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Safetysignsonline.co.uk offer a comprehensive and quality range of safety signs, ideal for both hazardous industrial working environments and commercial use. From warning signs to prohibition signs, all of our semi rigid PVC products have a durable self-adhesive undercoating, making them fast and easy to apply to indoor and outdoor environments without the requirement for drilling or screwing. 

UK health and safety legislation demands high levels of safety measures within all workplaces, and it is often mandatory for employers and establishment owners to guarantee that the appropriate signage is on display. In order to comply with the laws written within the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, it is necessary to warn and instruct personnel about any potentially dangerous or unsanitary conditions surrounding them. Along with regular training and drills, displaying safety signs is one of the most effective ways of enforcing regulations. 


Purchasing signs couldn't be easier thanks to our user friendly quick select tool, which allows our customers to easily locate their desired signs amongst thousands of stock products available on our online shop. The majority of market requirements are met with our standard 200 x 300mm format, and our one size/one price policy makes selecting amongst our quality products a straightforward and uncomplicated experience. 

Access Signs

From fragile roofs to slippery surfaces, we have a range of products displaying different versions of warning, caution, danger, and beware access signs. Listed below are some of the access signs we have in stock:

  • Beware ramp ahead
  • Caution slippery surface
  • Danger access to roof only 
  • Danger concealed entrance
  • Danger deep excavation
  • Danger fragile roof
  • Danger guard dogs
  • Danger mind the step
  • Danger no safe access
  • Danger razor wire
  • Danger trip hazard
  • Warning anti climb paint
  • Warning wet floor 

Agricultural Signs

In the agricultural business and looking to make sure you are taking all of the necessary safety precautions? We offer a wide array of agricultural signs to help ensure you are compliant with all health and safety regulations.  Listed below are some of the agricultural themed signs we have in stock:

  • Caution chemical spraying in progress 
  • Caution horses in transit 
  • Danger agricultural chemicals 
  • Danger pesticides 
  • Warning agricultural machinery operating

Asbestos Signs

The single greatest cause of work related deaths in the UK is asbestos. It is absolutely necessary to display warning signs to inform personnel who are in close proximity of an environment containing asbestos. The signs we have available are as follows:

  • Danger asbestos 
  • Danger asbestos removal in progress

Chemical Hazard

We have a diverse selection of chemical hazard signs. Whether you are looking to increase safety measures in a school laboratory or a nuclear power plant, you will find all of the standard safety signs in our online shop. These include the following:

  • Compressed air 
  • Compressed gas 
  • Danger acid 
  • Danger ammonia 
  • Danger battery acid 
  • Danger caustic 
  • Danger chemical store 
  • Danger chlorine 
  • Danger corrosive 
  • Danger cyanide 
  • Danger harmful fumes 
  • Danger hydrochloric acid 
  • Danger irritant chemicals 
  • Danger solvents 
  • Danger sulphuric acid 
  • Danger toxic hazard 
  • Danger toxic 
  • Dangerous chemicals 
  • Flammable gas 
  • Flammable liquid 
  • Highly flammable liquid 
  • Highly flammable LPG (Vinyl) 
  • Non-flammable gas 

Electrical Hazard

In our online shop you’ll find huge choice of electrical hazard signs. From buried cables to electric fence warning signs, we have everything you need to ensure the dangers of surrounding electrical equipment are made aware to site personnel. We also have a range of signs displaying different voltage levels. Below are some examples of the electrical hazard safety signs we have available:

  • Danger buried cables 
  • Danger electric fence 
  • Danger electric shock risk 
  • Danger high voltage 
  • Danger live busbars 
  • Danger live terminals 
  • Danger live wires 
  • Danger of death 
  • Danger static electricity 
  • Do not switch off 
  • Isolate supply before removing cover 
  • Mains switch 
  • Warning isolate everywhere

Fire & Emergency

It is essential to inform people about the safety measures and procedures that must be followed in the event of a fire, but also the necessary precautions that should be taken to prevent one from occurring. We have the following fire safety signs available in our online shop:

  • Automatic fire door keep clear 
  • Fire action (multiple languages)
  • Fire action (procedure) 
  • Fire door keep locked 
  • Fire door keep shut 
  • Fire escape keep clear 
  • Fire prevention please remove plug from socket when not in use 
  • First aid (procedure) 
  • In case of emergency telephone … 
  • In case of fire sound alarm 
  • Keep this escape route clear 
  • Smoke door keep shut 
  • This staircase and exit way to remain clear at all times

