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Your complete rental solution !

Specialist pumping equipment, wellpoint dewatering systems and generator rental packages are all vital elements utilised by many UK industries from Construction and Utilities, to the Aggregates and Energy Industry. Whether your need is planned or emergency, make sure your business is in safe hands by talking to the Rental Experts.




At SLD Pumps and Power we offer an extensive range of diesel, electric submersible, hydraulic submersible and specialist high head pumps, along with wellpoint de-watering systems and temporary power packages.

Our extensive range of rental products and services includes:











Diesel Pumps

From 50mm (2”) to 300mm (12”), SLD Pumps and Power offers an extensive range of Diesel Pumps available for hire.

SLD Pumps and Power offers one of the most comprehensive, state of the art Diesel Pump Hire ranges in the UK. Our signature Dri-Prime Diesel Pumps are renowned worldwide for their reliability and flexibility. Boasting a whole host of dry running, solids handling, automatic self-priming up to 8.5m capabilities and the latest N-Tyte Technology, SLD’s Diesel Pump Hire Range is the pump range of choice for a wide variety of temporary and permanent applications.

High Head Pumps

From 75mm (3”) to 300mm (12”), SLD Pumps and Power’s High Head Range has been designed for specialist high pressure applications.

SLD’s High Head Pumps are perfect for any high pressure pumping application requiring the movement of any liquid or solid above a 9m height range. Similar to SLD’s Diesel Pump Range these pumps have both dry running and self-priming features as standard. They are robust in size and are perfect for a wide range of sector applications including; aggregates, geotechnical / drilling, commissioning projects for the oil and gas sector, industrial shutdowns and outages.

Submersible Pumps: Electric & Hydraulic

Electric Submersible Pumps

From 50mm (2”) to 250mm (10”), SLD Pumps and Power provides a comprehensive range of Drainage and Solids Handling Electric Submersible Pumps for hire.

SLD’s Electric Submersible Pumps are ideal for any pumping application requiring a suction height in excess of 9m. These units are energy efficient and can be supplied with control panels for ultrasonic level control, along with standard float controls. SLD’s Electric Submersible Pump Range can be fully supported by our extensive range of generators available for hire for a complete, turnkey management service.


Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

From 75mm (3”) to 150mm (6”), SLD Pumps and Power’s Hydraulic Submersible Pump Range has been developed for any pumping application where power supply simply cannot be connected.

SLD’s Hydraulic Submersible Pumps are fully compact, selfcontained pump units featuring a diesel driven power pack and a hydraulic pump end. With variable speed options these units have the ability to beat a variety of flow and head requirements including flow capabilities of up to 445m3/hr and a total dynamic head of up to 30m.

Specialist Pumps

From 25mm (1”) to 75mm (3”), SLD Pumps and Power offers a range of Specialist Air Driven and Atex Rated Pumps for more hazardous and industrial environments.

SLD’s Specialist Pumps are extremely versatile, portable and compact units. These pumps are capable of a wide variety of applications such as effluent transfer, chemical transfer, hydrostatic testing, mains filling, testing and disinfection, and deep shafts.

Wellpoint Dewatering

SLD’s Wellpoint Dewatering Systems are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.

They can be used to lower and control groundwater levels in excavations, in order to create a dry and stable working environment, and are also suitable for shallow foundations and trench works. SLD’s Wellpoint Dewatering Systems have the ability to deal with very low flows in silty sands to much larger flows in coarse sands and gravel. Where excavations are deeper than can be managed by a single stage wellpoint dewatering system, SLD offers a multi stage rental solution.

Our range of wellpoint dewatering products and services includes:








Silent Generator Sets

From 15kva to 1250kva, SLD Pumps and Power offers an extensive range of generators available for hire throughout the UK.

SLD Pumps and Power offers one of the most comprehensive, state of the art, silent generator hire ranges in the industry. Whether it’s providing standard silent generators to the construction and utilities sector, or temporary power packages to the quarry and mining industry, SLD has the knowledge, expertise and experience to guarantee we will provide you with the correct solution for your project.


Synchronised Generator Packages

From 600kva to 4mva, SLD Pumps and Power has many years’ experience providing synchronised generator hire packages and uninterrupted power supply to a wide range of power critical applications.

SLD offers a complete service including set to set synchronization solutions, set to mains synchronisation systems and multi megawatt power packages.

National Accounts

We’re your specialist team!

