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Our kitchen specialists can help you achieve your dream kitchen, offering a full and personal service from initial design through to final fitting. Our fitted kitchens are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and made to fit your requirements. Choose from more than 50 kitchen styles and an extensive range of materials, colours and accessories. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary style; knotty oak timber or modern gloss curves — we can help you design a kitchen you will love. Our specialists can assist with ergonomic, accessible solutions for work areas and storage systems. With innovative options such as magic corners, pop-up power sockets, pull-out larders, full-height butler's pantries and drawer storage for pans, cutlery, bins and spices, your kitchen will be designed with efficiency, convenience and your working preferences uppermost in mind.

Kitchen: Remo

The Remo handle-free gloss lacquered kitchen offers the option of barrel-curved drawers and cabinets for a dramatic impact, or straight-lined Remo Linear units for those who prefer a sleeker appearance.

Possibilities are virtually endless with the Remo kitchen. For example, the optional addition of a warm wood zebrano breakfast bar complements the slimness of a quartz worktop. Glazed cabinet doors, open shelving options or the inclusion of both barrel-curved and linear units will give your kitchen a stylish, contemporary feel. Whatever style you choose for your Remo kitchen, it will be designed around your lifestyle and taste.


The right choice of cabinet and drawer handles can truly “make” a kitchen, and we offer an extensive range of handles to choose from.

Our stainless steel effect handles provide a contemporary, stylish look and feel, while the natural patina of our hand-finished solid pewter handles improves with age and perfectly complements our natural timber and painted kitchens.

A wide selection of sizes, shapes and styles is available in both the steel effect and pewter ranges. Choose from satin, brushed, hammered, wavy, straight, curved, modern or classical styles. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find the perfect handles to complement your dream kitchen.


Good lighting is vital to a well-equipped kitchen, as it provides atmosphere as well as playing an all-important safety role in food preparation.

Our lighting collection consists of energy efficient fluorescent and LED options. Long-life LEDs, using electrical components rather than bulbs, produce little heat and are ideal for small or tight spaces.

Enhance your dream kitchen with cutlery and pan drawer lighting or internal base cabinet and under-shelf fluorescent lights, or add a contemporary feel with Slide LED cabinet lights, Picchio cornice lights, or string or pixel LED lights.


Our designers can help you maximise the potential of your new kitchen, coordinating the layout, storage and accessories most suited to your requirements.

We offer a selection of waste and recycling bins that conveniently integrate completely into your kitchen, providing you with large capacities that avoid the necessity of constant emptying. We have under-cabinet units featuring pull-out waste and recycling bins that offer generous separated compartments for easy sorting.

We also offer drawer units with large capacity recycling bins that are easy to clean and simplify waste segregation, making preparation for kerbside collections quick and easy for the entire family.

Sinks & Taps

We offer a range of sinks in a variety of materials and styles, as well as innovative taps that combine an eye-pleasing appearance with high-tech convenience.

Choose from inset, undermount or flushmount sink options, any of which can be integrated seamlessly into your chosen worktop in our factory. Many options and combinations are available, making it easy for you to find the perfect sink and tap for your kitchen.

For example, an undermount ceramic sink with the Provence pewter tap provides a classic look and feel, while the Ease flushmount single bowl sink combined with the Dax brushed steel tap complements a more contemporary styling. Other options include bow-fronted and double-bowl ceramic sinks as well as stainless sinks with integrated fruit and vegetable preparation areas and drainers.


Our specialist retailers are experts in choosing and integrating kitchen appliances, and they will ensure you get the right appliances for your kitchen. As we do not have our own range of appliances, our specialist retailers are free to advise you on the best options from a wide range of brands, ensuring you will be able to choose the appliances most suited to your unique requirements and budget.

Not only will our specialist retailers help you choose the best appliances for your new kitchen, but they will also assist in planning the most ergonomic and efficient layout for your appliances and units.


When it comes to choosing a worktop for your new kitchen, we have a vast selection of materials and colours from which to choose. Stone worktops are available in granite and quartz, while we also offer solid surface and a wide variety of natural wood worktop surfaces. Our experienced craftsmen will carry out measurements in your home, and your worktops will be manufactured to those measurements.

We offer a range of twenty-three granites, eight man-made Strata quartz colours and over sixty Silestone quartz colours. If your design encompasses fluid shapes and curves, Corian and Hi-Macs worktops can be moulded to your requirements, with matching sinks for a seamless join. If your tastes lean more to the warmth of solid wood worktops, we have fifteen varieties ranging from traditional oak to bamboo or exotic wenge and zebrano.

Corner Storage

We also provide excellent corner storage solutions to suit different customer preferences and kitchen styles. Our range includes:

Magic Corner: works by simply pulling the door towards you. The shelving system sits on runners and comes to you as you pull the door.

Le Mans Studio Height: this corner storage is ideal for bulky items such as pots and pans. Each shelving tray swings out from the cupboard so you can access items easily.

Le Mans: same system as above on a smaller scale.

¾ Carousel: carousel storage for kitchen items up to 20kg in weight on each shelf. Revo Carousel: carousel storage for everyday kitchen items.

