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Smart Communications Ltd are experts in the supply of EPROM, Flash device programmers and embedded system development tools. We have over 15 years experience in the supply of programming equipment and development tools for clients throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. 
We know that deciding on the correct programming device or development tool (not to mention all the adaptor options) can be extremely difficult, whether you’re an engineer working alone or the production director of a major assembly plant. That’s why Smart Communications Ltd uses all of its experience and application expertise to help customers purchase the right equipment for their specific needs.
This way you can be sure that the equipment you buy will perform reliably, efficiently and effectively in the role you want it to. It’s this customer-focussed approach to sales that has made Smart Communications Ltd one of the leading players in the market: over 10,000 companies now look to us for their programming devices or development tools. 

Smart Communications Programmers

We’re experts in the supply of programmers, and alongside a quality range of products you can always expect a quality service from our technical advisors. The range includes portable handheld programmers, large bench type universal programmers, and heavy duty gang programmers. 
  • Handheld – Supporting a multitude of common ICs, these basic programmers will program most parallel and serial memory devices.
  • Bench – A universal programmer suitable for a wide range of devices, including memories, microcontrollers and programmable logic.
  • Production – Ideal for high volumes. Includes gang programmers with 4, 6 or 16 gang options. 

Handheld Programmers

Handheld devices provide an economical, portable programming solution and support a multitude of common ICs. Simple but effective, they can be used to program most parallel and serial memory devices, including flash memories. Most popular microcontrollers – such as the Microchip PIC family, 8051 series and Atmel AVR devices – are also supported. The range includes: 
  • Load-n-Go Handheld Programmer – A low-cost, handheld in-circuit programmer.
  • GALEP-4 Pocket Programmer – A professional, pocket-sized programmer for EPROMS, EEPROMS, FLASH EPROMS, serial EEPROMS, GALs and PALCEs – up to 40 pins DIP.
  • GALEP-5 USB Based Pocket Programmer – with up to 48 pins DIP.

Bench Programmers

Bench type programmers provide a universal solution for virtually all devices, including memories, microcontrollers and programmable logic. Included in the range are the following devices: 
  • Suisei Programmer for Renesas Microcontrollers – supports all Renesas 740 series, M16C core and QzROM programmable microcontrollers.
  • Hi-Lo Systems ALL-100 GANG Universal Gang Programmer – uses 4, 6 or 8 gang modules.
  • Hi-Lo Systems ALL-100 Universal Programmer – supports a wide range of devices covering EPROM, EEPROM, Serial PROM, Flash, PLD/CPLD/FPGA, MPU/MCU, NAND Flash, RS-MMC/MMC/SD Card etc.


If you require a high volume/high throughput programmer with high levels of reliability, Production type Gang programmers are the answer. This category includes (but is not limited to): 
  • Hi-Lo Systems ALL-100 GANG Universal Gang Programmer – uses 4, 6 or 8 gang modules
  • M1895 Entry Level 8 Gang Programmer – with a 48 pin DIP socket that supports all EPROM, EEPROM and flash memory DIP devices.
  • Hi-Lo AT3-300 Double 3-in-1 Autprogramming System – the total solution for automatic IC programming, capable of handling three packing types: Tray, Tube and Tape.
  • Minato M1940 High Speed 16 Gang Programmer – a high speed 16 gang programmer capable of programming and verifying 16-32Mbit devices in 38.5 seconds.
  • GP3000USB Stand-Alone Gang Programmer – designed to support popular Microchip PIC microcontrollers. 

Smart Communications PIC Tools

Smart Communications Ltd offers a high quality range of low cost development tools for the Microchip PIC range of Microcontrollers, including compilers, debuggers, development kits and single socket and gang programmers. 
  • Compilers – including a number of variations from several different manufacturers.
  • Debuggers – the CSS ICD-U40; a low cost debugger that allows the user to set break points and single step through the code.
  • Development kits – a range of CSS boards and kits to speed up your learning curve or get you to market faster.
  • Programmers – including dedicated, low-cost single socket and gang programmers, as well as our range of universal programmers. 

Smart Communications Manufacturers

Smart Communications Ltd carefully selects a small range of quality manufacturers who provide great products at sensible prices, and who deliver outstanding technical support where it is required. Current suppliers include: 
  • Hi-Lo Systems
  • Conitec
  • CCS
  • Minato
  • Data Action
  • Logical
  • Needhams
You can find out more about each of these class-leading manufacturers by visiting the Smart Communications website. For any further information, please do not hesitate to call.

Device Support

On the Smart Communications website, you’ll find a list of all the devices that are supported by our programmers. This will help you to indentify more easily the convertor or adaptor you need. You can also find some helpful advice about the definitions of a convertor or adaptor. If you require any further advice or guidance, please do not hesitate to call.

PIC Debuggers & Programmers

Debuggers provide a cost-effective way of programming your chips and finding faults in your code. With simple break points and single step capability, they also make a very useful learning tool that helps you to understand how the code works. They can often be used as simple In-System programmers (and some programmers can in fact be used as a debugger). To find out more, please visit the Smart Communications website.



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