SLD Pumps and Power provides a national account service to a selection of our largest and most complex clients. Our national accounts service is designed to offer a single, central point of contact to clients who have multiple accounts and locations across the UK. This service is supported by a dedicated team of national account managers and 24/7 managed service desk.

Our national account managers have the expertise, skills, knowledge and experience to help solve any application problem and deliver the best tailor made solution for you.

At SLD Pumps and Power we understand that national account customers often need additional support if they are to obtain the maximum benefits. Our team are here and on hand to service and support 24/7, 365 days a year.


Industry Expertise: Aggregates

Coping with the demanding and often harsh on-site conditions of the aggregates sector is second nature to SLD Pumps and Power. SLD has a long and proven track record working with the UK’s leading aggregate, quarry and mining specialists.

We provide a specialist range of pump and power generation equipment that has been specifically designed for the aggregates sector.

This includes SLD’s Specialist High Head Pumps, which have been purposely developed for the aggregates sector in order to meet the demanding conditions on-site. Key features of these units include high head pumping capabilities, excellent solids handling, tough cast chromium steel impellers to deal with quarrying life's hard knocks, Dri-Prime priming system, simple reliability, fuel efficient and open construction design. SLD’s Specialist Range will cope with any type of quarrying application, from the drainage of deep cuts and excavations to continuous 24/7 pumping solutions and long delivery lines.

Industry Expertise: Utilities

SLD Pumps & Power has many years’ experience supplying the UK’s leading utilities companies with specialist pump and power solutions.

Our experience of working directly with the UK’s leading utilities companies, along with national, regional and local water and sewage contractors, has led us to become the first choice supplier for all our clients' projects. SLD has supported the utilities sector in many diverse projects including large over pumping projects, sewer refurbishment and relining applications, diversions and potable water projects. SLD’s specialist engineers are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year to advise on the best possible pump and power solution for your requirements. We understand the demands of the utilities sector and we ensure to deliver a fast, reliable solution.

Industry Expertise: Construction/Civil Engineering

SLD Pumps and Power has been supplying specialist rental equipment to the building and construction industry for over 60 years.

We have worked with construction companies, civil engineers and building contractors across the UK at every level, helping them deal with water-based issues quickly, cleanly and cost-effectively. Whether it be providing pump and generator equipment to a planned building project, or providing immediate, emergency hire response to a site, SLD Pumps and Power has the specialist knowledge and expertise to support you wherever, whenever you need it. From pump solutions for simple nuisance water to over pumping complex effluent waste systems and intricate wellpoint dewatering systems, SLD Pumps and Power provides fast, efficient, reliable rental solutions at a moment’s notice.

Industry Expertise: Geotechnical

SLD has built up a strong reputation over the years as one of the leading pump and power suppliers to the geotechnical industry.

Our specialist team has developed the knowledge and skills required to cope with any pump and power requirement you may have. With immediate 24/7, 365 day availability, SLD Pumps and Power provides fast, efficient, reliable rental solutions to the geotechnical industry. We are highly experienced in providing specialist pump and power rental equipment for pipe tunnelling, piling, foundation underpinning, closed and open loop geothermal boreholes, water abstraction and gas monitoring wells to name but a few. Rest assured we have the right solution for your application.

Industry Expertise: Flood Management

The cost of flooding and waterlogged sites can cause serious financial and environmental implications.

Whether it's disruption to a construction project, an unforeseen power cut, interrupted water and sewage services, or the catastrophic effects of a major widespread flood, rest assured SLD will provide the right solution.

We operate a 24/7, 365 days a year emergency, nationwide service and are experienced with dealing with difficult and often distressing situations. SLD has an extensive fleet of pumps, generators, heaters and dehumidifiers available for hire throughout the UK so you can rest assured SLD will quickly and effectively respond to any major or minor emergency situation.

Over the years SLD has supported and co-operated with the Environment Agency, Highways Agency, water authorities, public utilities companies, contractors and end users in alleviating emergency situations.



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VAT Number: GB733 9984 83
Founded:1 January, 1951 (71 years ago)
No of Employees: 251-500
Annual Turnover: 20-50m
Parent Company: Carrier Rental Systems (UK) Limited
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UK Branches: Aberdeen, Cardiff, Carlisle, Dundee, East Anglia, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Immingham, Irvine, London East, London West, Manchester, Midlands, Milford Haven, Mold, Muir Of Ord, Peterborough, Plymouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Stockton, Wigan

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