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Sensonics Ltd is a leading supplier of turbine supervisory and high integrity protection equipment. We specialise in vibration, displacement, seismic and speed monitoring solutions for demanding industrial environments, and we offer a full range of sensors and API 670 compliant measuring and protection equipment for your critical rotating machinery. 

With over 40 years of industry experience to call upon, you can trust Sensonics to deliver the right solution. We are dedicated to the supply of products that will be safe, effective and reliable within the expected environment, throughout their entire life. To achieve these quality objectives we have established, implemented and maintained an ISO 9001:2008 accredited Quality Management System that ensures all of our products meet the required standard. 

The Sensonics management team has a responsibility to continually improve, co-ordinate and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of this System so that product integrity is upheld and customer satisfaction enhanced. You can view our Quality & Environmental Policy Statement by visiting Sensonics online. 

In the sections below you will find an overview of the products and services currently offered by Sensonics. You can find out more about each of these by visiting the Sensonics website, or by calling our dedicated sales team on 01442 876833. 

Protection Monitors

Our vibration monitoring systems offer a range of both contact and non-contact techniques for the accurate measurement of absolute and relative vibration on critical machines and infrastructure. Sensors are available in a range of output configurations; together with our established vibration monitoring and protection equipment, they provide high integrity measurements and flexible alarm facilities. 

Sensonics’ sensor range comprises of several accelerometers, velocity transducers and eddy current proximity probes, so whatever your vibration monitoring requirements, we can provide a solution to match. For more information on our vibration monitoring systems, please visit Sensonics online. 


Sensonics offer two portable vibration monitoring systems for checking and monitoring machine health. These give the user the opportunity to detect early onset of bearing failure, lubrication issues, unbalance and other problems associated with vibration. 

  • Vibcheck Vibration Meter – a low cost, entry-level portable vibration monitor offering reliable measurements to ISO standards as well as a range of useful features. Supplied with a hand-held probe, interconnecting cable, carrying case and guide to vibration monitoring. 
  • PocketVibrA Pro Vibration Analyser – a full specification vibration analyser for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Combines exceptional processing power with operator ease-of-use for the ultimate in portable vibration analysis. 

Full details and specifications can be found on the Sensonics website. 


An accelerometer is a type of vibration transducer that is commonly used in condition monitoring of critical rotating plant. They are generally very low in cost and require very little maintenance, which makes them ideal for use with portable analysers or as part of an online machine protection system.

Sensonics offers a large range of industrial accelerometers to cover all applications. From general purpose high volume accelerometers to specialist accelerometers designed for use in harsh environmental conditions, we have a device for virtually all requirements.

Velocity Transducers

Sensonics makes available a range of both piezo-electric and moving coil velocity transducers for applications that require a vibration velocity signal direct from the sensor. These are particularly suitable for applications requiring high sensitivity, or for use in environments with high electrical noise where the integration of an accelerometer signal in the vibration monitor is not ideal. 

Moving coil velocity transducers are often preferred for steam turbine bearing measurement applications where steam noise might saturate the output of piezo-electric accelerometers. 

Details of individual velocity transducers (with technical datasheets) can be found on the Sensonics website. 

Proximity Probes

Our eddy current proximity probes for non-contact vibration and displacement monitoring have been designed to comply with the API 670 standard, which makes them fully compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment. Eddy current proximity probes produced by Sensonics are used for monitoring shaft expansion, relative vibration and speed on a range of rotating machinery, from turbines to pumps and compressors. They are available in either straight or disc mounting configurations and can be supplied with adjustable bracketry. Intrinsically safe (ATEX) variants are also available. For more information, please head over to the Sensonics website.

Displacement Monitoring

As well as vibration monitoring systems, Sensonics offers several specialist displacement protection monitoring systems that offer accurate measurement of relative and differential expansion on critical machines and infrastructure. They can be used in conjunction with our range of LVDT devices (as well as eddy current proximity probes) to provide displacement measurements from a few millimetres right up to 600mm. Sensonics’ LVDT devices are designed for extreme environments and offer excellent linearity in combination with high thermal stability.


We supply both AC and DC type LVDT transducers for contact displacement monitoring applications. In an AC LVDT, the driver electronics are located away from the transducer, which makes them more suitable for heavy industrial environments. DC variants meanwhile have the driver contained within the main LVDT case.  Both types have an operating temperature range of -40° to +200°C. Various core types and mechanical connections are available.

