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South West Horticultural Supplies is a well-known and respected company based in mid-Devon. With over 30 years of experience within the polytunnel and horticultural supply industry, the team at South West Horticultural Supplies provides a fantastic service to its customers. We work hard to join the ranks as one of the leading companies in the UK Horticultural Supply business. We are continually developing and extending our ranges of products to meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers. At South West Horticultural Supplies, we are UK distributors of many well known global brands such as Fleximas Horticultural and Landscape Products. We supply our customers with many items manufactured by Fleximas Horticultural and Landscape Products and look forward to increasing our range of items from them in the approaching years. We are also now proud to be appointed distributors of the fantastic XL Horticulture's Smart Polythene range.

Polytunnel Covers

Most of the Sun Master products are available in 7.3m, 9.2m, 11.1m and 14m widths and have a five year UV guarantee. The Sun Master products are suitable for various professional uses. Some polythenes are used for plants which love to grow in the shade (they have a reduced light transmission), while others are suitable for plants where colours such as red and blue are important. We supply the following replacement polythenes to suit various requirements: Sun Master Diffused, Sterilite, Sun Master Super Thermic, Sun Master Smart Blue, Sun Master Smart Green and Shade/Windbreak net covers for polytunnels. For details of the full range and their properties please visit our website, or contact us at South West Horticultural Supplies where we will be happy to discuss different options with you.

Windbreak Netting

We supply a range of HDPE knitted monofilament shade and windbreak mesh with added UV protection for durability. Windbreak netting is widely used for creating windbreak fencing in order to protect tall plants. It is also used for shading plants from the sun. Our green 50% shade/windbreak mesh is available with eyelets and is available in roll sizes of 50 meters. Prices for all items in this range include delivery for mainland UK.

Garden Netting

We supply green debris netting for protecting garden plants. Netting is 1 meter wide and 50 meters in length. Price includes delivery for mainland UK and VAT is charged at the standard rate.

Garden Screening

We supply a selection of privacy screens for gardens and balconies. These items range in widths and lengths and offer shade factors of either 80% or 95%. These lightweight screens are HDPE knitted and have UV protection. They have reinforced edging on both sides. For sizes and prices please
visit our website.

Horticulture Supplies

We supply various products to customers in the horticulture industry. Within our range, we supply Sun Master Smart Blue polytunnel polythene. This is available in 9.2 meters and 14 meter widths. It has a guaranteed UV protection of five years. This polythene has 68% light transmission and has been developed to give growth control for bedding plants, saving the cost of chemical application. SmartBlue GR reduces the near red part of the spectru, more than the far red. This stimulates natural triggers on the plants which reduced the height of many plants and is also useful in holding them in good condition so that they remain saleable for longer. Use of this polythene increases the shelf life of bedding plants where flowering may be delayed for up to two weeks. Heating costs are also reduced by up to 15% - there is frost protection up to 5 degrees celcius without heat. For orders of sizes less than 20 meters there is a small cutting charge. When measuring for polytunnel fitting, measure over the hoops and allow 6-7 meters extra for end and doors. This polythene is supplied at minimum lengths of 11 meters.

Weed Control Landscape Fabric

Our landscape fabric is made from spun bonded polypropylene. It is ideal for mulching and weed control in herbaceous beds and borders where it can be covered with materials such as bark chippings or stones. Our landscape fabric is easy to lay and is resistant to tearing and fraying. It allows the soil to breathe and also allows air, water and plant nutrients to pass through. It weighs 50gms/m2.

Ground Cover Fabric

We supply a wide range of mesh to protect plants from insects. Within our range, we supply green fly screen mesh in roll lengths of 50 meters and widths of 1 meter and 1.2 meters, fibernet mesh in silver. This soft PVC coated fibreglass mesh is ideal for fixing onto windows and doors for protection against flies and wasps. The size of the mesh is 1mm x 1.5mm and the roll is available in 1 meter width and 30 meters in length. We also supply HDPE woven flexible insect net of various widths and 100 meters in length. This mesh is light enough to be laid on crops and allows water through. It guards crops against thrips, aphids, white fly and carrot fly.

Anti-Bird Netting

We love seeing birds in the garden, but aren’t so happy when they eat the fruit and veg we are so proud of.  The answer to this is anti-bird netting.  We stock 3 versions of this type of netting, all designed to keep birds off your produce.  Our PN2 anti-bird netting is tough, being made of double knit HDPE filament.  Often used for fruit cages, this netting is strong and durable, lasting 10 or more years.  The light weight PN1 version is made from single stretch thread and last for 3 to 5 years.  Finally, we supply heavy duty mesh for fruit cages and poultry.  Delivery to the UK mainland is free.



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