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Over the last three decades Respol has become a British business success story. Our family run business has grown to become one of the UK leaders in the field of industrial flooring contractors and we have been awarded the FeRFA Contractor of the Year twice as well as being winners of the FeRFA Trainer of Year award. Respol’s reputation as one of the most professional and experienced industrial flooring companies in the UK has grown thanks to our outstanding services and technically advanced flooring solutions. We work within a diversity of sectors including industrial and commercial sectors and the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as providing specialist and heavy duty and chemical resistant flooring.

Respol understands that our high levels of customer satisfaction are one of the main reason for our longevity in this competitive business sector. We offer our customers peace of mind through our accredited services and products as well as providing the highest standards of flooring at competitive prices. Visit the Respol website for more information on our industrial flooring services.

Industrial Flooring

Respol offers 30 years of experience in the field of industrial flooring solutions and we have long-term business relationships with many of our satisfied customers. We provide an extensive range of industrial flooring services including the most advanced seamless epoxy and polymer surface coating systems available. Our professional workforce are skilled in sealed concrete floors and dust proofing as well as finding the right flooring system to meet your requirements whether that is anti-bacterial flooring, slip resistant flooring, chemical resistant flooring or flooring designed to withstand long-term heavy traffic. With a complete industrial flooring service from design through to installation it’s no surprise that 80% of our business comes from repeat customers.

Commercial Flooring

Respol is one of the leading suppliers of commercial flooring in the UK. Our revolutionary seamless systems for commercial flooring have been extensively used in offices, bars, commercial shopping centres, residential accommodation and healthcare facilities throughout the UK. Our Reefloor MT micro thin cementitious coatings provide the ideal solution for decorative floor, wall and paving finishes. Respol offers a number of high quality, technically advanced flooring systems for commercial use including our Reefloor CT for bespoke flooring finishes and our extremely hardwearing Reetop CQ 3000 and Reegrip CQ products. Our Reeflo offers the fastest curing floor covering product available while out Reetop RC is one of the finest outdoor flooring products on the market.

Food & Pharmaceutical

Respol fully understands the needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries when it comes to dust free and chemical and temperature resistant flooring. Our premier specialist flooring systems have been specifically designed to meet the stringent health and safety regulations as stipulated by the Food & Pharmaceuticals governing bodies. Our floor systems are extremely hardwearing while offering attractive finishes with features including sanitary covers, rounded corners, dust free and easily cleaned as well as being completely odourless. We also offer anti-bacterial finishes, non-slip for wet and fatty conditions, thermal shock resistance and can provide stainless steel drainage systems if required.

Heavy Duty Decorative

As you would expect from a company with over 30 years of experience in industrial flooring we can offer an extensive range of highly durable flooring systems that are suitable for most applications. Our skilled professionals understand our customer’s needs and can provide the right flooring solutions including colour matched and skid resistant flooring as well as incorporating company logos into the flooring systems. Our extensive range of heavy duty decorative flooring can also feature corporate colour schemes and tailored decorative solutions. Our decorative flooring solutions are one of the best ways to enhance and transform a building as well as providing a professional looking corporate image.

Specialist Flooring

Over the last 30 years Respol has continually invested in the latest technology in order to offer our customers the most advanced flooring systems available at cost-effective and competitive prices. With our advanced manufacturing equipment and methods we can offer a range of specialist flooring suitable for the most demanding of environments. Our innovative specialist flooring solutions include airflotation systems, osmosis solutions, flexible rubber screeds, aircraft fuel resistant flooring and multi-coloured static dissipative systems. We can also provide our specially designed system that provides immediate coating of fresh/green cementitious substrates even for surfaces with a high alkalinity or high moisture content.

Health & Safety

We take our responsibility to health and safety regulations seriously and we provide flooring systems that meet these stringent conditions. We have developed an extensive range of flooring systems designed to meet health and safety requirements including internal and external floor conditions for wet or oily conditions, luminous markings, fire escape routes, demarcation lines and gangway markings for pedestrians and forklift aisles. Respol can also supply flooring systems with a range of safety floor wording and bespoke markings as well as undertaking repairs to potholes, trip hazards and indifferent floor levels. Our flooring systems can be applied to concrete, wood, steel, asphalt and quarry, to name just a few.

Epoxy Flooring Systems

Reepol is Respol’s sister company and are a specialists in the field of epoxy flooring resins for industrial use. Our epoxy flooring systems are used extensively throughout a diversity of industry sectors providing one of the most technically advanced and cost-effective flooring solutions available. Our research and development department offers matched materials for the repair and maintenance of existing flooring, which provides an extremely cost-effective alternative to complete flooring replacement. Reepol flooring is extensive and includes finishes such as high gloss, anti-flare, speckled, plain and flecked. For more information on Reepol and Respol industrial flooring systems please visit the Respol website.

Hospital Flooring

Respol are one of the UK leaders in the field of premier quality flooring systems for the medical industry. We offer flooring systems for hospitals, pharmaceutical sectors and the healthcare industry. We offer a complete service including design, preparation, installation and finishing. