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RICO Industrial Services Ltd is the UK’s leading expert for condenser tube cleaning and heat exchanger maintenance. We are the tube specialists, and we believe that preventative maintenance is more cost-effective than an expensive replacement, which is why we provide innovative solutions for achieving maximum reliability and efficiency for plant cooling water systems - no matter how small or large. Since being established in 1990 we have expanded our business to accommodate the needs of our customers, and have completed successful service contracts in the petrochemical, power and process industries. Many of our valued clients return to us each year. Our experienced and friendly team always offer an effective, high-quality solution to save you money in the long run. 

RICO Industrial Services are now the largest tube and pipe service company in the UK, as well as providers of tube cleaning equipment, tubesheet coatings, de-greasers, tube plugs and leak detection equipment. At RICO, we have in-depth knowledge and a vast range of products to cope with challenging situations, and we stock a wide selection of effective products at competitive prices. We are also the UK distributor for Rydlyme and Rydlyme Marine – the world’s leading biodegradable de–scaler. It is safe and easy to use, as well as environmentally friendly, and it dissolves water scale quickly and efficiently. RICO are also members of ROSPA, and are UVDB verified, for your peace of mind. Browse the categories below to find out more about us, or contact us directly on 01584 811 716 and one of our helpful team will be able to assist you.

Wils-Away (TM) Tube Cleaning Range

Wils-Away Tube Cleaning Systems are a practical, easy-to-use and effective cleaning solution, as they use water to aid cleaning by flushing away any debris. They are extremely compact for use in small spaces, and can be run wet or dry, and most require just one man operation. Suitable for cleaning tubes from 7.1mm in diameter, they effectively remove all types of deposits - from light sludge to hard scale. At RICO, we stock the Wils-Away Pneumatic Compact Drive Unit 1 1/2hp, the Wils-Away Electric Compact Drive Unit 1/2hp, Wils-Away Electric Dolly Mounted Drive Unit 1/2hp, Wils-Away Electric Dolly Mounted Drive Unit 1hp, and the Wils-Away Pneumatic Dolly Mounted Drive Unit 4hp. Click on the link to view full technical specifications and images for each item, or please contact us if you would like any assistance.

PG Series Air Driven Tube Cleaning System

The PG Series Air Driven Tube Cleaning System is a reliable, pneumatic-driven system that’s suitable for cleaning tubes from just 4.7mm in diameter. It features innovative carbide-tipped type ‘M’ cutter bits, which allow it to drill through the heaviest deposits - including blocked tubes. It has a scavenging hose to provide a flushing action, and cleaning depth can be further increased by adding a 5ft hollow extension shaft. It’s compatible with a range of accessories, such as the ‘M’ Cutter, SPE-Dur Cutter and P Brush, which are available from RICO at competitive prices. We also stock the PG Series Air Motor and PG Series Shafts. Please click on the link to view our selection.

MS Series Air-Driven Tube Cleaning System

The M S Series Air Driven Tube Cleaning System is a pneumatic system for cleaning tubes from 12.7mm in diameter. It boasts a powerful 10,000 rpm motor, which cleans in one pass in order to save you time and increase productivity. With minimal moving parts is it reliable, durable and easy to operate, and it is extremely versatile – with an expanding brush suitable for cleaning light deposits, whilst the Model A Cutter Head will cut through even the hardest scale. It’s fully compatible with a range of other cleaning heads, which we will be happy to advise you upon. Click on the link to view our associated products, from air hoses to alternative cutter heads.

Flexible Shafts

Flexible Nylon Shafts are designed to connect to the Wils-Away Tube Cleaning Systems, and are specially crafted to fit a variety of cleaning heads for increased flexibility. The shafts are made up of an inner steel core with a nylon outer casing. This allows water to pass down the shaft, therefore acting as a lubricating agent whilst flushing away the debris. RICO Industrial Services stock a range of flexible shafts, in three different diameters: of 6.4mm, 9.5mm and 12.7mm, and in varying lengths, from 4.6m up to 18.3m. We also stock a range of associated products and accessories, which can be viewed by clicking on the link.

