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Safesite specialises in the design, installation and recertification of fall protection equipment. We also offer risk assessment and management consultancy services, together with height safety product/system training an number of health and safety training courses including Working at Height, Ladder Safety and Rescue.
With a comprehensive range of products and a variety of supporting services, Safesite is able to offer a complete health and safety solution. Our reputation within the industry is founded upon service, reliability and value – these are the key principles of our continued success. Ongoing investment into the latest facilities, systems, procedures and staff has seen us lead the way in product innovation and quality assurance ever since establishment. 

Our fall protection equipment – which includes guardrails, lifelines, mobile man anchors and rescue and anchorage systems - can be supplied and installed or supplied only, depending on your requirements. Installation is carried out by professionally qualified engineers, ensuring complete quality assurance. More information on Safesite fall protection products can be found in the sections below.

To find out more about Safesite and the products and services we offer, please head over to our website or get in touch directly on 01293 529 977.

Edge Protection Guardrail

Safesite's range of guardrail systems includes Systems 2000 and KeeGuard® standard, raked, radiused and collapsible systems. These systems are designed to provide permanent edge protection for areas where regular access is required and are based on a simple cantilever design which provides unrivalled strength and stability and does not require fixing into the roof's structure.  The range has the added benefits of featuring the Kee Klamp® open style fittings which allow quick installation and 100% recycled PVC counter weights. 

Mobile Man Anchor

The Mobile Man Anchor offers a short term safety solution for work carried out on an infrequent basis. They are typically used when maintaining plant and equipment installed at roof level, including HVAC systems, lightning conductors and telecommunications equipment. Safesite’s Mobile Man Anchor is one of the lightest, most compact anchors of its kind, and is also one of the easiest to assemble. To find out exactly how it works, please visit Safesite online or get in touch with the Safesite sales team on 01293 529 977.


Safesite’s Dermacation Systems provide a high visibility, maintenance-free solution for restricting/deterring access around plant, equipment and fragile materials. It also works as a more economical alternative to a guardrail system, providing it is placed at least 2 metres from the roof’s edge. Safesite Demarcation Systems are compact, portable and easy to assemble. Posts are made with a heavy duty PVC base weighing 11kg, which prevents the system from falling in windy conditions. A highly visible, two colour polyurethane chain links the posts.

Horizontal Lifeline

The KeeLine® horizontal life line system provides an ideal fall arrest solution for situations where guardrails are unsuitable or in places where a discreet solution is required.

The cable provides the user with complete and continual “hands-free” protection. When the user passes a bracket, the link device that attaches them to the system simply glides over it. The lifeline system also incorporates an innovative Progressive Absorbing System – this reduces the shock load on both the operative and the building structure in the event of a fall. The system has been tested and approved to BS EN 795:1997 standards for protection against falls.

Rescue Kit

Safesite’s Rescue Kit has been developed in response to the need for an easy-to-use onsite rescue system that does not require a great amount of operator training. It is designed to work with any anchorage point, and it incorporates both a dedicated rescue hub and a simple rope grab device which can quickly and easily be attached to the line of the person in danger. 

The Rescue Kit enables a rescuer to help the casualty from a point of safety, raising or lowering them as appropriate. In extreme situations, it can also be used to abseil to the aid of the casualty.

Hercule Track System

The Safesite Hercule is a horizontal fall arrest/ goods carrying enclosed track system which has been tested to the requirements of EN795. It is designed for low ground clearance situations where conventional fall arrest solutions are ineffective, such as installation work in industrial environments, loading bays, warehouses, workshops, etc. The Hercule enclosed track system incorporates a lightweight trolley with sealed bearings, allowing workers to move freely and operate completely hands-free along the length of the system.

Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

Safesite offers two different vertical fall arrest systems:
  • Cabloc – an extremely flexible device based on a vertical tensioned cable system and arrester which gives operatives complete hands-free protection.
  • Railok – a track based system that allows free movement but also reduces the likelihood of injury in the event of a fall. Ideal for accessing tall structures such as masts, gantries, silos and ladders.

You can find out more about our Cabloc and Railok vertical fall arrest systems by visiting Safesite online.

Anchorage Systems

In some cases, external works require access from the inside of a building as well as from the outside – for example, window cleaning or minor fascia maintenance. For these kind of operations we offer several suitable anchorage systems, including “eyebolt” roof anchors and ladder restraints, both of which are amongst the most commonly employed solutions for fall arrest safety. For detailed information on the correct positioning, installation and annual re-certification of anchorage systems, please visit Safesite online.

Fragile Roof Access

We supply roof access equipment specifically designed for short term protection on fragile roofs and materials.  Our systems ensure the safety of workers by providing an effective working platform.  The portable board-walk system is made from a high grade aluminium mesh, which spreads weight loads across support battens.  Suitable for use in all kinds of weather, the walkway weights only 28kg and measures 500mm in width.  Our roof-walk system is a movable platform mounted on twin tracks.  The system is fully guarded so workers can move up and down the roof easily and safely.  You can learn more about both these systems on our website.

Ladder Restraints

As always with Safesite, the most important consideration is safety, so we provide a ladder restraint system to ensure the complete safety of workers carrying out maintenance work at heights.  This permanent solution is ideal for sites where a lot of work is done on ladders.  An added benefit is that there are 3 points of contact provided, allowing workers to carry out tasks with the full use of both hands.  There is more information about the ladder restraint system on our website, so do have a look.

Training Courses

As well as our safety product and system training, we also present a range of RIBA and IOSH accredited courses offering comprehensive, essential health and safety training.  Included are Working at Height, Working at Height Rescue, Ladder Safety and Confined Space Safe Entry.  Most courses are run in-house, with a few being available at our Crawley office.  All our experienced instructors are fully City and Guilds qualified.  We aim to meet all needs and provide a good range of facilities for those with special needs.  Have a look at our website to find out more details about our training courses.

Site Surveys and Reports

Both employers and self-employed contractors are required by law to safeguard the safety of others in and around their sites.  This involves careful planning for working at height.  We can help you make your way through the various requirements and legislation.  Our experienced surveyors will undertake comprehensive site surveys, so you can be sure you are in full compliance with all requirements relevant to your work.  For smaller sites we offer free site surveys and a single page report which outlines our recommendations, as well as a full cost estimate.  Employers with larger sites or more than one site will benefit from our commissioned surveys.  First we undertake the required survey(s), then produce a detailed report and recommendations, outlining relevant legislation, with detailed photos and layout drawings, together with professional risk assessment and in-depth cost analysis.  Our site surveys and reports are described in detail on our website, so do take a look.



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  • Kee Dome® Modular rooflight protection
  • Kee i-bolt® Range of Class A1 safety anchors
  • KeeGuard® Edge Protection System
  • KeeGuard® Topfix Collective edge protection for metal profile and standing seam roofs
  • KeeLine® Horizontal life line system
  • Roofanka® Single or structural anchor point

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