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Since our founding in 1978 we have been regarded as the "the professionals the professionals use" in all their signage and advertising needs. We have been of service to large and small businesses, because we offer design and artwork, before the manufacture of your finished article using the latest technology. We have always endeavored to stay ahead of our competitors in the items we are able to manufacture, but if your requirement does happen to lie outside of our expertise, we will collaborate with other organizations to produce your signage and display materials, giving you the confidence of knowing it is in our experienced hands. 

Our website currently displays a host of items that we are able to design and manufacture for your requirements, everything from standard graphics for vehicle Livery to custom-made Illuminated Signs. We can make any item to your exact specifications as we work in all mediums and are skilled in using specialist techniques, such as Engraving, Individual Cut Out, Moulded or Built Up Lettering. Our signage and display is perfect for any organisation. For example we are manufacturers of Traditional, Acrylic or Glass Honour Boards for Clubs, Colleges, Schools and Associations. If the item you require is not currently visible on our website, it may just be we haven’t got around to creating a page, but it is quite likely that it is an item we have manufactured in the past for another customer, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone on 01295 811407 or email us at sid@signs-displays.com.  

Signage is only one facet of our design and manufacturing business, as we have a comprehensive range of Point of Sale Aids and Displayers, including Floor Standing and Wall Mounter Poster Browsers that can all be customized for your business. We also manufacture Modular and Bespoke Noticeboards from an expansive range of materials, including but not limited to simple Timber, Hardwood, Aluminium, Anti-Vandal and High Spec Stainless Steel Cases. 

Our delivery covers the whole of the UK and we will produce your signage and display to your exact specifications in terms of design, materials and copy, whilst maintaining cost effectiveness and the quickest lead-times possible 


Our honorboards are available in both modern and traditional style and will take pride of place in your organisation for many years to come, especially as we can send updates out to you in the post, saving you the added expense of employing a signwriter.  And to make sure that the text appears the same every time, we will have the exact typography on record.

All honorboards are made to your specific size requirements and text can be adjusted accordingly, as well as the addition of crests, logos, base inscriptions and elaborate framing and surrounds if requested. Our most popular honorboards are the rectangular mahogany with simulated gold-leaf, which make any person, class, team, club or other association feel justly honoured.  

Prices start from as little as £75. 

Poster Browsers

We have a full range of bespoke poster browser displays available to order. This allows you to create a display completely tailored to your requirements and environment, with your choice of 15 colours, floor standing or wall mounted, powder coated steel or ultra-strong aluminium. We also can offer some rustic wooden floor standing units. 

Once you have configured your display you can choose from a range of sleeves to protect and display your posters, choose from 6 colours, and larger sizes, which offer the possibility of smaller divided opening configurations. 

Post Mounted Signs

Post mounted signs have evolved over the years, and while we still offer the older and very economical systems of rear bolted planks, still used by the National Health Service, we also offer newer systems that produce modern and stylish signage to represent your organisation.

There are many variations which allow you to create a signage system identifiable with your organisation. The posts themselves can be rounded, oval square and shaped so they accept planks, as well as the possibility to add finial tops if desired. There is no limit to the customisation of the graphics on the panels, letting you create a clear and recognisable system. 

The curved panel post mounted signs, as shown in the picture, is the newest innovation in the signage systems, and creates a really clean and stylish result. 

Van Text Deals

Van text gives you 24/7, mobile and cost effective advertising for your business. Plus, it establishes your brand within your community, whether that be local or national. It allows your customers to see your presence and assure them that you are a established and secure brand. 

Have your name, occupation and phone number on display for everyone to see for a little as £99. 

There is a range of 40 colours with a 5 to 7 year colourfast guarantee to choose from, and over two hundred typestyles all printed on self-adhessive material, available to fit both sides and the rear of your van or estate car. 

Illuminated Signs

The greatest of all signs. They catch attention day and night and have been used in some of the most crowded areas for signs, to make a particular message stand out from the rest. They can be used for many purposes, including shop fascias, internal and external customer instruction, point of sale, window signs and so on. They can be wall mounted, fixed, projected, vertical, hanging and single and double sided. Construction can be from plastics but is often aluminium for added strength and longevity, with a choice of natural, anodised or sprayed RAL powder coated colour finishes.

Projection Signs

We offer a range of wall fixed projection signs. The standard signs are Rigid Projection Panels which come in oval and panel shapes and can be fixed directly to a wall. Swinging Projection Signs are powder coated steel with welded fixings and are also available in oval and panel shapes made from rot proof white acrylic, and a choice of a plain pole fixing or a scroll fixing available in black or white. Ornate Projection signs are made from a high quality UV acrylic and with the optional extra of twin spotlights discreetly attached to the ornate brackets, become an illuminated sign. The Curved Inset Projection Signs boast a different shape and are ideally suited to internal use because of the clear panels that allow quick and easy changing of the display content.

Pavement Signs

Our pavement and forecourt signs can be found across the country and are valuable apparatus in attracting customers to businesses and the display of attractive special offers. 

There are various types to suit different business needs. A-board, Swinging, Fabricated Acrylic Displays and Wind Activated Signs are ideal as additional signage for your business, especially when  it may not be immediately visible, even with shop fascias. Whereas, Poster Displays, Heavy-duty Forecourt and A1 "Wheely" Poster Display signs are great for changing messages, such as special offers and the display of posters. 

Poster Displays

There are numerous systems available to you to display your posters. We will help you to find the most suitable system for your business whether that is Easy Access Poster Frames for walls, some with added security and/or Anti-Vandal screens or Heavy Duty Forecourt Signs.  

We also manufacture more specialist poster displays such as the aforementioned Poster Browser Displays and Anti-Vandal Posterboxes, Lightboxes, Wire Suspension and Retail Suspension Poster Display systems. All of these systems are desinged for ease of use as we understand posters are changed regularly. The frames of the displays are streamlined and are available in ultra-thin so they do not distract from the posters. 



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