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Sovereign Lubricants UK Ltd specialises in the supply of the world’s finest lubricants, greases and additives suitable for a variety of applications. With many years of experience in the industry, Sovereign Lubricants UK Ltd provides customers with high quality, effective solutions.

We specialise in supplying lubricants that are long-lasting and offer excellent performance. The high quality of our products can largely reduce production costs as less energy and maintenance is needed. This results in clients around the UK saving thousands of pounds a day. Please take a look at the ‘Testimonials’ section on our website to find out more about the success of our OMEGA range.  

If you would like to find a specific product for your application, please take advantage of our online ‘Product Quickfinder’ application. This enables you to select your temperature range, industry and product type required. Alternatively, please call our friendly team at Sovereign Lubricants UK Ltd who will assist you in choosing the most effective solution for your application.


Omega 35 is a high temperature grease that has been expertly designed for application in extreme temperatures of over 700 °c. It features a specifically designed synthetic ‘carrier’ agent for outstanding high temperature tolerances. The ‘carrier’ agent features a suspended, high concentration of super-micronised, infinitestimal fine mesh, lubricant-grade Megalite Lubricant (MSL). Omega 35 is widely used for applications such as oven cars, kiln cars, ovens, foundries and steel mills.

Please contact us at Sovereign Lubricants UK Ltd to find out more about this incredible grease solution.


Omega 33 is a diester synthetic compound featuring an exceptionally high flashpoint designed for applications such as surface baking, kiln, steam, chemical, tooling equipment, autoclaves, chemical processing, laboratory work and foundry high temperature applications. It includes the unique Megalite family of supplements for ensuring temperature resistance up to 315°c and is thought to be the first high temperature grease to utilise the capillary system of film formation. These qualities ensure the grease remains stable during temperature fluctuations. On application, Omega 33 stays in position. It forms an outer heat-resistant coating while the inner lubricant performs under extreme heat conditions.


Omega 690 is widely thought of as the world’s best gearbox oil. This oil is resistant against waterwash, condensation and contamination. It protects and lubricates gears with the incredible CTA action which creates ‘stay put’ lubricity to maximise gear efficiency. Omega 690’s CTA action is created by billions of sensitive micro thermostatic Megalite polymers that sustain optimal viscosity during temperature fluctuations. This fantastic oil is approved and recommended by many leading brand names such as David Brown, Clarke Chapman, Tractive, Tesmec and more.


Omega 77 is an extreme pressure bearing and chassis grease. It is used with a wide variety of mechanical equipment and provides users with a reliable and long-lasting solution. Omega 77 is one of our most popular greases and withstands extreme shock loadings. It forms its own seal against water, outside temperatures and contaminants and features outstanding cohesive and EP properties. Omega 77 can dramatically reduce inventories, downtime and maintenance costs. Please contact us at Sovereign Lubricants UK Ltd for further information.



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Founded:1 January, 1980 (41 years and 9 months ago)
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Brand & Trade Names

  • Omega 65 long life chain rope and calne grease
  • OMEGA 690 super EP Gear oil
  • Omega 73 Water proof open gear grerase
  • Omega 77 EP bearing grease
  • Omega 85 All purpose grease

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements