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A leading national supplier of fertilizers, grass seed, chemicals, line markings, soil condioners, top dressings and sports equipment for the construction, maintenance and improvement of sports, amenity and landscape areas.



Registration Number: 00157345
VAT Number: GB927 3770 02
Registered at Companies House:24 July, 1919 (102 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Distributor
UK Branches: Bolton, Newbridge, Guildford

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Activate XL A microbial biostimulant that boosts microbial populations, increases rooting and plant health and helps in degrading thatch.
  • Activate-R A biostimulant that increases nutrient retention, rooting and general plant health.
  • Amino-Form A family of amino-acid based supplements that gives the turf maximum protection and recovery from stress.
  • Blockade A formulation for black layer treatment in turf
  • Breaker Advance Wetting agent for control of dry patch and other water-related problems in amenity turf
  • Breaker BioLinks Wetting agent + phytohormones for control of Dry Patch and other water related problems in turf
  • Breaker Curative A curative application for treatment of localised dry patch and water repellancy in amenity turf
  • Cal-Form For Calcium deficiency in turf.
  • Chikara A systemic pre-emergent and earlly post-emergwent herbicide for the control of annual and perennial weeds on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, and permeable surfaces overlying soil.
  • Crossbar A selective herbicide for the control of a range of broad-leaved weeds i9n amenity turf.
  • Crossfire 480 Insecticide for control of leatherjackets and frit fly in amenity turf.
  • Defender A broad spectrum turf fungicide for the control of Fusarium Patch and Red Thread
  • Delta Sport A range of mini-granular, organic based fertilizers providing a modified releaser of nitrogen for use on sportsfield turf.
  • Discman CDA Biograde A foliar applied, non-residual herbicide in a ready-to-use cda formualtion for the control of emerged weeds in amenity, and forestry ares and near water
  • Duraline A range of white line marking paints for use with transfer wheel markers or spray machines for use on turf.
  • Eland Strobilurin-based amenity turf fungicide
  • Fusion A contact and systemic fungicide for the control of major turf diseases
  • Gallup Biograde Amenity A foliar applied translocated glyphosate (360g/l) herbicide for control of emerged weeds in amenity and industrial situations, forestry and aquatic areas
  • Gallup Hi-Aktiv Amenity A high level glyphosate (490g/l)herbicide for control of annual and perennial grasses and most broad-leaved weeds in industrial situations, forestry and aquatic areas.
  • Greengard A selctive herbicide for control of certain broad-leaved weeds in amenity grassland and scrub control in forestry and uncropped areas.
  • Greenor Amenity turf selctive herbicide
  • Greenspread BSI PAS 100 accredited non-peat compost produced from recycled green and woody plant materials.
  • Guardian A range of mini-granular fertilizers with amino acids and ERD for amenity turf
  • Impact An innovative linemarking system combimining a totally integrated ready-to-use paint, spray marking machine and environmentally freindly packaging.
  • Integrate For turf suffering from compaction
  • Iron Complex For a rapid green-up to all types of amenity turf.
  • Junction Amenity turf selective herbicide for regular maintenance weed control
  • KerbFlo + Flexidor 125 A tank mix of two residual hebicides for control of a broad range of annual and perennial weedas and grasses in ornamental plantings and recreational areas.
  • K-Form For potassium deficiency in turf
  • Mag-Form For the treatment of Magnesium deficiency in turf.
  • Magnet Rapide A chelated, long lasting liquid iron for turf
  • Masalon An amenity turf fungicide
  • Mascot Contact A multi-site protectant fungicide for the control of a range of turf diseases
  • Mascot Grass Seed A broad range of high quality grass seed mixtures for a variety of sports, amenity and landscaping areas.
  • Mascot Systemic Controls worm casts in amenity turf.
  • Microfine A range of controlled release granular fertilzers for amenity turf
  • Microflow CX A range of controlled release liquid fertilizers for amenity turf
  • Premier-HG A range of granular fertilizers providing multi-phased nitrogen release for use on amenity turrf.
  • Profile Field & Fairway improves drainage and resists compaction in amenity turf
  • Profile Greens Improves drainage and resists compaction in high perdormance root zones
  • Qualgex Surface biocide for treatment of algae and moulds on hard surfaces
  • Rayzor A broad spectrum contact fungicide for the control of Fusarium Patch and read Thread in turf
  • Seaweed Compact A dried seaweed extract in a soluble powder form to help improve shoot density, root growth and general plant health.
  • Super Selective Plus A selective herbicide for control of many annual and perennial weeds in managed amenity turf.
  • Timbrel Selective scrub and brushwood herbicide

Financial Information

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