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Sontay is a leading manufacturer of building measurement and control peripherals. We provide the industry with highly reliable, exceptionally accurate sensors, detectors and measurement devices for reading, monitoring and recording process parameters like air and water flow, air quality, gas concentration, temperature, relative humidity and pressure. All of our products are backed by a minimum 3-year guarantee and comprehensive technical support.

As well as a large portfolio of standard products, Sontay offers an extensive customisation service for those customers requiring tailored solutions. All design, development and manufacturing work is carried out in-house where we are able to keep close control over the quality of our equipment. We operate a quality management system that meets ISO 9001:2008 requirements. 

Most standard items are available for next day delivery (in the UK). International sales and distribution channels mean that overseas customers also have access to our great range of products. You can find your nearest distributor on the Sontay website. 

Some of our measurement and control peripherals are detailed in the sections below. For the full range, please visit Sontay online, where product specifications, datasheets and installation information are all available. For all enquiries, please contact our sales office on 01732 861200. 

Air & Water Flow

Sontay can offer its customers a range of sensors and probes for measuring air velocity, a choice of switches for controlling air and liquid flow, plus a selection of sensors and switches for measuring and controlling liquid level. 

  • Air Velocity Sensors & Probes – this category includes several single point sensors and multi-point probes, as well as a wind speed and direction sensor. 
  • Air & Liquid Flow Switches – includes two types of paddle switch, one for air and one for liquid. 
  • Liquid Level Sensors & Switches – includes float switches, top and side-mount switches, capacitance sensors and transmitters. 

Air Quality & Gas Detection

Also available are several compact devices for the measurement of air quality and the detection of gas. These are divided into the following categories:

  • Gas Leak Alarm Systems – for use in commercial and industrial gas installations.
  • Air Quality, Carbon Dixode/RH & T & Gas Sensors – this category includes a huge range of devices, including carbon monoxide sensors, carbon dioxide sensors and transmitters, air quality transmitters and more.
  • Duct Smoke Detectors – for commercial and industrial applications. 

Find out more by visiting Sontay online. 

Input / Output Modules

We design and manufacture a huge range of input/output modules to cover most building control requirements, including single, 2, 4 and 8-stage relay modules, analogue override modules, analogue rescaling modules, 4 and 6-channel digital to analogue converters, electro to pneumatic converters and much more. One of our best-sellers is the IO-ABM4 Analogue Override Module, intended for applications that require independent manual override of analogue output channels from a BMS controller in the event of a controller failure. It features 4 x 0-10Vdc channels, allows control of up to four outputs from one input, and offers manual adjustment of the output signal. Find out more about the IO-ABM4 and our other I/O modules by visiting Sontay online.

Peripherals & Interfaces

Sontay produces a range of control peripherals and interfaces for building management applications, including:

  • Emergency Switches, Buttons & Thermal Link
  • Light Level Controllers & Sensors
  • FTT Network Repeaters & Terminators (manufactured by LonWorks)
  • Occupancy Detectors
  • Power Output Supplies
  • User Interfaces & Alarm Annunciators
  • Water Detection Systems & Sensors

Each of these categories has a number of product options. You can see these by visiting Sontay online, where details, specifications and datasheets are all available. 


Sontay can offer a great choice of top quality pressure sensors and switches for both air and liquid applications. Remember, all of our items are manufactured under a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001:2008, so you can be absolutely confident in their reliability and performance, even in the toughest industrial conditions. 

  • Air DP Sensors & Switches – includes standard differential pressure transmitters, multi-range differential pressure transmitters and air differential pressure switches.
  • Liquid Pressure Sensors & Switches – includes static pressure transmitters and switches, differential pressure switches, low range static and differential pressure sensors, static pressure sensor heat sinks, liquid pressure sensors and switches. 

Relative Humidity

Also available are a selection of relative humidity sensors and humidistats. This includes:

  • Duct Mount and Outside RH & T Sensors
  • Duct and Room Humidistats
  • Wall Mount RH & T Sensors
  • Versatile RH & T Sensors/Humidistats (flexible mount)

Product details, specifications and datasheets can be found on our website. If you have any further questions about our products, please contact our sales team on 01732 861200.

Wireless Devices

SonNet is the name given to our wireless system for transmitting data to and from peripherals. A typical installation will consist of a receiver, battery-powered “end devices” (EDs) and permanently powered routers. We also have a Site Survey Kit for testing site viability under the same power and frequency conditions, as well as Configuration and Management Software (CMS) for setting up and tailoring the permanent installation to your requirements.


Sontay can offer a range of temperature sensors and controls, including:

  • Thermostats – general purpose, duct, capillary frost, space, immersion and wall-mount varieties. 
  • Temperature Sensors – including space, duct, duct averaging, outside air (with or without radiation shield), immersion, strap-on, thimble, flying lead and black bulb types. 



Registration Number: 04897542
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:12 September, 2003 (18 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a


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