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Sensor Technology Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of torque and load measurement equipment. We have been researching and developing product solutions for more than 35 years. Our experience in the industry has enabled us to build great relationships with global distributors which, in turn, enables us to reach further out to our customers.

We are proud to present innovative products in the TorqSense, LoadSense and HeliNav Loadmaster ranges. Full technical information and data sheets are available to view on our website. Alongside our product range we also offer various services such as the calibration of our transducers, service, repair and engineering support. Our online product selector tools are available to help you find the torque or load sensor suitable for your application. Our product range is manufactured to incredibly high standards and all products undergo strict quality control procedures so that we can be sure to supply first class products only.

We provide all of our customers with the same high level of service and provide advice and support at all stages - before, during and after sales. Please take a look at some of our product ranges below, or visit our website for further information.

Digital ORT 230/240 series Torque Transducer - Visit our website

The Digital ORT 230/240 Torque Transducer provides an accurate measurement of both static and rotary torque (less than 100Nm and up to bandwidths of 50Khz). The 230/240 series offer a wealth of benefits including, low inertia, excellent noise immunity, brushless measurement and of course both dynamic and static operation. To find out more, please visit the website, alternatively you can contact our customer service team directly.


TorqSense Rotary Torque Sensors - Visit our website

Sensor Technology Ltd offers their latest rotary and static torque transducers:

  • TorqSense RWT410/420 Digital Rotary In-line Torque Transducers - sizes from 1 Nm to 13000 Nm with integral electronics
  • TorqSense RWT430/440 Digital Rotary In-line Torque Transducers - sizes from 1Nm to 13000Nm with separate electronics module
  • TorqSense RWT450/460 Digital Pulley/Sprocket Torque Transducers - sizes from 100 Nm to 5000 Nm

Each torque transducer contains an embedded non-volatile memory chip which stores data on parameters, calibration, etc., which can be passed to a stand alone Transducer Display Interface or to a host PC operating 'TorqView' Virtual Instrumentation Display Software. This provides the user with a very cost-effective solution to measuring, recording and displaying data from a wide variety of applications.

TorqView - Visit our website

Sensor Technology Ltd has developed TorqueView to provide an advanced torque monitoring software solution that is simple to use and has a number of interface settings.  Users can select to view dials, digital bars or chart graphs depending upon their individual requirements.  It can be used with several of Sensor Technology’s transducers, namely the RWT420 and RWT440 series as well as the E102, E202 and E302 series of transducer display interfaces (TDIs).  The National Instruments’ LabVIEW system design software is not needed in order for TorqView 4 to work as it has already been written in it.  Find out more from out data sheet which can be viewed online.


LoadSense Wireless Load Sensor - Visit our website

The wireless LoadSense load sensor is a strain gauge based stainless steel tension type sensor. Available in sizes from 1 tonne to 10 tonnes (with other sizes to follow), it has the capability of wirelessly transmitting its data to one of our compatible readouts and displays or recording its data locally. Its inbuilt 32MBit memory can hold up to 280 hours of data, which can then be downloaded to a PC via its USB cable. The Load Sensor transmits using the worldwide licence free frequency of 2.4GHz on two built in antennas.

The Load Sensor can be used with our HandHeld Receiver which can read several devices at the same time or our Cabin Display interface to display the current reading from the Load Sensor, and/or our stand alone Receiver Interface which is used to output the data via RS232/RS422.

HeliNav - Visit our website

HeliNav LoadMaster and HeliNav TrackMaster from Sensor Technology Ltd provide unique solutions for helicopter operators. HeliNav LoadMaster is a wireless sensor that can be used to accurately measure large under-slung loads of 1 to 10 tonnes by use of an inclinometer and accelerometer. The HeliNav TrackMaster with touch screen interface can be used by pilots to gain accurate data for A-B line track guidance and it is also has invaluable capabilities for post-flight automated analysis of performance which assists with billing and maintenance scheduling. These two solutions can be effectively used in conjunction with one another and we also offer rental options if these products are required in the short term.


Rental Service - Visit our website

We created our rental service to provide customers with cost-effective options. This service is often beneficial to customers who are undertaking short term research projects or development programmes and only require equipment for a limited amount of time. We offer short or long term rentals on our complete range of standard transducers, transducer display interfaces, and software. Our minimum rental period is for one month and rental charges vary for subsequent months (please see our website or call the team for more information). There is also an option for customers to buy equipment during the rental period.

Calibration Services - Visit our website

At Sensor Technology we are able to calibrate torque transducers up to 13,000Nm with weights calibrated against primary National Standards. We are ISO 9001: 2000 registered. We recommend that all torque measuring equipment is calibrated and certificated each year to ensure that equipment provides the best and most effective results. Our calibration service is provided free of charge for all equipment purchased from us for the first year after purchase as part of our warranty terms. Our calibration certification provides information including units being calibrated, calibration accuracy, calibration temperature, calibration date, calibration due date and the name of the technician who has calibrated the transducer.

Service & Repair - Visit our website

We also service and repair any product that has been bought from Sensor Technology. Before undertaking any service or repair work our engineers will inspect the product/ system first to see what service or repair work is required. They will then provide a quote and will carry out the service and repairs with your authorisation. All equipment is calibrated before it is returned. Our team works quickly and efficiently in order to return repaired items to customers in fast turn around times. We ask that equipment is packaged and insured when it is returned to us for service or repair work. Please contact the team to find out more.

Engineering Support - Visit our website

We are pleased to provide customers with technical support at all stages – before, during and after sales. Our technical team is highly experienced and able to provide customers with advice and information about torque measuring in all kinds of applications. Our team is able to provide solutions to all kinds of problems and will offer advice and information on the most effective equipment suitable for different applications. Please contact Sensor Technology if you require assistance.



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