Twister: carousel storage designed for use in a wall unit or dresser.


We  create luxury, bespoke pantries to suit different kitchen types. We can create Bespoke Corner Breakfast Pantries with dedicated areas for coffee machine, cups and plates, tea, coffee, jams and more, Bespoke Corner Pantries featuring beautiful curved cupboards and a modern carousel central unit, and Bespoke Pantries with traditional storage units to suit your requirements. Please follow the link to our website where you can view high quality images of our bespoke pantry creations. Our team of experts work closely with clients in order to create perfect kitchen pantry solutions.

Country Kitchens

We also create incredible country kitchens. These luxurious kitchens can be designed and created in various rustic and country styles to suit customer requirements and styles. The combination of natural grain pattern with the right work surface and accessories creates amazing solutions. Choose from Cornell Oak (natural oak with fine detailing), Milton Sage (light creamy green), Abbey (tongue and groove design), Croft Washed (rustic styling and knotty oak finish), or Croft Oak (with optional wicker baskets as an alternative to drawers. Our talented team will work with you to offer advice and information on the most suitable and stylish options for your kitchen area.

Drawer Storage

Our drawer storage options provide excellent solutions in all kitchen types. Our deep pan drawers are perfect for storage of bulky pots and pans while our plate holders are perfected for stacking different sized plates neatly. We also provide high quality cutlery inserts and the Inox cutlery system which is a stainless steel storage system suitable for storing cutlery, condiments and larger items such as bread boards. Please take a look at our website where you can view high quality images and further information on all of our kitchen storage solutions.

Broadoak Natural

Choosing the right material for your kitchen can help to create a desired mood and welcoming impression. Broadoak Natural is a very popular choice from our Broadoak range, which also includes Broadoak Ivory, Light and Painted. Broadoak Natural offers great versatility and exudes a warm atmosphere thanks to the beauty of natural oak.

Internal curved cabinetry, corner area cabinets and the flexibility to wrap around walls gives an intimate yet spacious impression. Broadoak Natural will enhance the kitchen proportions and give a beautiful lasting impression that makes for the perfect contemporary kitchen or to enhance a thoughtfully styled period home.


Second Nature offers more than 50 kitchen ranges from small projects, typically starting at £8,000 to larger kitchens costing upwards of £20,000. We recognise that price is an important issue and our overall prices will depend on the size of the kitchen project and the types of material used. We design kitchens to suit your taste, space, lifestyle and budget and can tailor our kitchens to your specific requirements and price plan. Take a look at the extensive range of kitchens on our website to view examples of kitchen prices and what can be achieved for your intended budget.

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are a major consideration when it comes to successfully designing a kitchen. Our Second Nature designers recognise that storage solutions are an important feature as part of the overall design and functionality of the kitchen. Our storage solutions help to keep the kitchen free from clutter with a range of innovative space saving solutions for kitchenware, food, utensils and cutlery. Out of sight but within easy reach is a kitchen concept that helps to streamline the kitchen and allows you to focus on the kitchen task at hand. Our customers can work with our designers to create the ideal storage solutions to create the perfect kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design

With older houses and properties located in city centres a large kitchen is not always an option. Smaller kitchens can still be stylish, intimate and practical, and this is where careful design and specialist storage solution planning is required. Second Nature designers have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing beautiful kitchens where space is an issue.

Our designers have the skills to advise on the structural change to rooms, if available, in order to achieve the desired kitchen space. If structural change isn’t available then our designers will work with you to make the most of the space available to ensure a beautifully designed and fully functional compact kitchen.

Painted Kitchens

Second Nature offers our multi-award winning collection of painted kitchens with a palette of 24 colours to suit your taste. Our range of painted kitchens can be fully accessorised and tailored to your specific needs whether you are looking for a classic or contemporary kitchen style.

Second Nature designers will work with you throughout the design process to ensure that you obtain the painted kitchen that compliments your space and taste. Browse through our website to view our collection of painted kitchens available in a range of styles, painted to order and with a choice of four solid timber door styles.

Classic Kitchens

A classic kitchen design can help to compliment and enhance the style of a property. Many people want their kitchens to reflect the classic style of their home and our designers understand how important this can be to the overall look of a property. Our classic kitchens have a subtly stylish look and a timeless appeal that will not looked dated after a few years. Our Second Nature designers will work with you to design your ideal classic kitchen featuring a diversity of complimentary accessories and space saving kitchen solutions to choose from. Browse through our website to see a sample of the classic kitchens we have on offer.

Contemporary Kitchens

Our contemporary kitchens provide the ideal addition to a home, giving a modern and stylish look with a host of innovative kitchen accessories. Second Nature offers a wide range of colours, materials and textures to suit your taste, and can design the ideal kitchen for you no matter how big or small your kitchen space is. Our modern kitchens will suit and compliment any home from period townhouse to urban city apartments, and Second Nature designers will work with you in order to achieve your perfect contemporary kitchen. Take a look through our website and view a sample of the contemporary kitchens available through Second Nature.



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