General Signs

We have a diverse range of general safety signs available. Simply use our quick select tool on the home page or type in the key words to easily locate the product that you are looking for. Below are a few examples of general signs we have in stock: 

  • Caution 
  • Caution automatic door 
  • Caution hot 
  • Caution hot water 
  • Caution mind the step 
  • Caution mind your head 
  • Caution slippery surface 
  • Caution wet paint 
  • Danger 
  • Danger deep water 
  • Danger low temperature 
  • Danger out of order 
  • Hazardous area 
  • Warning CCTV cameras in operation

Jumbo Signs

If you are looking for signs in larger sizes to increase visibility in environments such as on the road side or building sites, you’ll find a selection of products in our jumbo size section. All jumbo signs come in 600 x 400mm format. We have the following jumbo signs available: 

  • Danger moving vehicles
  • Danger forklift trucks
  • Danger site entrance
  • Danger deep excavation
  • Danger men at work
  • Danger men working overhead
  • Danger demolition in progress
  • Danger hazardous area
  • Danger scaffolding incomplete
  • Danger fragile roof use crawl boards
  • Danger fragile roof
  • Black & yellow warning panel
  • Red & white warning panel 

Laser/Biological Signs

Work places with risks of radiation, laser, and biological hazards must be marked with safety signs to highlight the possible dangers. We have the following laser/biological signs in our standard 200 x 300mm size available:

  • Danger biological hazard
  • Danger laser hazard 
  • Danger radiation risk

Machine Safety Signs

Operating dangerous machinery demands high levels of concentration and consideration. Be sure that workers are well informed about the necessary precautions that must be taken when operating and around potentially harmful machines. Listed below are some of the machine safety signs that you can find in our website:

  • Dangerous machine – code of safety
  • Grinding wheels must be changed by authorized personnel 
  • Guards must be in position 
  • Report faulty machinery to the supervisor or person in charge 
  • Stop machine before removing guards 
  • Use guards

Personal Safety Signs

Ensuring personal safety is an important factor for employers as they must be compliant with all health and safety regulations. It is necessary to inform workers that they must wear protective clothing in certain dangerous environments, and also to make employees aware of compulsory sanitary practices. Below are some examples of personal safety signs we have to offer:

  • Close this door at night 
  • Eye protection must be worn 
  • Fire door keep locked 
  • Fire door keep shut 
  • Health & safety at work act 1974 
  • Keep out 
  • Keep this door closed when not in use 
  • Lift correctly 
  • Now wash your hands 
  • Place all rubbish in bins provided 
  • Protective footwear must be worn 
  • Stack correctly 
  • Switch off when not in use 
  • The noise at work regulations 1989 
  • This door is alarmed 
  • Use guards 
  • VDU safety 
  • Wear ear protectors 
  • Wear face shield 
  • Wear gloves 
  • Wear goggles when using this machinery 
  • Wear mask 
  • Wear protective clothing 
  • Wear respirator 
  • Wear safety harness 
  • Wear safety helmets 
  • Wear welding mask

Photoluminescent Signs

In cases of fire, electrical power failure is a possibility and this can result in the loss of visibility. In the event of such an emergency it is important for evacuees to remain calm when all illumination is lost. Photo luminescent signs are designed to be easily identified and to instruct in such situations which can assist in the prevention of panic and confusion. We have all of the photo luminescent signs you’ll need, from fire extinguisher instructions to signs displaying fire exit directions:

  • CO2, dry powder, foam, & water fire extinguisher instructions 
  • Fire action procedure 
  • Fire alarm 
  • Fire door keep shut 
  • Fire exit arrow (all directions) 
  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Fire point

Process Signs

All of our process signs come in our standard 200 x 300mm format and are designed to display warnings and create awareness of the dangers surrounding environments such as construction sites. Listed below are the process signs that safetysignsonline.co.uk have to offer: 

  • Danger arc welding 
  • Danger demolition in progress 
  • Danger dust hazard 
  • Danger grit blasting in progress 
  • Danger men at work 
  • Danger men working below 
  • Danger men working on the line 
  • Danger noise area

Overhead Danger Signs

Potentially hazardous situations are sometimes not as obvious as others, such as overhead dangers. It is important to bring this to people’s attention with products such as the overhead safety signs we have available that are listed below: 

  • Danger falling objects 
  • Danger men working overhead 
  • Danger mind your head 
  • Danger overhead hazard 
  • Danger overhead live wires 
  • Danger suspended load

