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Vehicle tracking and asset management specialists, SafeTrac-Solutions are a global leader in tracking and telematic services. Our web based tracking solutions allow customers to remotely control their fixed and mobile assets at the click of a button from anywhere in the world. We also supply the Tom Tom and Tracker range of products .

SafeTrac Solutions has many years in the fleet management industry, with many esteemed clients from both private and public sector companies. The industries using our products and services include governments, public health services, large international haulage firms, car dealers and manufacturers, marine organisations and large insurance companies. We are confident we have the vehicle tracking and fleet management solution for you. We specialise in; 

  • Asset tracking
  • Fuel saving solutions
  • Lone worker & personal protection
  • Vehicle  tracking & CCTV
  • Satellite tracking devices
  • Telematic services
  • Vehicle & transport CCTV
  • Vehicle tracking & fleet management
  • Vehicle tracking & theft recovery

As well as providing off the shelf solutions, the SafeTrac Solutions dedicated team of software and hardware developers work with you in order to develop bespoke tracking solutions that match your requirements and work best for you and your business ensuring you receive and control the right information to protect your assets effectively.



Registration Number: 05109584
VAT Number: GB837 5764 85
Registered at Companies House:22 April, 2004 (19 years and 11 months ago)
No of Employees: 11-20
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: none
Company Type:
  • Distributor
  • Service Providers
UK Branches: Southampton , Portsmouth, Fareham ,

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Brand & Trade Names

  • Geotab Incredibly Rich Data Foremostly, Geotab offers extremely rich data for your vehicles. The data collected includes miles travelled, the status of a vehicle, how long the vehicle has spent idling, and much more. This large quantity of data allows you to make informed decisions about your fleet’s future actions. Decisions you can make include route optimisation and maintenance for your vehicles. Safer Driving Information gathered from telematics such as Geotab are vital as they lead to better driving and safer roads for everyone. For example, Geotab can collect data on speeding, aggressive driving, harsh braking and accidents. Some of the ways that it can help to encourage better driving are: Drivers will be able to track their own levels of personal risk, leading them to make better informed choices about how they use the road. Driver coaching (through buzzers or spoken word) can notify drivers and encourage them to be more conscious on the road. Reversing is one of the more dangerous and accident-prone driving activities. Geotab can provide extra warnings and advise more caution when the vehicle is in reverse. Ultimately, this data can be used to identify roads with higher-than-average numbers of accidents. City councils could potentially use this data to make these roads safer and to avoid future accidents. For a business, Geotab can also reduce your outgoing costs due to accidents in the following ways: Seatbelt and speed coaching in a vehicle Reducing vehicle damage through coaching and driver data Helping to manage workers’ compensation claims Improving liability rates according to monthly risk management score cards. Improving the environment In 2018, more and more fleets are trying to cut down on their emissions to decrease their carbon footprint. Additionally, while cutting fuel usage is also great news for the environment, it also saves a business money. Geotab is able to help a business to reduce its fuel usage in the following ways: Improving route choices Tracking and managing idling time, speed and aggressive driving Vehicle maintenance and health data Audit of fuel purchased vs fuel consumed
  • Mobileye Mobileye lane departure system.
  • ST Tracker Safetrac tracking unit
  • Tom Tom Tom Tom Tracking systems
  • Tracker Tracker stolen vehicle systems
  • Y3k Camera systems

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