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Smartstreets Ltd designs and manufactures innovative chewing gum bin and cigarette bin litter bin solutions including the Patented Smartstreets-Smartbin™which wraps around lamp posts and sign posts but can also be attached to walls, railings and plinths to provide consistent micro litter disposal facilities wherever they are needed. We also manufacture Smartstreets-Gumsticks™which help keep chewing gum off the pavement and internal floor surfaces; Smartstreets-Minibins™ which are reusable pocket ashtrays for chewing gum and cigarettes; Smartstreets-PavementGraphics™ which help boost local awareness of litter and other campaigns; and Smartstreets-Cycleparks™ which enable Councils and private businesses to rapidly increase dedicated bicycle parking facilities on the street scene without adding clutter.

The Smartstreets-Smartbins™ (also known as Gumcatchers™, Buttcatchers™ and Ashcatchers™) are robust, aesthetically pleasing bin systems which are proven to be extremely effective.
O ur products include:

  • cast aluminium cigarette bins & chewing gum bins
  • stainless steel cigarette bins & chewing gum bins
  • stub pouches
  • portable pocket ashtrays
  • gum board/gum target products
  • bicycle parking solutions

Our customers include:

  • Local Government
  • Councils
  • Schools/universities
  • Facility managers
  • Private businesses
  • Boutique hotels
  • Clubs and leisure centres
  • Municipalities
  • Business Parks

Smartstreets litter bin products encourage considerate disposal of chewed gum and cigarette butts. Installed in sufficient numbers and targeting litter hotspots, they improve the efficiency of street cleaning contractors by keeping cigarette and chewed gum litter firmly under control.Smartstreets litter bin products encourage considerate disposal of chewed gum and cigarette butts. Installed in sufficient numbers and targeting litter hotspots, they improve the efficiency of street cleaning contractors by keeping cigarette and chewed gum litter firmly under control.

For further information about Smartstreets range of products or to enquire about a product you would like designed and made - please contact Andrew Farish at Smartstreets Ltd on 07850 551661 or +44 (0) 20 8742 3223.


The Smartstreets-Smartbin™ is a versatile, multiple award winning gum and cigarette litter bin designed to mount onto existing or new lamp posts, sign posts, walls, railings and plinths. The unique, Patented design fits around any lamp post or sign post to complement existing infrastructure - making it possible to create networks of consistently positioned disposal facilities which are always within reach, without adding clutter to the street scene. Made of recycled aluminium and stainless steel. No other bin works the same way. Durable and proven worldwide to extremely effective for reducing cigarette and gum litter in high footfall areas.


The Smartstreets-Gumstick™ is a stainless steel gum disposal device which can be mounted onto walls, lamp posts, sign posts and railings inside or outside which holds specially printed recycled cardboard sheets onto which the public can press their chewed gum as a means of disposal. A unique, EC Registered Design – the Gumstick is extremely effective for reducing the amount of chewed gum deposited on pavements in high footfall areas. The unit is lockable, raises awareness of the problem and encourages considerate disposal without detriment to the street scene. Featuring 24 colourful engaging card designs to keep the presentation interesting.


The Smartstreets-Minibin™ is an EC Design Registered portable pocket ashtray for the safe disposal of cigarette ends and chewed gum. Made of biodegradable EVA foam (soft to the touch and easy to keep in your pocket) distribution or sale of Minibins offer a safe, clean and extremely effective means to promote considerate disposal of cigarette ends and chewed gum. Call for generic Minibins from stock for quick delivery (cases of 500) or a bespoke design service (minimum quantities apply). Smartstreets will create the Minibin and a dispenser box (holds 10), to reflect your brand and message.


The Smartstreets-Cyclepark™ is a unique, EC Design Registered bicycle park which clamps around 76mm sign posts to create an approved bicycle parking location without adding clutter to the street scene. This innovative bicycle park will help secure bicycles and prevent bicycles chained to 76mm posts from blowing over and creating a trip hazard. Made of stainless steel, RAL colour matching is possible and Council or sponsor branding can be applied to the brace plates on both sides. The Cyclepark features two hoops onto which each bicycle wheel and frame can be locked and encourages both cycling and considerate bicycle parking.


Smartscoop poop scoops offer an innovative way of encouraging dog owners to clean up after their pets. Made from 100% biodegradable recycled cardboard, these pocket size disposable scoops help raise awareness of the consequences of dog fouling in urban areas whilst also providing owners with the means to prevent it. Their neat, EC Design Registered communication format urges considerate behaviour to help keep pavements cleaner and safer for the whole community.


Treadsign is a robust, high impact pavement signage system that puts your message exactly where you want it noticed: at peoples’ feet. Designed for busy streets or internal floor surfaces, these bespoke, non-slip floor and pavement graphics can be made in any size or shape, and with any design you require to deliver a creative, targeted campaign message that people cannot fail to notice.


The Smartstreets Gumwrapper is a neat, innovative way of ensuring the clean disposal of gum. These pocket sized, foil backed sheets give people an easy way to wrap used gum, meaning they can then dispose of it when they find a bin. Gumwrappers can be given out at litter awareness days, especially in areas where gum litter is a problem, or can be passed out at events. The handy dispenser also means they can be left out for pedestrians or employees to use, so they always have a wrapper handy when they need it. 


Originality makes brands stand out in an often crowded market and through smartprojects we can help give your brand the visibility it needs. Our focus is on turning ideas into reality, whether they’re yours or ours, taking designs and initial concepts right through to production.  Our clients value us not only for our creativity and innovation but also our reliability; bringing projects in on time, within budget and with as little stress as possible.  If you want a product that captures the imagination but don’t know where to start, then contact us today and let’s see what we can achieve together.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Buttcatchers Cigarette Litter Bins
  • Buttcatchers™ Chewing gum and cigarette bins
  • Cigar Parks™ Stainless steel cigar rests and ashtrays
  • Farish Associates Inflight products
  • Farish Associates Design Consultants
  • Gumcatchers Chewing Gum and Cigarette Litter Bins
  • Gumcatchers Chewing gum litter bins
  • Smartbins Chewing gum and cigarette litter bins
  • Smartboxes Product design and development services
  • Smartboxes™ Inflight mealboxes and inflight products
  • Smartstreets Products for controlling micro litter (chewing gum and cigarette litter) as well as innovative, playful street furniture
  • Smartstreets™ Urban litter control and street furniture solutions
  • Smartstreets-Cycleparks™ Chewing gum and cigarette bins
  • Smartstreets-Gumsticks™ Chewing gum and cigarette bins
  • Smartstreets-Minibins™ Chewing gum and cigarette bins
  • Smartstreets-PavementGraphics™ Chewing gum and cigarette bins
  • Smartstreets-Smartbins™ Chewing gum and cigarette bins

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