possible. The tool comes with a set of different sized punches and riveting anvils to suit different applications.

Combine Parts

For a huge variety of leading agricultural brands, Spaldings is fully equipped to supply a range of combine parts as well as pea and bean viner parts, rivetting equipment, and straw chopper parts. With our combine parts divided into brand sections, it could not be simpler to find the exact part your require. We can also supply Spaldings SideKnife products including our Complete Combine Side Knife Kits which have been manufactured to OEM specifications by Zeigler. The kits are made up of left-hand and right-hand 1.35 metre side knives, knife mounting brackets and a connection kit. Providing a fast and precise cutting action, these knives can cope with even heavy duty usage.

Tractor Parts

Spaldings stocks a comprehensive choice of tractor parts with a range that includes alternators, starters, clutches, silencers, cab parts, rear linkage equipment, lubrication, oils and fluids, 12v batteries and filters. Our cab parts section includes a fantastic selection of safety lighting products such as our 12-24v Magnetic Amber Strobe Beacon which can be used with vehicles that travel up to speeds of 50 mph. Providing 70 flashes per minute, this dual voltage strobe is highly visible and comes with a 2.5m lead for attaching to your in-cab power supply. Our Rubberlite Number Plate Light is ideally suited for trailers and comes with a durable rubber back.

STIHL Power Tools

Spaldings can supply all types of STIHL power tools including earth augers, sweeping machines, blowers and vacuum shredders, brushcutters, chainsaws, clearing saws, cut-off saws, and hedge trimmers as well as various related parts and accessories. The STIHL BT 121 Earth Auger can be used for a number of different applications such as fencing or tree planting. Operated by one man, the 121 features a multi-function handle with all engine controls integrated in one place for convenient and safe control plus a Quickstop drill brake which is triggered by the thigh of the operator the instant that the drill becomes jammed. The low vibration handle and framework hip padding also make the 121 easy and comfortable to use.

Cylinder Mower Parts

In Spaldings online Groundcare store, an extensive range of cylinder mower parts can be found including tyres for ride-on cylinder mowers, products for maintaining cutting edges, and a wealth of other parts grouped by manufacturer. We stock parts from all the major manufacturers including Kubota, Ransomes, Allet, Brouwer, Jacobsen, John Deere, Kesmac and Lloyds, among many others. Our selection of cutting edge maintenance products includes 2kg, 4.5kg and 12.5 kg tubs of superior quality lapping paste. Perfect for using to bed in cylinders and bottom blades, our lapping paste provides an excellent level of adhesion and is washable in water as well as biodegradable. We stock fine, medium and coarse grit versions to suit a wide range of different equipment.

Verge & Hedge Cutting

Products in Spaldings' comprehensive range of verge and hedge cutting parts have been grouped under their manufacturer for fast and effective identification of the right part to suit your exact requirements. We stock a huge range of top brands in this section including Amazone, Bomford, Ferris, McConnel, Rousseau, Spearhead, Trimax and Wessex to name but a small selection. We can also supply rear mounted verge mowers such as the Spaldings 1.65m Compact Flail Topper that has been developed to be used with smaller tractors with a 540 speed PTO and category 1 linkage. An effective topper that leaves a neat finish, our Compact Flail Topper can cope with even tough grasses and scrub bushes.

Workshop & Maintenance

Spaldings is able to supply a huge choice in workshop and maintenance products from our Groundcare online store. Our range includes electric tools, mechanics hand tools, welding equipment, vehicle and trailer products, paints and treatments, fasteners, air tools, engine and transmission products, workshop consumables, and various items for workshops and buildings such as lighting, ladders, spill control, security and heating. Our range of air tools includes our 100mm Air Grinder that uses standard discs for both grinding and cutting applications. Perfect for use in hard to reach corners, this Air Grinder is lightweight and compact yet still powerful.

Horticultural Tools

Spaldings is fully equipped with a vast selection of horticultural tools including measuring equipment, replacement shafts, secateurs, cultivators, edging knives, forks, loppers, rakes, shears, shovels, trowels and forks, spraying equipment, tapes and adhesives, fencing, sheeting products, watering equipment and barrows among many, many more. We also stock a range of Wolf Garten Multi-Change Tools with a selection of different handles and attachments to choose from. Spaldings can supply plain aluminium handles, D-grip handles, wooden handles, small handles and telescopic handles. In attachments, we stock hoes, hand forks, hand trowels, lawn edgers, pond clearing nets, moss removal rollers, yard brooms, weeding brushes, soil rakes hoes and cultivators.