Tube Cleaning Heads

RICO Industrial Services are pleased to stock a wide range of tube cleaning heads, specially manufactured to fit the popular Wils-Away, MS and PG Series Air Driven Tube Cleaning systems. Our selection features heads specially designed to tackle specific deposits: such as mud, algae and scale, or even completely blocked tubes. We have a wide choice of sizes and materials, to compliment all different types of tube metals and materials, and to fit tubes from 7.1mm in diameter and up. If you would like any advice on which head would best suit your needs, please contact us on 01584 811 716 and our experienced team will be happy to advise you.

Air-Mate Pellet Launcher

Discover the innovative Air-Mate Pellet Launcher – designed for the removal of contamination or foreign bodies in hoses, tubes and pipes. It is ergonomically designed to provide an effective solution that could help avoid preventative or corrective maintenance and repair. It works by firing a foam pellet through the tube, which is 20% larger than the diameter of the tube itself, thereby cleaning and wiping the internal surface as it travels. This quickly and easily removes the problem at the other end. What’s more, the clever pellets are able to travel through t-joints, coils, loops, bends and even 90-degree angles, and can bore straight through valves. The Air-Mate Pellet Launcher really is a revolution in tube and pipe clearing, and is available from RICO.

Tube Cleaning

RICO offers a variety of services to clean heat exchanger tubes, and our experienced team have many years of experience in carrying out specialist techniques. Our services include the Mechanical Scraper System, High Pressure Water Jetting, the Air Mate TM Pellet Launcher System, the ARW Tube Cleaning Machine, and Rydlyme - the world's leading biodegradable de-scaler. 
The Mechanical Scraper System utilises RICO’s unique booster pump in order to generate a low water pressure but high volume to propel special cleaners down the tubes. It effectively removes a range of soft and hard deposits without damaging the wall of the tube. By undertaking regular tube cleaning, you can save time and money by avoiding unnecessary repairs and maintenance, as well as preserving and improving tube efficiency, saving energy and reducing leaks and wastage.

Leak Detection Systems

Tube leaks can be reasonably common when regular maintenance is not undertaken, and can be costly and even dangerous. Which is why RICO supply a selection of effective leak detection systems, for your peace of mind. These include Foam, Helium and the Pneumatic Detector Gun System. 
The Foam system is a simple and effective design that uses foam to search for on-line leaks. It uses a special foaming agent to cover the tube plates, and detects if any foam is sucked into the tube, thus indicating a leak. The leak can then be located and repaired.
The Helium system uses the inert gas that is applied to each section in turn, and draws the gas through the tubes, where the helium spectrometer will alert the user to any leaks found. The subdivision accurately and quickly locates any leaks so that they can be marked and plugged. 

The Pneumatic Detector Gun System is highly accurate and fast, and is inserted into either end of the tube before filling the tube with compressed air. The tube will de-pressurise if a leak is present, which will show up on the detector.

Tube Inspection Services

Our tube inspection services are designed to give you peace of mind, and to reduce repair bills and other costs associated with lost productivity, by identifying any potential problems before they become serious. Our services include the Acoustic Eye System and the Eddy Current Tube Inspection. 

The Acoustic Eye System provides a non-invasive tube inspection for heat exchangers, and uses high tech acoustic technology. It is extremely fast and accurate, meaning you can reduce downtime and test all tubes more efficiently. It uses pulse reflectometry, suitable for any tube material and design, which omits sound waves from a probe at the end of the tube. Our special software then analyses the pulses coming back to detect any holes, erosion, blockages or pitting that may be present, which are compiled in a full report.

Eddy Current Inspection is designed for heat exchangers, oil coolers, condensers and air con units. It measures changes in the impedance of an electromagnetic coil as it is scanned over the surface of conductive material, utilising eddy current techniques to detect any tube erosion, cracks or pits.


At RICO Industrial Services we have over 20 years experience in working with heat exchangers and condensers and, as such, our maintenance solutions are second to none. Our specialist services include a Tube Mapping and Plugging Service, Tube Removal and Tube Insert Removal and Replacement. 
Tube Mapping and Plugging is designed to prevent leaks and damage by identifying the exact location of tube plugs at either end, and replacing any damaged plugs with new plugs - in order to avoid loss of service whilst more invasive investigations are carried out at a later date.
Tube Removal is sometimes required for a more in-depth inspection, and our professional team will safely remove the tube and replace it with a temporary dummy whilst the tube is fully analysed to determine any cause for damage. 

Tube Insert Removal and Replacement can also be required to re-fit all brands and types of erosion inserts. Please contact us for more information.

