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As the UK’s leading supplier of Health & Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring instrumentation, Shawcity is able to offer a complete range of products and systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. 

Our status as an independent company means we can provide honest, impartial advice on the most appropriate instrument for your individual requirements. We place safety, rather than sales, at the top of our agenda, always ensuring you receive the most effective, reliable systems. Shawcity believes in building long-term relationships with customers and partners based on values of openness, professionalism, reliability and an ability to offer first-rate technology and services.

Our approach is to listen to customers and help them to improve health and safety in their working environments using reliable instrumentation. After supplying the required equipment, we can even show you and your colleagues how to use it through complimentary product demonstrations and training programmes.

Shawcity has a wide range of products available to hire or buy, all of which are backed with expert technical support from specialist engineers based throughout the UK.

Some of our product ranges are listed below. For more information or advice, please visit us online or get in touch with the Shawcity team on 01367 899 533. 

VOCs & Gas

Shawcity supplies a comprehensive range of VOC and Gas detectors from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. The following items are just some of the products featured in our range: 

  • GFG G460 Multi-Gas Detector – The world’s smallest 7-gas detector, with five sensor positions.
  • IonScience Mercury Vapour Instrument – A popular Fixed Mercury Detector for 24hr operation.
  • IonScience PhoCheck Tiger PID  - A hand held VOC detector with MiniPID technology.
  • IonScience GasCheck IS (3000 & 5000) – Specifically designed for locating flammable gas leaks.
  • GFG Micro IV – A single gas detector, ideal for personal protection.
  • RAE Systems Mini RAE 2000 & 3000 – A range of advanced handheld VOC monitors.
  • Biosystems ToxiPro – A lightweight single gas monitor.

For a full list of products with technical specifications, please visit Shawcity online.

Ground Gas

Also available from Shawcity is a wide range of Landfill and Ground Gas Monitoring systems, such as: 

  • IonScience GasClam Ground Gas Monitor – With a range of new features for improved performance.
  • Gas Data GFM 435 Portable Landfill and Brownfield Spot Analysis Gas Detector – The ultimate, all-round landfill/remedial site meter.
  • Gas Data GFM 100 Series – Used for measuring levels of methane, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide (as well as borehole pressure, atmospheric pressure and flow rate).
  • Gas Data GFM 200 Series – A portable carbon dioxide detector designed for the detection of people hiding in confined spaces such as trailers, rooms and vehicles.
  • Gas Data GFM 600 Series – Developed to meet the demands of gas, flow and velocity measurements across a number of applications. 

Air Quality & Dust

Shawcity supplies a number of air quality measurement devices to help improve environmental health and hygiene in living and work spaces. The range includes: 

  • 3M/Quest Technologies EVM Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Monitors
  • Sensidyne Gilian GilAIR PLUS Air Sampling Pumps
  • Sensidyne GilAIR 3 & 5
  • Sensidyne Gilian Nephelometer Air Quality Monitor
  • Sensidyne LFS113 Low Flow Personal Sampling Pump
  • Sensidyne Aircon-2 Area Sampling Pump
  • Sensidyne Challenger Calibrator
  • Sensidyne Gilibrator 2 (Calibrator for Sensidyne Gilian devices)

More information can be found at Shawcity online.

Sound & Noise

Government regulations require employers to take necessary steps in preventing or reducing the risk of loud noise exposure, which can be harmful to employee health. Noise and sound monitors help you to determine exactly what needs to be done and where. We offer a number of devices, including: 

  • 3M/Quest Technologies Edge Range Dosimeters
  •  3M/Quest Technologies Noise Indicators
  • 3M/Quest Technologies SD200 Sound Detector
  • 3M/Quest Technologies ATEX Approved NoisePro Dosimeter
  • 3M/Quest Technologies SE-400 Sound Examiner
  • 3M/Quest Technologies Basic Sound Level Meters
  • 3M/Quest Technologies SoundPro SE & SL
  • 3M/Quest Technologies NoisePro Outdoor Kit


Hand-arm vibration caused by hand-held power tools can be extremely detrimental to the health of employees, as can whole-body vibration caused by machinery or vehicles. Both are extremely common in industrial workplaces. We offer several vibration monitoring systems to help you identify these risks. 

  • 3M/Quest Technologies HayPro Hand-Arm and Whole Body Vibration Monitor – A compact, lightweight device which is easily worn by the equipment operative.
  • Reactec HAVmeter – A small, durable device that can be carried throughout the working shift to monitor all types of vibration. 

