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As part of the international GEA Group we specialize in the plate heat exchanger business. We are one of the leading manufacturers of plate heat exchangers worldwide. Within the GEA Heat Exchangers segment of GEA Group, GEA Ecoflex together with GEA WTT, GEA PHE Systems Asia Pacific, GEA PHE Systems North America and GEA EcoServe forms GEA PHE Systems, the center of competence and service for gasketed, fully welded and brazed plate heat exchangers.

Plate heat exchangers fall into three groups: gasketed, fully welded and brazed. GEA PHE Systems delivers the full spectrum of plate heat exchangers within of the three product groups. Process-optimized model series can be individually adapted to the needs of OEMs, plant engineering companies or end customers.



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  • Concitherm Ideally suited for high vapour volumes The Concitherm range offers particularly high performance in rising-film plate evaporators. Its optimized corrugation design allows wide gaps without any contact points, up to 3m² of plate surface area. At the same time the minimum pressure drop means that there is no need for an intermediate pump. A further advantage of Concitherm over conventional tube heat exchangers is an almost 100% higher temperature transfer. Concitherm plate evaporators can also be used as boosters in combination with conventional plate evaporators. Concitherm 193 With its three m² of surface area, the Concitherm 193 cassette is the largest rising-film plate evaporator available on the market worldwide. Due to its special flow gap geometry, it is particularly suited for concentrating products forming deposits and containing solid particles, with large vapour volumes. This is a Free Flow plate evaporator with a 4.5 mm free flow gap on the vapour side and a 7.5 mm free flow gap on the product side. Its maximum connection sizes are DN 500 for the heating steam inlet and DN 600 for the outlet. The plate pack can be extended by integrating additional cassettes as with any conventional plate heat exchanger. The maximum heating surface per single unit is 1200 m². Plate evaporators are much more powerful When comparing the k-values of tube-rising-film and plate-rising-film evaporators, plate evaporators have a k-value which is about twice that of tube-type evaporators (2000 - 4000 kcal/m²h°C), i.e. 1000 m² of plate evaporator surface is equal to 2000 m² of tube-type evaporator surface. When processing products with a higher viscosity, the k-value of plates exceeds that of tubes even further.
  • EcoBraze EcoBraze – brazed plate heat exchangers deliver compact design and simple installation with individually designed connections.
  • EcoFlex EcoFlex – gasketed plate heat exchangers are the easy-maintenance all-rounders.
  • EcoServe EcoServe – after-sales & service for plate heat exchangers of all brands. Worldwide.
  • EcoWeld EcoWeld – fully welded plate heat exchangers offer highest reliability and provide large heat transfer areas.
  • GBH Series Staying cool under high pressure GEA PHE Systems GBH Series is new to our product range of copper brazed plate heat exchangers and is designed to operate consistently in the pressure range of up to 45 bar while offering a maximum variety of circuit possibilities. Operating with the effective non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410A the new GBH range offers an optimized corrugation pattern in the wave fi elds of the heat exchanger plates as well as further improvements to the inlet and outlet openings. Our brazed plate heat exchangers are used in a variety of applications: heat pump heating and hot water production chiller evaporator and air conditioning process cooling systems refrigerant evaporators sub-coolers and condensers other refrigerant-to-liquid and high-pressure applications
  • GBS Series Strong types that come in variable sizes If you attach great importance to flexible sizing and sophisticated technology, then the GBS plate heat exchangers from the EcoBraze product line by GEA PHE Systems are your choice. These brazed allrounders are ideally suited for applications of any size - pressure resistant up to 30 bar at ± 200°C. This brings quality, economic efficiency and excellent thermal performance to your operations. Eleven sizes are available worldwide in the following fields: Heating/service water systems Floor heating Super-coolers and condensers Economizers Refrigerant evaporators Oil coolers and many more industrial applications The GBS Series enables a wide range of applications at an excellent price/ performance ratio.
  • GEABloc Fully welded - but adaptable at any time GEABloc combines two different plate corrugations in an innovative way. The plates are rotated through 90° to one another and then welded together to produce two different cross-flow channels. The frame is made of four pillars, a bottom plate and a top plate together with four side pressure plates, and connections mounted in the pressure plates. All frame components are bolted together for easily dismantling to clean and maintain the plate pack. GEABloc is available in various corrugation designs and sizes for a wide range of applications. Adjustable deflectors allow the heat exchanger to be adapted to its operating points delivering these features: Max. operating temperature 315° C, on both sides Max. operating pressure 32 bars, on both sides Material 1.4404, SMO, Titanium, etc. Surface area 1–320m² Connection diameter DN50–DN400 Max. flow rate 3,860m³/h Corrugation patterns: Herring-bone, Dimple This PHE is generally used in the oil and gas industry, in petrochemical and chemical applications, in the automobile and pharmaceuticals industry, as well as in paper manufacturing.