Traffic Signs

Safetysignsonline.co.uk also offers a selection of large 400 x 400mm and 600 x 400mm traffic signs. They include the following signs: 

  • Blank speed limit 
  • Caution speed ramps 
  • No entry 
  • Stop 
  • Various speed limit signs 
  • Way in (left and right)
  • Way out (left and right)

Welsh Signs

We also offer a choice of signs in Welsh language, from no smoking to mind your head signs. Below is a list of some of the signs in this category that we have to offer: 

  • Beware of the dog 
  • Fire alarm 
  • Fire exit 
  • First aid 
  • Mind the step 
  • Mind your head 
  • No entry 
  • No exit 
  • No smoking
  • Please shut the gate 
  • Private 
  • Pull 
  • Push 
  • Push bar to open 
  • Reception 
  • Staff only 
  • Toilets (ladies and gentleman) 

Hazard Warning Signs

Our extensive range of hard-wearing hazard warning signs are ideal for use in hazardous environments to warn the public and employees of danger. Our hazard warning signs come in a variety of sizes and feature clear easy to read text with warning symbols. Signs available include warnings of electricity including specified voltage, chemical warning signs and flammable materials signage. Our signs can include graphics only, text, warning symbols and all are suitable for interior or exterior use. These signs are suitable to meet specific health and safety regulation codes within workplaces, industrial environments and in public locations.

Mandatory Signs

Safety Signs Online offers a large range of mandatory signage used to warn or instruct employees and members of the public. Signs include information on the wearing of safety clothing, keep out signs, construction signs and alarm signage, to name just a few. All of our mandatory signs are suitable for interior and exterior use, and come in a range of sizes to meet your requirements. Mandatory signs are ideal for use in industrial locations, office environments, public buildings, construction sites, fire escape areas and warehouses. Please contact us if you have special requests for signs that are not shown on our website.

Prohibition Signs

Our prohibition signs are ideal for applications including no smoking warnings, no naked flames, no exits, no parking and no admittance. Prohibition signs are used to warn or notify employees and the public in locations such as public buildings, parks, warehouses, private property, industrial environments and offices. Our signs are clearly marked, easy to read and come with graphics, symbols and text. Signs are suitable for both interior and exterior use, and are available in a range of sizes to meet your requirements. Visit the Safety Signs Online website to view our comprehensive range of signs.

Safe Conditions Signs

At Safety Signs Online we offer a wide range of safe conditions signs that are ideal for locations such as warehouses, offices, public buildings and industrial environments. Our safe conditions signs include fire exit notifications, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinkler warnings and first aid signs. Safe conditions signs come in a variety of sizes and colours, and are suitable for both interior and exterior use. Our signs are used in a diversity of locations across the UK as well as being widely used by in public locations such as the NHS. Visit our website to view our entire range of safe conditions signs.

Traffic Signs

Safety Signs Online offers a range of traffic signs including speed limit signs, no entry signs, direction signs, speed ramps and stop signs. Our traffic signs are ideal for use in car parks, warehouses, retail parks and loading bays, to name just a few. Traffic signs feature easy to read text and graphics, and our signs come in various sizes to meet your requirements. Traffic signs are ideal for use in exterior locations to warn or notify the public or employees. Visit our website to view our entire range of signs and to order online.

Stencil Signs

Safety Signs Online offers a wide range of stencil signs in a diversity of sizes to meet your requirements. These easy to read signs include warning notifications, information for visitors and no trespassing signs. Our stencil signs are the ideal solution for loading bays, car parks, office environments and warehouses. Stencil signs can include text only, numbers and symbols, and are suitable for interior and exterior use. Our website holds examples of our stencil signs including disabled access signs, parking signs, entry signs and speed restriction signs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have special requests for signs not shown on our website.

Our Products

At Safety Signs Online we place importance on the quality of the products we supply, which is why our signs are constructed from heavy-duty, semi-rigid PVC for an enhanced lifespan. Our signs are hard-wearing enough for prolonged used in severe weather conditions and are ideal for use in industrial locations. Signs come with a very powerful adhesive undercoating making for a quick and easy application process – no drilling or screwing of the signs is required. We offer our signs with 200 x 300mm as a standard size but we do offer a variety of sizes to meet your requirements.

Contact Us

Safety Signs Online is a UK company located in Macclesfield, Cheshire. We can be contacted via telephone or by email, details of which are available at our website. We have included an online contact form at our website and once we have assessed your information or request we will contact you as soon as possible. Please visit the Safety Signs Online website to view our complete signage range and to order any of our signs.



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