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Registration Number: 00468767
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Registered at Companies House:21 May, 1949 (68 years and 4 months ago)
No of Employees: 101-250
Annual Turnover: 20-50m
Parent Company: Folkes Holdings Ltd
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ISO Compliance: BS EN 9001:2003 ISO 9001:2000 AS/EN 9100 (b) Approvals: DNV, ABS, BV, LRofS, CCS, MOD, Rolls-Royce Aircraft

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At Somers Forge we are proud to be one of Europe’s leading open die forgemasters and provide services to many industries such as marine, power, oil, sugar, paper, gears, defence, die steel, plastic moulding, and aerospace. We have more than 130 years experience in the industry providing us with the expertise and skills to create first class results. We use state of the art technology alongside traditional methods to provide customers with high quality solutions. We work with a variety of materials from carbon steel through to super alloys and specialised non ferrous alloys and provide a reliable service at competitive prices. We are approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 as well as Lloyds Register of Shipping, DNV, CCS, CAA, and Ministry of Defence. Please visit our website to find out more about our services including forging, heat treatment, machining and steel stockholding or, call our friendly team at Somers Forge with your enquiries. Our experienced team will be able to offer advice and information on services and solutions to meet specific requirements.


Our range of state of the art technology and equipment enables us to employ the latest forging techniques and combine them with traditional methods to create fantastic results. Our capabilities and facilities enable us to offer forgings from 2kg through to 45 tonnes. In 2000, we developed our facilities to incorporate an incredible new, fully computerised forging suite. The suite features a 4000 tonne draw-down hydraulic press with integrated manipulators and can forge ingots up to 70 tonnes. It also features a 1200 tonne four hydraulic press, a 500 tonne four column hydraulic press, a 35 cwt clear space hammer with manipulator, a 20 cwt space hammer, and a 10 cwt space hammer.

Heat Treatment

Our skilled team operates 24 automatically controlled furnaces all of which are surveyed to meet national and international specifications. Many of these furnaces have been calibrated to API 6A and aerospace standards and can accommodate lengths up to 20 metres. Examples of the treatments we can provide include normalising, annealing, oil hardening (including our through bore quenching system), water hardening, combined water and oil hardening, tempering and stress relieving.


From our machine shop we can either provide forgings that are rough machined or we can finish forgings to meet customer specifications. Our machine shop features various machines such as vertical boring, horizontal boring, honing, milling, turning, and drilling. Alongside these machines we have various types of equipment that enables us to provide specialised operations such as bearing and bolt fitting, shrink fitting, shaft straightening, re-fitting and weld repairs. Our special finishing machines include 3 finishing lathes, 1 high speed deep hole and turning lathe, 1 honing machine, 2 milling machines, 1 vertical boring mill, 2-4 metre CNC lathes, and more.

Die Steels

We can supply a wide range of ex-stock brandname die steels in round and rectangular section via Somers Steel, USA. Situated in Westland, near Detroit, USA, Somers Steel, USA, is fully equipped with cranes up to 15 tonnes to service the bandsawing suite. At Steelstock UK, a similar range of brand name die steels and other forging equipment is available. Examples of brands and equipment includes No. 5 Electem, Somdie, Bestem, Thermodie, VMC (AISI H13), die blocks and inserts, bolsters, sow blocks, hammer rams, piston rods, and mandrels.

Engineering Steels

Via Steelstock UK we are able to provide a range of general engineering steels in billet, forged bar and bloom available in bar lengths or sawn to meet customer requirements. Sizes of supplies can range from 51mm up to 950mm in round and square carbon, carbon manganese and alloy steel grades. We can also provide forged bar to suit customers specifications as an alternative option to extended mill deliveries. Examples of specifications include C/C. Mn Steel: 070M20, 070M55, 080M30, 080M40, 150M19, A350LF2, A694F65, ST52.3 and Alloy Steels: 605M36, 655M13, 709M40, 722M24, 817M40, 826M31, 826M40, AISI 4140, A182F22, A182F91.

Quality Control

The quality of our services and the work we produce is of paramount importance to us at Somers Forge and something that we are continually evaluating to ensure that our services are always first class. Our team follows strict quality control procedures to ensure that all projects are carried out accurately and to the highest standards. We use various in-house testing facilities and procedures such as Charpy and Izod impact testing, computerised tensile and bend testing, NDT operators approved to PCN level 2, conventional and submerged ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, and dye penetrant inspection. Our quality control systems ensure that we maintain our international reputation of high engineering standards.


Somers Steelstock, based in Halesowen in the West Midlands, is able to provide an 'off the shelf' delivery service of a huge variety of bar materials. We hold a large range of die steel materials, including black forged, rectangular section, and heat treated versions, and general engineering steels, including round, black forged and normalised/annealed versions. With our comprehensive range of both machining and heat treatment capabilities, Somers Steelstock can offer the supply of items in all conditions which is especially ideal in time sensitive situations like break downs. Full details of all the die steels and general engineering steels that are available from Somers Steelstock can be found on our website.

Somers Solidised Die & Mould Steels

Somers Solidised™ die and mould steels have been created by Somers Forge using our innovative and highly specialised technique which allows heat treated die block's mechanical properties to be able to withstand, to a higher degree, regular shock loading characteristics of metal forming processes. Providing fantastic benefits to die length of life, solidised grain flow is a great option. For more information about our extensive range of Solidised™ die and mould steels, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Descriptions of some of our range are also available below.