Heat Stress Monitors

Shawcity can offer both Area heat stress monitors (which simultaneously monitor and protect groups of workers) and Personal heat stress monitors (to measure and detect responses to heat stress of a particular individual). 

  • 3M/Quest Technologies Quest Temp Series AREA Heat Stress and WBGT Monitors
  • 3M/Quest Technologies Quest Temp II Personal Heat Stress Monitor

Find out more about 3M/Quest Technologies heat stress monitors by visiting Shawcity online, or by calling us on 01367 899 533.

Temperature & Pressure

Shawcity offers a range of high quality temperature and pressure monitoring equipment from Systronik. Devices available include: 

  • Systronik Blue Line 2600 Series Temperature and Humidity Monitors – A range of digital display devices, including the FT30 (with housing), FT40 (with flexible spiral cable) and FT50 (with integral sensor)
  • Systronik Blue Line Manometer S2600 Series – A range of instruments ideal for the measurement of pressure, vacuum and differential pressure. 

Flue Gas Analysers

Every year around 14 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by incorrectly installed or badly maintained gas appliances and flues. Carbon monoxide cannot be seen, tasted, or even smelt, but it can kill within just a matter of hours. Shawcity offers a range of highly reliable gas analysers that can prevent this from happening in your workplace. They include: 

  • Systronik Blue Line Maxilyzer Flue Gas Analyser
  • Systronik Bluelyzer ST Flue Gas Analyser
  • Systronik Blue Line Eurolyzer Flue Gas Analyser
  • Systronik Blue Line Multilyzer Flue Gas Analyser



Registration Number: 01273269
VAT Number: GB200 8689 72
Registered at Companies House:16 August, 1976 (47 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: 11-20
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: IonScience
Company Type:
  • Distributor
  • Service Providers


Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • 3M Range of Sound Meters The 3M range of sound instruments include the SoundPro, SE-400, SD-200 and Edge Noise Badges.
  • AMI Permanent monitor for mercury vapour. Self adjusting. Modular for easy maintenance
  • Cub Worlds smallest and fastest personal PID detector for VOCs and Total Aromatic Compounds.
  • Cub Personal PID NEW Cub Personal PID - lightest smallest and most sensitive PID on the market.
  • Edge Noise badge The Edge by Quest is a noise badge can be worn on the belt or hard hat by the worker.
  • G-450 and G-460 Multigas monitors A range of multigas monitors with swappable smart sensors.
  • Gasclam borehole monitor The GasClam ground gas in-situ monitor for use on brownfield sites and projects where ground monitoring is required
  • Gilian Air Sampling pumps and flow calibrators
  • HAVPro Personal Hand/arm and whole-body vibration monitor. measures vibration for users of drills, diggers, jackhammers, drivers etc. Gives allowable exposure figures for users of hand tools.
  • Metrosonics Monitors for sound level, noise dose and heat stress
  • MiniRAE 2000 PhotoIonisation Detector (PID) available for purchase or hire.
  • MiniRAE 3000 PhotoIonisation Detector (PID) available for purchase or hire.
  • MultiPro Multigas monitor
  • MVI Mercury Vapour Indicator. Portable real-time surveying for mercury vapour.
  • PHD6 The PHD6 is a multigas monitor use for a variety of applications.
  • PhoCheck PhotoIonisation Detector (PID) available for hire or purchase to measure from zero to ppm or ppb levels of solvents and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Wideley used for land cleanup and emissions monitoring in addition to personal protection from toxic materials.
  • PhoCheck Tiger The new Voc and leak detector - the PhoCheck tiger by IonScience
  • Quest Monitors for Sound Level, Noise Dose, Heat Stress
  • RAE Gas Detection Monitors and PID VOC monitors for personal protection and area monitoring
  • The Multilyzer, Eurolyzer, Bluelyzer and Maxilyzer Flue gas analysis instrumentation, including a range of temperature, pressure, humidty and ambient gas instruments.
  • ToxiLtd "badge style" personal single gas monitor. Two year life from first switch-on. Alarms.
  • ToxiPro "badge style" personal Single gas monitor clips to hardhat or pocket. Renewable battery and sensor shows levels of gas plus STEL and TWA. 3-way alarm
  • ToxiRAE Pro The new ToxiRAE Pro - single gas monitor

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

Financial Information

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