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Ever since our establishment in 1895, Ritherdon & Co Ltd have provided customers around the United Kingdom with electrical enclosures of the highest quality. From our headquarters in Darwen, Lancashire, we supply our own outstanding manufactured products to a variety of industries.

Over the years, we’ve shown ourselves to be pioneers in our sector, with our innovative solutions including the creation of industrial metering panels for use by electrical suppliers, the development of service cabinets and feeder pillars for deployment in street lighting and highway contexts, and the production of stainless steel enclosures to protect sensitive electronic and electrical components.

Today we’re still at the forefront, making meter boxes, products for household maintenance, industrial metering panels, sign systems and much more! Have a look at our website to see what an impressive range of items we offer – the answer to your business needs is just a phone call or email away!

External Enclosures

Ritherdon’s external enclosures are excellent for safeguarding electrical and electronic equipment, and have a long record of usage within the UK road traffic monitoring, lighting and signalling sector. Our RB range of enclosures have seen service in situations as diverse as Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s car charging scheme and the Saudi Arabian petroleum trade. They’re incredibly resistant to corrosion, meaning their functional life is far longer than average, and are available in a wide selection of colours. If you want something slightly smaller, then our feeder pillars (the most commonly encountered in UK streets) come in standard and hinged-door variants.

Meter Box Repair

If you have an external electric or gas meter outside your home, it’s probably inside a GRP enclosure. Meter boxes of this type are easily damaged by vandalism, the elements or general attrition. Our inexpensive and easy-to-fit door and frame units can put right a damaged meter box in no time at all. They’ll cover the GRP in powder-coated steel without you even having to disconnect the meter. Check out the production selection table and photos on our website, which will guide you towards the most appropriate unit for your particular meter box. Much cheaper and simpler than buying a whole new product!

Meter Boxes

Worried about vandalism or want to reduce the risk of damage from fire or fumes? If so, Ritherdon steel meter boxes may well represent better options for you than do traditional GRP boxes. We’ve got boxes in small, medium and large sizes (as prescribed by ESI 12-3 specifications), and all are compatible for use in flush, semi-recessed or surface mounting fittings. They’re made out of zinc-plated steel which won’t corrode, and covered in an attractive powder-coated white veneer. The R3 meter box is intended for fitting in the corridors of multi-storey buildings while the R6 is great for completely surface-mounted installations.

FireSeal Meter Boxes

The FireSeal meter box is a door and frame unit which has been specially developed by Ritherdon for use in critical walls located in multi-occupancy buildings (like blocks of flats or office premises). It boasts exceptional door strength and has intumescent seals to restrict smoke movement, while its locks are especially resistant to high temperatures. The FireSeal has been tested to EN1363 and EN1366 standards and has been shown to resist fire penetration for at least one hour under temperatures in the vicinity of 1000°C. Leeds City Council Fire Safety Teams are currently successfully using the FireSeal in their day-to-day work, and thereby constantly assessing its performance.

Passive Safety Products

We retail a large selection of passive safety products which will help to lessen the likelihood of road traffic accidents. These include passive safe roadside cabinets, which have been crash-tested to EN12767 standards by being submitted to two full-on collisions with a car before classification; flexipole sign systems which return to their original position and shape after up to 1,000 impacts at a maximum velocity of 60mph; PolePlugs, a simple and secure Highways Agency-approved wiring system intended for usage with passive safe traffic poles; and pedestrian guardrail sockets, featuring internal polymer sleeves which are vandal-resistant and available in a variety of colours.

Poletech Products

Ritherdon & Co took over the manufacturing of the products of the prestigious Poletech Systems Ltd in 2012, and these represent some of the finest items in our inventory. Poletech demountable traffic islands can be installed in under seven hours and will incorporate any type of beacon pole or traffic signal. They’re guaranteed to reduce traffic delay, noise and costs. The Poletech Modular Access Chamber flatpack system is a combined cable/pole box which gives duct access to cable TV, signal and sign industries, while pole retention sockets make replacing street furniture easy in the event of damage or ongoing maintenance.



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