  • GEABox Energy bundle full of benefits Compact and efficient solutions are our speciality. The GEABox combines the numerous advantages of fully welded plate heat exchangers and shell-and-tube heat exchangers. The specially developed Freeflow technology with wide flow gaps caters for a wide spectrum of specific fields of heat transfer applications. The strengths of the GEABox from our EcoWeld range are a perfect example of how GEA PHE Systems identifies and fulfils even the most difficult process requirements of our customers. Everything combined in a single unit - the benefits of the GEABox: Excellently suited for liquids loaded with fibres, cellulose, solids and/or sludge, etc. Blockage-free operation thanks to channels for true freeflow Easy to clean and maintain - with high-pressure cleaner, without dismantling the pipework. Space-saving design due to the minimum floor space requirements Reduced investment costs Low maintenance costs Everything at a glance - the fields of application for the GEABox: Liquids or vapour against liquids loaded with fibres, cellulose, solids and/or sludge, etc. Liquids or vapour against gas - especially contaminated or strongly fermented Reboiler - as thermosiphon and in forced-circulation systems Condensation, partial or total condensation with inerts, single and multiple component mixtures against cooling media of differing quality.
  • GEAFlex A new dimension of efficiency and flexibility GEAFlex plate heat exchangers are the perfect solution for gaseous, liquid and two-phase media in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Both the temperature range of -200° to 900° C and the pressure capacity of up to 60 bars make these units the logical choice for problem-free operation. The asymmetrical plate design, the innovative tubework and the innovative profiling guarantee heat transfer with maximum efficiency and low pressure loss. Freely selectable, pressure-bearing housings and connection lines allow tailor-made plate heat exchanger solutions up to an area of 8,000 m². GEAFlex delivers low investment costs because the compact design only needs a relatively small amount of material expenditure, and this advantage pays off most noticably with cost-intensive special alloys.
  • GEASkid On the safe side Plant operators looking for reliability and continuity find the best solution by far in the GEASkid. This dual-module from our EcoFlex range comprises two separate gasketed plate heat exchangers mounted on a common frame, but operating completely independently of each other. With its double 100 percent reliability this dual system means that our customers are always on the safe side. Among other applications the GEASkid was also designed to meet the special challenges in power stations. Unwanted downtimes, caused by maintenance work or breakdowns, are avoided with this solution from GEA PHE Systems. And even if a component at the heart of your system, such as in the oil cooling, should fail, then the second stand-by unit steps in immediately to ensure that full working capacity remains available. Better safe than sorry - This is why the GEASkid is the first choice for plant operators: Reassurance: double reliability and absolutely dependable availability Increased productivity: continuous system operation Space-saving: true customisation offering easy and flexible expansion Reduced expenditure: low investment and assembly costs Flexibility: can be adapted quickly to meet changed process conditions
  • GG Series The clean solution With the GG Series, predestined mainly for drinking water applications, the experts at GEA PHE Systems have developed an extremely convincing solution. These plate heat exchangers, free of non-ferrous metals and with a revolutionary frame design - the BoxFrame, are convincing from both economical and ecological aspects. A special gasket, in combination with corrosion-proof special steel plates, means that the GG Series can offer the combined advantages of both gasketed and brazed plate heat exchangers as a truly clean solution. Offering many advantages compared to competitors, this plate heat exchanger variant by the market leader GEA has a surprisingly small footprint thanks to its compact design. This is an elegant solution to an elementary problem of heating hygienic drinking water without using copper brazing. The GG Series from GEA PHE Systems meets all statutory requirements and regulations relevant to food-safe heat exchangers. Low cost, safe and reliable: The GG Series convinces with a degree of efficiency and precision to match the high standards you expect from GEA. Safety first - five good reasons for the GG Series: Reliability: Special gaskets and stainless steel plates prevent corrosion damage. Reduced costs: The low investment and installation costs remain unrivalled. Easy maintenance: The use of low-maintenance stainless steel plates guarantees a long service life. Compact design: Intelligent format and frame design save on materials. Purity: Meets all European and international regulations and directives.
  • GNS Series The ideal alternative when copper is not enough The GEA PHE Systems GNS Series nickel-plated brazed plate heat exchangers are precision made to provide a number of features for increasing system performance and reliability. Designed to offer true counter current flow and high turbulence in the working fluids they offer outstanding heat transfer options, even at low flow rates. GEA PHE Systems GNS Series brazed plate heat exchangers offer all the advantages of copper brazed heat exchangers and are optimally suited for: refrigerant to liquid and liquid to liquid applications ammonia systems extra pure water applications de-ionized water and corrosive liquids So when copper is simply not enough, look for the silver colored GNS Series for absolute performance.
  • LWC – Laser-Welded Cassettes No problem with critical media When handling critical media, conventionally gasketed plate heat exchangers quickly reach their limits. New applications on the market constantly call for ever-improved solutions. GEA PHE Systems therefore offers you a technological alternative: the LWC plate heat exchanger based on Laser-Welded Cassettes. LWC plate heat exchangers are planned and designed for the highest performance and are optimally suited for use in refrigeration engineering, especially with ammonia refrigerants. The successful OptiWave design of the NT Series is also used for the LWC and ensures a highly efficient heat transfer. LWC plate heat exchangers are based on the very successful NT Series, and therefore offer these tried-and-tested benefits.