No.5 Electem

No.5 Electem Ni-Cr-Mo Die Steel is a water/oil quenched tempered die steel which is recommended by Somers Forge as the standard die block steel. Somers Forge supplies No.5 Electem in the OH&T condition as standard but can provide a hardness range to the exact specifications of our customers. As well as hardened and tempered to suit your requirements by us, we can also supply No.5 Electem annealed for tempering and hardening by the customer . No.5 Electem die steel has a recommended pre-heat minimum temperature of 200°C.


As part of our Solidised™ range, Somers Forge can produce Somdie, a general purpose Ni-Cr-Mo-V die steel of superior quality. For applications which require higher levels of toughness, Somdie is the ideal choice having been oil quenched and double tempered. Though dependent on the size of block and the impression depth that is required, Somdie die steel can be provided to a maximum hardness level of 477 BHN. Somdie Solidised™ general purpose die steel also has a recommended pre-heat temperature of a minimum of 200°C.


Somtherm high grade die steel, part of Somers Forge Solidised™ range, has been specifically developed to provide additional levels of toughness and hardenability. Somtherm is particularly recommended for die runs of medium to long terms and is usually supplied double tempered and oil quenched. Depending on the size of block required and the specified impression depth, Somers Forge is able to supply Somtherm to maximum hardness of 477 BHN. Somtherm also has a recommended pre-heat temperature of 200°C as a minimum.


Somers Forge, as part of our Solidised™ range, produces Thermodie, a hot work die and insert steel. Thermodie comes hardened and either tempered or annealed depending on your exact requirements and intended application. Thermodie also has a recommended minimum pre-heat temperature of 200°C. This hot work die and insert steel has been developed in order to be used in hot work applications of any variety including such applications as gripping dies, long-run dies, inserts, rolls, stems, punches and liners for extrusion processes with aluminium.


Hydie is a special die and insert steel from Somers Forge's Solidised™ range of steel die products. This general purpose die steel is ideally suited for use with press inserts or on hammers due to its very high level of resistance to wear as well as its ability to retain a good level of hardness, even at high temperatures. Somers Forge supplies Hydie special die and insert steel in a hardened state with the ability to supply the product either double tempered or annealed depending on your specific requirements. With a recommended pre-heat temperature of 200°C, Somers Forge can also provide Hydie nitrided if required.


Bestem is a hot work Nickel-Molybdenum-Chromium die steel from Somers Forge which is highly suited for mechanical forging press inserts as well as upset forging punches and machine dies. A precipitation hardening die steel, Bestem comes hardened to 341/388 BHN when required for immediate usage or, alternatively, annealed to 302 BHN maximum. Bestem can be hardened by air cooling from 1000°C to 1020°C before tempering. Taking the effects of precipitation into account, hardness is increased by tempering at approximately 570°C, although the technical department at Somers Forge is always available to provide advice on the best tempering temperature to suit your specific hardness requirements.


A special hot work steel, VWMC from Somers Forge Solidised™ product range is ideally suited for use with mechanical and friction screw presses and horizontal upsetters as dies, punches, inserts and other related items. VWMC can also be used for applications which involve hot brass pressing and for the forging of high nickel alloys. Usually supplied in an annealed condition to 241 BHN maximum, VWMC can be hardened by pre-heating to 850°C, then fast heating to 1030-1050°C, before air cooling. Larger sections require oil quenching or martempering. For applications which require a high level of abrasion resistance, nitriding is also recommended.


Hytuf by Somers Forge is a premium grade of H13 hot work tool steel which has been manufactured via a special clean steel melting route which involves extremely low levels of sulphur allowing Hytuf to achieve the maximum levels of toughness when in use. Ideally suited for use with die inserts, plastic moulds, extrusion tools and die casting cores and inserts, Hytuf is also particularly suited for duties involving a severe level of wear. Usually supplied in an annealed condition to 241 BHN, Hytuf can also be supplied in a hardened or tempered condition, depending on your specifications.

Somplas 30

Recommended for use with pressure and injection plastic moulds of every variety, Somplas 30 from Somers Forge Solidised™ range is a high grade and high finish plastic mould steel of 835 M30 type. Ideally suited for applications which require a high level of polish, Somplas 30 is air hardened and features a minimum level of distortion. Somplas 30 is also easy to machine when in the annealed state and can be treated after die sinking by the customer to suit your exact requirements. Hardening and tempering recommendations can be found on our website or via our technical department who are always on hand to provide advice and guidance.


Supamold from Somers Forge is a special plastic mould steel of AISI P20 type that has been specifically developed for use with plastic moulds and zinc die-casting dies. Somers Forge can provide Supamold in the pre-hardened condition at approximately 300 BHN with the steel able to be machined easily and polished to a high extent, even to a mirror finish. Supamold, which is part of our Solidised™ range of steel products, is also suited to texturing or photo-etching. Details regarding the expected range of hardness after heat treatment for Supamold, and all of our Solidised™ die steels, can be found on our website.


If you've any questions about Somers Forge Ltd products or services feel free to ask them here.

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