Tube Coatings

RICO are pleased to offer a range of specially manufactured anti-corrosion coatings, alongside our partner, GMA S.R.L (Italy). The coatings are designed to prevent corrosion and erosion in tube sheets and other tubes in heat exchangers and condensers. The patented technology is ideal for strengthening tube-sheets, water-boxes, tube inlets and tube internals. 
The Tube Sheet Coating System is designed to protect the tubes from abrasive and corrosive materials in the water. It encapsulates and insulates the tubes and the tube-sheet by applying 3-5mm thickness of synthetic resins over the existing corroded tube-sheet. 
Tube Inlet Coating repairs and protects inlets damaged by erosion and corrosion using Phencote HR60. Made from resin polymer, it’s 100% VOC free, and is certified for use in drinking water and salt water.
We can also offer the Internal Surface Coating of tubes, by using The Phencote HR60 tube-lining, which provides a durable solution for any internal tube surface problem. It uses high-tech endoscopic controls, DFT and holiday testing according to standard ASTM D5162-08, whilst guaranteeing 100% surface coverage and full coating efficiency.

Dri-Seal Jiffi Tube Plug

At RICO we are committed to providing the very best products at reasonable prices. The Dri-Seal Jiffi-Plug provides a new and inexpensive way to seal leaking heat exchanger tubes safely and easily. The Jiffi Plug is made from a combination of advanced polymer materials, giving it the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 150 ° C and working pressures of up to 300psig. Order any combination of sizes, ranging from the 8mm plug (to suit tube sizes- 3/8" x 19-21swg, 10mm x 19swg), up to the 24.75mm plug (to suit tube size - 1" x 23-24swg), in a minimum quantity of 100. Please contact us if you would like any further assistance.

Brass Double Rubber Tube Plug

Our range of Brass Double Rubber Tube Plugs are highly durable, offering reliability and efficiency at extremely competitive prices. Our tube plugs are designed for use in tubes from 11.65mm in diameter, but our friendly team will be happy to advise you on the best product for your requirements. Please click on the link to find out about our current availability and pricing.

Vacuum Leak Detector (VLD)

The Vacuum Leak Detector (VLD) is an extremely effective test instrument used by manufacturers and users of condensers, heat exchangers, and other tubular apparatus. It is ideal for identifying leaking tubes from 6.4mm to 76.2mm in size, and can be operated by one user, as it is fast, quiet and lightweight. It works by sealing the far end of the tube with a snap type tube plug, and pressing the rubber-coated nozzle into the near end of the tube. A steady Gauge reading indicates a good tube while a falling vacuum indicates a leaky tube. Accessory parts are also available from RICO – please click on the link to find out more.


RYDALL degreaser is a highly innovative biodegradable, water soluble, mineral oil-free, alkaline solution that is extremely effective at removing oil, grease, fat, dirt and all other pollutants from all surfaces. It is versatile and strong, and because it is non-hazardous can be used for almost any cleaning application. It is available in a choice of RYDALL MP and RYDALL CC. 

RYDALL MP is designed for shifting extremely tough deposits in industrial and commercial facilities, institutions and households. It can be used as an oil dispersant or an all round detergent, without harmful effects on the user or surfaces. It is one of the strongest non-solvent based degreasers available.
RYDALL CC is a heavy-duty coil cleaner that is safe and easy to use to clean tough dirt, grease and soil residue on cooling and heating equipment. It is biodegradable, non-corrosive and non-hazardous, and won’t tarnish surfaces. It is safe to use and can even be disposed of down drains. It’s ideal for outdoor use, and effectively removes tough build-ups from air-cooled condensers, permanent air filters, evaporator coils, window units and any other finned equipment to improve productivity and increase longevity.

Environmentally Friendly Descaler

RICO recommends RYDLYME as an effective environmentally friendly de-scaler, as it easily dissolves tough water scale, lime, mud and rust deposits from almost any water based equipment. It’s non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and biodegradable, so is fully safe to use. It is circulated through water passages via a simple pump, so the equipment can be cleaned without shutting it down. It’s fast, non labour intensive and highly economical. By keeping passages free of mineral deposits you can increase efficiency, conserve energy, and extend the life of the equipment, saving you both time and money. Click on the link to find out more about this revolutionary product



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