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Solbraze was founded 50 years ago, in 1963, and since then has carved a niche for itself in manufacturing equipment for the soldering, brazing and heating processes.

We supply businesses with a wide selection of resistance and ultrasonic soldering equipment and we are continually improving and developing the products that we have on offer. As technologies change and industries require more complicated materials to be bonded, it is essential that we develop our products to meet these changing needs. We have had great success with new technological advancements that prove to be both cost and time effective. 

Our strength is our product range, which includes the UM250 ultrasonic soldering system and the Solsonic Ultrasonic Soldering Iron that requires no flux so that the solder joints are stronger and there is no or little corrosion or degradation. The UM250 and Solsonic Iron can be used on both metallurgical and mechanical bonds. They are a flexible soldering solution that allows previously difficult materials to be bonded with ease as well as working well on substrates that are notoriously difficult to solder such ceramics and glass. The ultrasonic soldering iron and UM250 soldering system are used throughout the world and favoured by laboratories and universities.

Our resistance heating soldering products are hardwearing and robust. They work in even the toughest situations and get the job done quickly, safely and effectively. They are particularly useful in soldering together metals that are good electrical and thermal conductors, such as copper, aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Our Thermopaks and Thermotools are used together to provide the strongest and most energy efficient resistance soldering solution. By only heating the area that requires soldering, there is little or no thermal damage to surrounding areas and the units only use the required amount of heat for the task in hand. They are also useful when working in hard to reach areas or around other fitted equipment, due to their adaptability and are used by an array of industries in various applications.

Solbraze has a reputation for quality and service and all our products are manufactured to the highest standard. Although based in Twickenham, 30 minutes outside central London, we are able to ship our products to anywhere in the world and are always available to discuss any enquiries you might have. 

Solsonic Soldering Iron

The Solsonic Soldering Iron has all the benefits associated with ultrasonic flux-less soldering, including being able to bond difficult materials. With a heating rating of 80W, the soldering iron can achieve temperatures of up to 450°C. The Solsonic iron is powered through a generator that is operated by a footswitch. The generator itself is rated at 40 kHz, which is protected in sturdy metal casing and has a handle for easy transportation as well as a rest on the side to store the iron when not in use. With four power levels and an additional zero power level, the iron can be used for a wide variety of applications, including as a conventional iron when power is on zero.

Ultrasonic Soldering System UM250

Solbraze Ultrasonic Soldering System is made up of a probe, transducer and generator that allows the dip tinning of a large assortment of materials including metallic and non metallic components, without the need for flux.

This type of system is used with the UM250 solder bath, which can support a capacity of 10kg of solder and has an element rating of 700W.  The ultrasonic system is fitted with a transducer which comes with its own fan to allow it to remain cool whilst in use. The cooling collar, situated on the probe, supplies compressed air to further cool the transducer.

Thermopak TP2

Used in conjunction with handheld resistance soldering Thermotools, the TP2 is a power supply base unit. The unit comes with two transformers, the first is a heavy duty voltage, step down transformer that converts the mains supply into the very low voltage with a high current in the secondary that  is needed for resistance soldering. In addition this transformer houses the earthed screen.


The 24V for the control circuit, including switches, indicators and light is supplied via the second transformer which also assures the safety of the unit.

Thermopak TP3

The Thermopak TP3 offers the same benefits as our other Thermopaks and has been recently updated and is used with the water cooled Thermotool HD3W. This heavy duty supply unit keeps the Thermotool cool by using a water cooler and specialist hoses which mean that the Thermotool works for longer and allows jobs to be finished quicker.

The Thermopak TP3 converts mains supplies to a range of selectable low voltages with a secondary for high currents and the control circuit has the same 24V supply that is standard on the TP2 and TP25.

Thermotool TT4-R6676

The Thermotool TT4-R6676 is part of our range of Thermotools that are used in conjunction with our Thermopaks. The TT4-R6676 is designed to work with our TP2 Thermopak and is the ideal tool for smaller soldering jobs, especially electrical ones that require precision soldering. The copper coated electrode on the TT4-R6676 is 1/4" in diameter.

Thermotool TT7

For more demanding soldering tasks, such as large areas of pipe work, medium electrical connections and bus bars the Thermotool TT7 is the perfect piece of equipment. Used with the TP25 Thermopak, this is a slightly larger version of our TT5 and covers an electrode area of 3/8” x 2”.

Thermotool HD3W, Water Cooled

Used with our Thermopak TP3 and its water cooler, the water cooled  Thermotool HD3W is the ultimate tool for the more challenging soldering projects as it operates for longer periods of time. The Thermotool HD3W can be used on heavy electrical connections and medium to heavy bus bars.


We supply a full range of electrodes that can be used with our Thermotools and there is a complete table on our website that shows which electrodes are compatible with which Thermotool. Should you not be able to see the Thermotool or electrode you require in the table, please contact us and we will be happy to help.



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