Personal Protective Equipment

Spaldings' range of Personal Protective Equipment includes products to suit all aspects of protecting your staff and keeping your working environment safe. From First Aid, respirators and coveralls to footwear, gloves and safety signs, our extensive product range has something to suit. Our protective workwear for strimming includes anti-vibration gloves, safety spectacles, hand arm vibration indicators, visors and muffs, shin and knee guards, earplugs and protective trousers. Our Hand Arm Vibration Indicator (HAVI) can be simply attached to the strimmer with the use of the provided straps and used to measure the levels of vibration that the operator is being exposed to.

Line Marking

For all your line marking needs, Spaldings is able to provide line marking fluid and line marking spray as well as land wheels, tapes and other measuring equipment. Our Line Marking Concentrate by LinerExcel is a water based concentrate that is also non-toxic, biodegradable and free of lead. Ideally suited to line marking on grass with either roller or direct spray machines, it provides a clear and durable white line that is resistant to rain. Our Land Measuring Wheel features a complete folding handle for easy storage as well as a 5 digit readout that is calibrated to both metres and decimetres.


Spaldings stocks a large range of forestry equipment including accessories for chainsaws, forestry hand tools, chainsaw protective workwear, chainsaws and petrol. Our selection of forestry hand tools includes a 14 Tonne Hydraulic Log Splitter that has been designed to be mounted onto a tractor in order to use the auxiliary hydraulics. With a built in support cradle that helps to keep logs up to 24 inches long and 16 inches in diameter stable during the splitting operation, this log splitter also features controls that are operated via double handles for a high level of safety during use.

Rotary Mowers

Spaldings is also able to provide a great choice of VIKING rotary mowers with a number of different models suitable for various applications in stock. The VIKING MB 4 RTP Self-Propelled Mulching Mower is ideally suited for groundwork professionals thanks to its high performance capabilities and durable construction. Producing fantastic mulching results, this mower is also extremely manoeuvrable making it highly useful in areas that have been densely planted or that have a large number of obstacles. The MB 4 RTP has a comfortable, ergonomic handlebar that can be adjusted to suit the height of the user.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Durafaced Durafacing involves a mixture of extremely hard wearing metal alloys - NOW with tungsten chips. In field tests, Spaldings' unique range of Durafaced parts substantially outlasted conventional wearing parts. The Durafaced range substantially reduces downtime caused through changing points and tines.
  • Farmguard Farmguard, Farmcrete and Farmflow treatments protect and maintain concrete and masonry; floors and walls against effluent erosion in silage clamps, slurry pits, piggeries and chicken/turkey houses.
  • Flatlift The Flatlift's efficient subsoiling action giving minimal surface disturbance, combined with its renowned low running costs and high build quality makes Flatlift the profitable choice for your subsoiling or single pass combination.
  • Hosecomatic Economical and easy to use Hosecomatic enables hydraulic hose repairs to be carried out safely and quickly. Hosecomatic fittings have been tested extensively to ensure that the hose fails before the Hosecomatic fittings.
  • PACKIT Packit®'' conversion kits consist of a reversible Greenflex® sandwiched between two securing plates c/w high tensile bolts & nuts.
  • Spaldings Sideknife Designed to fit most popular makes of combine the Spaldings Sideknife is a vertically mounted electrically operated cutting knife, that aids combine performance and speed when direct cutting Oil Seed Rape. Spalding's sideknife will benefit customers who want maximum yield and reduced costs through improved cutting speed and performance.
  • Total Guard The unique, award winning PTO Total Guard is guaranteed for one year and makes protection of PTO shafts simpler, safer and much more reliable. The patented PTO Total Guard carries the CE mark for full compliance of regulations throughout the EEC; giving you the confidence and reassurance to get on with the business of running a profitable farm.
  • Truecraft Spaldings own range of premium quality workshop equipment.

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