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Founded in 1977, Rubb Buildings Ltd has gone on to become a world leader in the design, manufacture, delivery and erection of custom made fabric building structures. We have a proud history of providing innovative and quality solutions to a range of clients, delivering military hangers, warehouses, shelters, sunshades, sports halls and storage buildings for sectors such as aviation, construction, bulk storage and environmental.

We provide both temporary and permanent buildings which are durable, relocatable, flexible, strong and easy to maintain, making them very cost-effective investments. Our engineered fabric structures are produced by Rubb Buildings' expert service engineers and technicians with over forty years of experience. Throughout the process we work closely with clients, so that we can manufacture our steel and aluminium framed, PVC fabric structures to suit your individual requirements. Rubb Buildings Ltd view high quality as the benchmark for every step of the Rubb process and our customers' needs are paramount from quotation to completion.

Aviation Hangars

We have provided custom designed aviation structures for many airports, airlines, aviation services and military organisations, including providing hangar solutions to the UK Royal Air Force for the last 30 years. As a leading manufacturer of helicopter hangers, aircraft hangers, aeroplane maintenance and storage warehouses, air cargo facilities and ground support buildings, we have a proven track record in delivering fast, flexible and cost effective solutions. Whether you need a hangar for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, air cargo or air terminal expansion, our structures are perfect for when you need rapid erection, low cost and the ability to relocate the structure anywhere in the world.

Sport Facilities

When it comes to the design of sports halls, Rubb Buildings continue to score goals, and thanks to our experience in innovating the design and manufacture of permanent and relocatable fabric engineered buildings and our total quality in product delivery, we have netted a successful entry into the market. Funding and constructing sports facilities can be an intimidating task, but the experts at Rubb Buildings can meet the challenge, providing the flexibility, speed of construction and cost effectiveness needed. Our high strength PVC coated fabrics tensioned over our engineered steel frames assure that sports groups worldwide have a competitive edge.

Military Buildings

With clients including the UK, USA, UAE and Canadian forces, Rubb Buildings have a proven track record for providing structures that can be rapidly deployed and quickly erected anywhere in the world. We provide military hangars, storage warehouses, relocatable buildings, aircraft shelters and sunshades, which are all fully demountable for future erect, strike and store cycles. Our EFASS range of military buildings are robust, reliable and maintainable, made to support defence requirements in places with difficult terrain and challenging environmental conditions. In addition, our structures can be manufactured with various door options, to accommodate fixed wing aircraft, rotary wing aircraft and land vehicle maintenance.

Port Buildings

When providing buildings for port facilities, it is important that the structure will not corrode in a marine environment, which is where Rubb Buildings' PVC cladding becomes an advantage. This allows the structures to accept differential settlement, without needing expensive pile foundations. Our storage buildings are a flexible solution for dockside marine terminals, with large, column free spaces illuminated by natural light thanks to the translucent roofs. They provide a safer, more efficient environment than other warehouse buildings, as well as the ability to easily and cost effectively reconfigure or relocate to suit the changing needs of a busy port.

Storage Warehouses

Meeting bulk storage requirements is made easier thanks to our custom bulk storage structures, which can be configured to accommodate conveyors and other loading methods. Compared to bulk storage silos, Rubb storage buildings offer a much more flexible solution, as they can be readily relocated or converted to store various products. Our structures have been used for storage of everything from biomass to perlite and often function as salt sheds in cold climates. In the case of sealed bulk storage, steel support structure walls with pre-stressed concrete infill panels allow for fast, simple construction, providing a fully sealed facility that not only prevents water ingress, but allows for internal retaining walls to be built based on storage needs.

Emergency Relief Shelters

Rubb Buildings provide easily transported and erected rapid-response structures for emergency situations, which can be erected in a few hours and can be re-deployed at other locations in the case of later emergencies. Our shelters are readily erected as emergency relief camps with simple tools and equipment, using unskilled labour and experienced supervision. Another advantage is the ability to easily transport our structures, which are fully air transportable and pack into less than 1% of their erected volume. We also offer the choice of heavier weight cladding materials that are fire safe and UV resistant, or light weight alternatives for air freight.

Construction Shelters

For the construction sector, we provide temporary and semi-permanent shelters and industrial buildings to protect ongoing building projects from the elements. Rubb Buildings can get your construction materials under shelter quickly and economically, so you can focus on meeting project deadlines and ensuring high product quality. Compared to traditional construction shelters and buildings, Rubb shelters provide more cost effective solutions for construction projects of all types. As clients' needs change, Rubb construction shelters can be easily moved around an existing site or quickly relocated and reused at different construction sites, providing tough, durable and flexible shelter wherever your construction needs require.

Marine Buildings

Rubb Buildings provide our structures not only for on shore marine buildings, but for ships and barges as well. Our buildings are used extensively to protect large fabrication work in shipyards, and we can provide covered and dehumidified storage for ships and barges. On land, our structures can be track mounted in sections to facilitate overhead crane access, and smaller workshops can be lifted and moved around the shipyard while erected. For off land needs, we provide dehumidified cargo cocoons for safe transport of sensitive goods and ocean going barges can be covered to protect raw materials from the elements.



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