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Mobile Shelving Direct provides the ultimate storage solutions. The innovative mobile shelving systems can be operated by hand, pulleys, mechanical systems or by electrically operated motors to enable the user to identify and locate a particular section of shelving quickly and easily. The shelving system moves along floor tracks and opens and closes from one aisle to another when a shelving section is identified. This effective, and increasingly popular, shelving system is fantastic for saving space and is also lockable for security of the items stored within. Mobile shelving systems are often used for applications such as office filing, library shelving, archive box shelving, media tape storage, X-ray storage, storage of medical files, retail stock storage and more. Alongside our mobile shelving products and services, we also provide various other quality shelving units to suit a range of shelving requirements in office, archive, library and various other industry applications. To find out how Mobile Shelving Direct can help you, please visit our website, or contact us for further information.

Hand Operated Mobile Shelving


Our modern, mobile shelving units are designed and manufactured to be constructed quickly and easily with the minimum disruption to the surrounding area. They are manufactured from tough, durable materials that are finished to incredibly high standards in order to be aesthetically pleasing in all environments. All components are already pre-formed and can be laid directly onto most floor surfaces. Grids and tracks are laid to create a secure and level foundation surface and anti-tilt features are placed ready for the shelving to be added. Our mobile shelving systems can be created to suit all types of requirements and areas.


Office and Warehouse Electric Powered Mobile Shelving


Our affordable Easiglide electric powered mobile shelving systems are easy to use, can be fitted on most floor coverings, have a pre-fabricated track and floor system, pre-wired power modules that plug together easily and plug into standard 13 amp supplies.  Our electric powered mobile shelving systems are operated via push-buttons in order to control the low voltage DC power. Rechargeable battery back-up equipment is also supplied as part of the standard package. Our Easiglide systems are designed and manufactured for safe and efficient operation. They require minimal effort by the user and are constructed so that the user is at the closing aisle in order to reduce risk.


Adjustable Steel Mobile Shelving


Our Stormer office shelving enables the use of a range of different types of steel office shelving to meet all types of shelving requirements. For open mono frames, one-piece solo frames or Duo frames, our Stormer shelving can meet all types of demands.  Our adjustable steel mobile shelving is Biocote protected to inhibit the bacteria and fungi growth and to help reduce cross contamination. Our shelving is available with a wide range of accessories and is available in various colours and finishes. Stormer shelving is practical for long term use and can be added to at any time if further shelving capacity is needed.


Proglide Mobile Shelving


Our popular Proglide Mobile Shelving range is highly desired for use in various industries and provides users with the capability of increasing storage capacity by a huge 220%. This mobile shelving system is designed to be easy to install and easy to use. Our versatile, Proglide Mobile Shelving system is installed on top of existing floor surfaces and can be extended or moved if required. Available to be hand or electric operated, this fully modular system is an excellent solution to shelving needs and is available for delivery between five to eight working days. Please visit our website for detailed specifications including widths and heights of shelves and base equipment.


Slide a Side & Roll a Side mobile moving office shelving


This neat shelving system is perfect for use in small offices or office buildings with awkwardly shaped rooms and increases storage capacity from between 75% and 90%. The hand operated Slide a Side and Roll a Side shelving is designed and manufactured to be easy to use and is an ideal solution to shelving requirements where space prohibits the use of mobile shelving. These systems are also versatile and can be moved, extended, or reduced with minimum effort.


X5 rotary compact office storage System


Our X5 rotary storage cabinet is a solid and secure product designed to be beneficial to users in many ways. It is easily accessible, easy to use, saves space and is aesthetically pleasing to suit all types of professional environments. This storage system features double sided shelving bays that rotate on a central axis to access either picking face. Incredibly, the X5 allows the user to access more than 10.5 linear metres of filing from the same spot! It can be locked in both open or closed position to suite the requirements of the user at different times. The X5 is truly a fantastic storage system.





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  • BioCote Hygine Protected
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  • Shelf Space www.shelf-space.co.uk
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