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Smart Technology Limited specialises in the manufacture and supply of top quality engineering system solutions.

We are pleased to have developed a fantastic range of products including the Electro Rheological (ER), Fluids and Piezo elements. Please visit our website to find out more about these fantastic products.

Alternatively, please give us a call directly for further information regarding our product range and our production capabilities.

Tactile Displays

Here at Smart Technology Ltd we have been working on the development of equipment to assist the visually impaired or blind to access information technology. The project has now ended and we are pleased to offer our fantastic commercial products.

The range features:

  • Single Line Display: single Braille line tactile display.
  • Multi Line Display: multiple Braille line and simple graphics/ icons, tactile display.
  • Full Page Display: A4 size full graphical tactile display.

Please visit our website to find out more about our excellent tactile displays. We will continue to research and develop technology in this field and will update products as they become available.

ER Fluids

Our Electro-Rheological (ER) fluid is widely regarded as the best ER fluid in the world. It has been expertly designed for use as a working engineering material and features non-toxic, good strength and great compatibility with sealing systems. We are continually researching and making developments to the ER fluid properties as well as developing new applications and associated ER fluid technology. Alongside ER fluids, we also design and manufacture electronics and software for ER fluid control. Our ER fluid is used by a number of organisations around the world including BMW, Germany, Glasgow University, Samsung, HL Hydraulics, Hewlett Packard and many more.


We are pleased to offer a range of high quality piezo-electric actuators. These electromechanical devices undergo a dimensional change when voltage is applied and the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical motion takes place without any significant magnetic field. Piezo actuators feature:
  • High torque at low speed (at moderate efficiency).
  • Direct drive without gears.
  • Excellent dynamics - high torque and low inertia.
  • High resolution and fine positioning (steps of less than 1 micron).
  • Stable operation maintained at low speed.
  • Simple mechanical structure.
  • Easy to miniaturise and mass produce.
  • Flexibility in shape and configuration.
  • Quiet operation (ultrasonic frequency range).
  • No magnetic interference (suitable for medical MRI applications).
  • Safe operation at power cut off as the system will maintain its position due to friction forces.


Please follow the link to our website to read some of our latest new posts. Our recent posts include: World Leading Research Institute Purchases Smart ER Fluid and Smart signs a Joint Venture Agreement with Anshan Hentong of China. Archived news posts are also available to view.



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