  • NT Series Flexible applications With its NT Series GEA PHE Systems has successfully implemented the results of its innovative research onto the market. This new generation of plates sets economic standards, and is distinguished by low cost levels for investment, operation and maintenance, which in turn increases the profitability of your company. The optimized plate design requires less heat transfer surface area for the same capacity and brings about a lasting reduction of investment costs. New installation and gasket technologies make maintenance easier and ensure a perfect fit of the gasket and plate pack. The wide range of lengths and profiles available guarantees a design tailored to the exact needs of our customers. Solutions by GEA PHE Systems always fit exactly. Further details on the NT Series: OptiWave Design The optimized wave configuration results in ideal flow across the entire plate width, guaranteeing maximum heat transfer rates. PosLoc Assembly With the new NT Series GEA Ecoflex has introduced a self-centering plate system. The result is a stable, perfectly aligned plate pack, with gaskets positioned precisely and remaining functional for a longer time. EcoLoc Gasket System Our new, glueless EcoLoc gaskets guarantee fast, uncomplicated replacement of gaskets.
  • NX Series The new NX series represents the latest step forward for clean, low viscosity media in high pressure applications. It delivers temperature approaches down to 1°F with fewer plates and a single pass design. It is used primarily in HVAC applications and performs well in other applications with the same conditions: HVAC Chemical Power Sugar Renewable Energy Food Improved Efficiency Pays Off for You. Our new OptiWave™ plate configuration takes heat transfer efficiency to a new level. Conventional plates allow most media to flow directly from one port to the other, reducing the flow on the far side. This means that they don’t make full use of the heat transfer area, and require more plates. Optiwave plates provide even media flow over the entire width, making full use of the area, and increasing efficiency with fewer plates. The result? Plates with Optiwave deliver the same or better heat transfer efficiency with fewer plates. The NX Series uses Optiwave, requiring less heat transfer surface to achieve the same capacity and thus significantly reducing your cost without compromising performance.
  • REKULUVO and REKUGAVO The GEA solution for gaseous media The names "REKULUVO" (recuperative air pre-heater) and "REKUGAVO" (recuperative gas pre-heater) describe two highly efficient, fully welded plate heat exchangers for gaseous products, working according to the countercurrent principle. This system achieves very high heat recovery rates. The heat transfer surfaces consist of profiled plates with a high specific capacity which are welded together into self-supporting packs. Both gases flow through the plates in countercurrent and are separated from each other without leakage. Mixing of the two gas streams is thus almost completely excluded. Fields of application The REKULUVO is particularly suitable for pre-heating the combustion air in petrochemical plants (fired heaters) or in methanol and ammonia plants. The REKUGAVO is the perfect heat exchanger for heating up flue gas to the catalyst reaction temperature, e.g. in denitration units of refuse incinerating plants. Technical data The capacities are between 5,000 and 2,000,000 Nm³/h. Air and flue gas in these volumes at up to a temperature of 600 °C can be circulated without any problems, and the recovery rate is up to 97 %!
  • Safetytherm No chance of product intermixing With Safetytherm you are always on the safe side. Our developers have created a perfect design that absolutely excludes the possibility of non-compatible products mixing with each other. Read more here about the GEA PHE Systems safety solution: The Safetytherm double-wall plate heat exchanger by GEA PHE Systems consists of two extra-thin plates which form a small leakage gap. The inlet and outlet openings of the plates are welded. Apart from that, their design is the same as that of conventional gasketed plate heat exchangers. In the case of a plate crack, the product will not enter the neighboring flow gap, instead entering the leakage gap. The product is conveyed to the outside via special leakage channels without any product mixing being possible.
  • Varitherm Optimization as standard The Varitherm Series by GEA PHE Systems has been proving its value on the market for more than 30 years. The constant optimizations ensure that the quality of this product family remains at the highest standard. Varitherm has established itself firmly in the heat exchanger market. A wide range of different plate types offer the optimum solution regarding economy for almost any application. Low investment and maintenance costs ensure high profitability of the product. Firstly there is an extensive range of materials, that can almost all be processed thanks to modern production facilities and well thought-out tool design. Secondly we have a wide choice of gasket materials, the gaskets being available in glueless (LocIn system) or adhesive versions.
  • XCR Series For retaining relaxing temperature moods What looks ideally suited to wellness frequently involves damage to pool equipment: corrosive free chlorine. The service life of standard brazed heat exchangers is in most cases quite limited. The refined XCR (extended Corrosion Resistance) plate heat exchangers from the EcoBraze product line are able to resist this condition. They are made of SMO 254 stainless steel and thus resist corrosion even at the high chlorine levels common in pool maintenance. The special plate design and enlarged, stronger braze joints (copper/nickel) ensure that the entire unit is more stable and pressure-resistant. XCR brazed plate heat exchangers are completely protected against corrosion and leaks. Your benefits are maximum safety, economic efficiency and the best available heat exchanger for pool owners worldwide. Features and benefits: Long service life due to high-quality stainless steel Corrosion-resistant at high chlorine contents Individual examination of allowed chlorine/ temperature ratio upon request