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Secomak is the name given to a group of companies united in their ambition to bring outstanding technologies and innovative solutions to the UK and worldwide markets.

The group consists of:

  • Secomak Solutions – One of the world’s leading manufacturers of drying machinery, air knives, shrink tunnels and turnkey processing solutions.
  • BeckAir – A specialist manufacturer of compressed air and pneumatic components, nozzles and air knives.
  • Vitavox – Provides military communications equipment for land and sea, including water, pressure and shock-proof loudspeakers, head sets, microphones and intercoms.
  • Secomak Gas Boosters – This division deals exclusively with the design and construction of Gas Boosters used in association with combustion equipment.
  • Secomak – Responsible for the production of process heaters, high velocity fans and centrifugal blowers.

Secomak has been designing and manufacturing bespoke and standard solutions for applications across a range of industries for more than 85 years. Our name has become synonymous with quality and innovation, and our products have become recognised throughout the world for their inherent reliability.

You can find out more about the Secomak Group and the products we offer in the sections below and on our website. 

Process Air Heaters

Secomak have been designing, manufacturing and supplying specialist heaters and hot air equipment for industrial processes for more than six decades. In that time we have developed a unique range of heaters, as well as an outstanding collection of packaged process-air-heater sets.

All of our heating products have been designed to facilitate quick and easy installation, and to supply clean, dry and controlled hot air in a cost-effective manner so as to guarantee a fast return on investment.

You can find our standard range of machines on the Secomak website. If you require a bespoke solution, please get in touch; we have an in-house engineering team which is able to develop application-specific solutions to fit most budgets. 

Fans and Blowers

Secomak offers a comprehensive range of centrifugal fans, high velocity fans, hot air blowers and turbo blowers. This range covers a whole host of industrial applications.

Our hot air fans are specifically designed to integrate with the Secomak range of air process heaters. Our high velocity turbo blowers, meanwhile, can be used with the Secomak range of air knives.

The standard Secomak fan range can be found on our website. If required, fans can be customised to integrate with turnkey equipment or into bespoke projects. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with our technical team. 

Vehicle Mounted Public Address System

Introducing the Vitavox Outacom™, an extremely rugged, powerful, military-specification vehicle mounted public address system. This blastproof, shockproof and weatherproof communication solution is designed to integrate with all standard internal PA equipment.

The Outacom™ is designed to be used like a loud hailer, giving the vehicle commander and other authorised personnel the tactical ability to communicate up to 300 metres from the vehicle whilst remaining safe within. Extremely easy to implement, this system will ultimately reduce the risk of unintended civilian and military causalities, as well as the risk of needless collateral damage.

Find out more by visiting Vitavox online. 

Pneumatic Neublade Airstrips

BeckAir’s Pneumatic Neublade Airstrips utilise innovative technologies designed to give the highest levels of performance, the lowest levels of noise and the lowest levels of energy consumption of any comparable product on the market. These powerful, whisper-quiet air knives are ideal for drying, cleaning, cooling or containing in all kinds of industrial processes. They contain no moving parts (meaning they are virtually maintenance free), and they can easily be mounted into existing installations. Visit BeckAir online to find out more. 

AK3200 Ionising Air Knife

The AK3200 is an ionising air knife which offers an extremely efficient method of removing static charge from large and small product surfaces or equipment that needs cleaning or neutralising.

The AK3200 is built with a high performance air knife and a BR2200 rectangle static bar attached to its lower surface. Together they deliver a curtain of ionised air that prevents jams and misfeeds and eliminates dust attraction and harmful shocks.

The AK3200 benefits from low-noise technology and is designed to minimise air consumption (and therefore energy costs).

Head over to the BeckAir website to find out more. 

Gas Boosters

Secomak manufactures a range of Gas Boosters specifically designed to raise the pressure of gas supplies going to combustion equipment. They are used to ensure burners operate effectively and efficiently.

The Gas Boosters we produce are based on a centrifugal fan design. This ensures high performance from a compact, low-profile unit. Indeed, they occupy less space and use less energy than any equivalent direct drive booster.

All models are manufactured to and beyond the British Standard 8487:2007. We have over 40 years of experience in the supply of Gas Boosters, and our products are recognised worldwide for their outstanding performance and reliability. 

Aquarinse Bottle Cleaner

The Secomak Aquarinse is a bottle and jar cleaning station that enables fast and efficient rinsing of the neck, shoulder and screw seal. It is used primarily to wash away the corrosive or contaminated material that sticks to the bottle during processing and which can cause rusting, bacterial growth and discolouration of caps.

The Aquarinse system is designed in a way that allows it to be mounted over an existing conveyor, thus permitting a retro-fit. It comes with an adjustable mount and guide rails to suit varying bottle sizes. 

Pouch and Ready Meal Tray Dryer

The Secomak Pouch and Ready Meal Tray Dryer is a system designed to eliminate the risk of processing errors by ensuring a complete removal of moisture from lead-edge to gusset. It can be configured for both pouch and ready meal trays on either single or multi-lane lines.

An integral belt drive ensures that the products are precisely positioned in line with the drying heads. Meanwhile, a series of specially integrated air knives in the conveyor directly expose the product’s surface to the high velocity airflow. This ensures the best quality of drying whether the pouches/ trays are on one or multiple lanes. 



Registration Number: 00250773
VAT Number: GB873 1549 08
Registered at Companies House:16 September, 1930 (91 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
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  • Service Providers
UK Branches: Hertfordshire

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