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Smurfit Kappa UK is a leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging and forms part of Smurfit Kappa PLC, a world leader in corrugated packaging, a European leader in containerboard, and has market leading positions in paper grades in Latin America. Smurfit Kappa UK has a wealth of experience in its field and continues to develop its products and services year after year to ensure that it meets the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Smurfit Kappa UK works closely with its customers to ensure that the best solutions are created and provided. Its commitment towards providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to the industry has resulted in sustained success and has enabled long-term relationships to be built with leading brand owners and manufacturers in the UK.

Please visit our website to find out more about our incredible range of packaging services or contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Recovered Paper

Here at Smurfit Kappa we are pleased to support the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) list of standard grades of recovered paper and board EN643. We purchase and recover various grades of paper which fall into the following categories: High Grades, Kraft Grades, Medium Grades, Ordinary Grades and Special Grades. All grades are checked against the EN643 descriptions which define what they should contain. Please follow the link to our website where you can view all of our recovered paper types along with their technical characteristics.

Recycled Flutings

We are dedicated to providing the industry with the highest level of service at all times. From our paper mills in Europe and Latin America we are continually developing and upgrading our facilities and capabilities in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. Our recycled flutings fall into four main categories: Lightweight Recycled Fluting 1 (RF1) – Europe, Recycled Fluting – Latin America, Recycled Fluting (RF 1) Europe and Latin America and Recycled Fluting 2 (RF2) – Europe and Latin America. Please visit our website for technical characteristics of flutings in these categories and the typical applications they are used for.

Bag-in-Box Packaging

Bag-in-Box (BIB) is a unique packaging solution designed to extend the shelf life of liquids or semi-liquid food products. It consists of a corrugated or solid board outer box that provides outstanding protection during transit and an appropriately sized inner bag that preserves the liquids within.

The outer box may be printed according to brand requirements, and the inner bag fitted with a tap that prevents air from entering the packaging whilst liquid is being dispensed. Bag-in-Box packaging is supplied flat to maximise storage space whilst also reducing costs of transportation.

Smurfit Kappa are also able to supply filling and packaging machinery (see below), giving you a fully integrated solution. Find out more about our Bag-in-Box packaging by visiting the Smurfit Kappa website.

Consumer Packaging (Non Food)

Smurfit Kappa offers an extensive range of consumer packaging products designed to meet aesthetic and functional requirements both in-store and at home. Our approach to the design and manufacture of consumer packaging is holistic – we take into account the needs of the manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

With Smurfit Kappa, no two projects are the same. We design packaging that is tailored to your product, marketing and supply chain requirements, and we value the importance of presentation, which is why we offer the option of high quality printing that maximises brand image and creates real consumer appeal.

Typical products include archive boxes, bottle carriers, cluster packs, composite cardboard tubes, flower boxes, multi-pack carriers, stationary boxes, microwave trays, pizza boxes, fruit & veg boxes and much, much more.

Food Packaging

At Smurfit Kappa we know how important it is for your food products to arrive in perfect condition. That’s why we provide packaging solutions that are specifically developed to protect, keep fresh, and to maintain the highest standards of food hygiene.

We understand the pressures you’re under to meet the endless array of legislative requirements concerning food hygiene, so we’ve come up with some truly innovative ways of helping you adhere to them.

Our range caters for bulk supply, where protection during transit is vital, as well as retail supply, where eye-catching packaging solutions can maximise consumer appeal. It covers everything from cake bake discs, fish boxes and fruit punnets to fresh produce trays, pizza boxes and much more between.

Industrial Packaging

Smurfit Kappa is one of the world’s leading industrial packaging suppliers, offering a wide range of sustainable solutions that promote and protect your products. Whether it’s small or large, light or heavy, will find a tailored solution that’s fit-for-purpose and cost-efficient.

We use corrugated and solid board materials which are designed to provide the right amount of strength and protection demanded by international legislation. Typical products include adhesive and sealant cartridges, composite packs, corrugated pallets, dangerous goods packaging, heavy-duty packaging, infectious waste packaging, integrated pallet packs, medical packaging, octabins, slip sheets, thermal packaging and much more.

Please visit our website if you would like to find out more about our industrial packaging solutions.

Bag-in-Box Machines

As well as a full range packaging consumables, Smurfit Kappa are able to supply and install end-of-line packaging systems, giving you a complete packaging solution which enables you to get your product to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

This is accompanied by a first class consultancy service in which we help you get the most from your system, whether by optimising line speed, improving ease of use, increasing reliability, reducing machine footprint or otherwise. Find out more by visiting the Smurfit Kappa website.

Paper Bags and Sacks

Smurfit Kappa produce quality paper bags specifically for use in the industrial sector.  Our range includes open mouth sacks and industrial paper bags for manual and automated filling as well as valve sacks for exclusive use in automated filling.  All bags and sacks have been designed to be robust and withstand your supply chain and are suitable for filling with powder, granular and loose fill products. 

We also produce a range of high quality paper bags for retail use.  Our commercial paper bags come in a range of sizes and can also be manufactured to your specific requirements. 

All of our bags and sacs are 100% recyclable and are manufactured from FSC certified papers.

Postal Packaging

Our range of packaging solutions have been designed for ease of use whilst giving you peace of mind that goods in transit are well protected.  They’re also cost effective and are 100% recyclable. The range includes air cushioned and heat shrink packaging, corrugated envelopes, standard mailing boxes and stretch film packs. 

We offer a range of standard sizes but we can also make bespoke to your requirements.  If you want your packages to make an impact, all of our postal packaging solutions can be branded using your company colours and logo for the ultimate in presentation.

Bakery Packaging

Our range of packaging that has been designed for use with food products has the protection your bakery goods need to ensure they arrive fresh and in the best possible condition.  From corrugated and board trays, cases and boxes for transportation, to retail ready packaging and biscuit liners, we have an extensive selection to meet the most demanding of requirements.  After arriving in their designated retail environment why not create stand out by choosing one of our high quality point of sale displays, such as counter and free standing displays, merchandising units or even an in-store theatre, which will really maximise visibility and impact.

Beverage Packaging

Visit our website to view the extensive array of beverage packaging that Smurfitt Kappa is able to produce for our diverse range of clients, helping them to create stand out in a competitive marketplace. Our comprehensive range includes bag-in-box and bag-in-tube packaging, composite cardboard tubes, bottle carriers and cluster packs for bottles and multipack carriers.  We also have everything you need for transporting your beverages including layer pads, packaging divisions, heavy-duty bulk liquid containers and hybrid retail-ready packaging.  If you are looking for assistance in producing that extra special finishing touch, then speak to us about our range of gift wrap packaging which will give your bottles a premium feel.

Confectionery Packaging

Smurfit Kappa is an expert when it comes to creating high visibility for products within a diverse expanse of retail environments.  We will work with your brand team to understand your vision, working within your company’s brand guidelines to produce eye catching displays that will differentiate your confectionary products from the competition.  We have a wide range of packaging and display solutions for confectionary items including retail ready packaging, dump bins, free-standing display units, merchandising units, totem displays, window packaging, in-store theatres, and counter displays.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Dairy Packaging

Smurfit Kappa’s experience and innovation has led us to become one of the diary industry’s leading packaging suppliers.  We design our products not only to be highly visible on crowded supermarket shelves, but also to be highly functional, ensuring the contents are protected and kept fresh to maximise their shelf life.  By working with one of the world’s leading packaging manufacturers you can rest assured our packaging solutions have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are more than capable of matching the demands of even the busiest of packing lines, helping your business run as efficiently as possible.



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