Speed Monitoring

Our speed monitoring systems offer accurate detection of overspeed and zero speed events in critical rotating plant and machinery such as turbines and pumps. They are compatible with a range of speed sensors and include fault detection circuitry to offer a high integrity speed monitoring solution. 

As well as providing shutdown through speed monitoring, the systems are designed to eliminate spurious trips. More information can be found on the Sensonics website. 

If you would like to discuss your speed monitoring requirements with an industry expert, give our team a call on 01442 876833.

Overspeed Protection

Our Overspeed Protection instruments offer a high integrity monitoring solution for the safe shutdown of critical rotating plant in the event of an Overspeed situation. Monitoring speed is an essential activity on most turbines and steam driven pumps – a failure in the control system could lead to costly rotor and bearing damage. The cost of repairs and operational downtime associated with the repairs makes having Overspeed Protection systems absolutely critical. Our speed monitors are API 670 compliant and can therefore accept either an eddy current probe or a magnetic probe speed sensor input. 

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring systems can be supplied either as standalone devices or in conjunction with Sensonics’ vibration and displacement measurement systems. The monitoring of bearing and motor winding temperature alongside machine vibration provides reliable condition monitoring on a range of rotating plant. 

Sensonics offers a range of temperature monitoring equipment for use with RTD and thermocouple sensors designed to cover most applications. 

For more information on our temperature monitoring systems, please visit Sensonics online or contact our dedicated sales team on 01442 876833.

Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation

Our turbine supervisory instrumentation performs the full range of vibration, displacement and speed measurements required for effective turbine condition monitoring and protection. 

Sensonics devices have been developed over a 30 year period in close collaboration with the power generation industry. They are widely recognised as the most accurate and reliable condition monitoring instruments available on the market. 

Turbine supervisory equipment can be retrofitted into existing systems as required. Sensonics offer a turnkey retrofit service for almost all turbine supervisory applications. 


Sensonics offers a great range of moving coil and piezo-electric short period seismometers for both geophysical and structural monitoring applications. As the leading supplier of seismic monitoring and protection systems to the UK nuclear industry, we can deliver a solution to meet almost any requirement. 

We currently offer two seismometer ranges:

  • SP Series – a range of robust, portable and sealed instruments with a unique inertial system of matched piezo-electric elements arranged in a reciprocal configuration to generate high seismometer output sensitivity with minimal noise. 
  • Willmore MKIII Seismometers – a range of velocity sensing devices suitable for field, vault or observatory use. Willmore Seismometers have formed the backbone of seismic monitoring systems for over 20 years, providing valuable earth movement information for mining industries and seismologists worldwide. 

Seismic Switches

Our Seismic Switches are designed to provide high integrity protection for critical assets and individual processes. They feature three high integrity, low noise piezo-electric seismometers in combination with alarm circuitry mounted within a robust, weatherproof (IP66-rated) painted steel enclosure. 

Sensonics Seismic Switches provide accurate detection of structural vibration in conjunction with various safe shut down options – they are often used for the protection of structures that are vulnerable to ground borne vibration events. For details and specifications, please head over to our website. 

Structural Monitoring

Sensonics’ seismic instrumentation is used across various industries for structural monitoring of vibration in critical infrastructure. Our equipment can be scaled to meet even the most complex requirements. System components include:

  • Triaxial seismometers and seismic switches
  • Data capture PC with embedded event record and replay facilities 
  • Dual redundant power supply and battery backup
  • Alarm indicators with 2 of 3 channel voting
  • Inbuilt transducer calibration for full system integrity testing
  • Seismically qualified system panel to IEEE standard 344. 


Sensonics has recently launched a flexible machine monitoring service for clients with plant that has no fixed machine condition monitoring system available, or where fixed monitoring systems may be impractical. Our vibration engineers will visit your premises on a regular basis to carry out offline analyses of your plant and machinery, identifying faults and impending failures that without proper maintenance would inevitably lead to downtime and loss of productivity.  The clear advantage of this service is that no upfront capital investment is required – our fully trained engineers provide all the necessary equipment and analysis software. 

For more information on our flexible machine monitoring services, please call us on 01442 876833.



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  • Aegis Analogue based monitoring & protection system for rotating machines.
  • Sentry API670 machine monitoring & protection system for rotating machinery. 19" rack mounted, microprocessor based. Relative & Absolute Vibration, Axial Position/Thrust, Rotational Speed/Overspeed, Displacement & Differential Expansion.
  • Senturion Eddy Current Probes

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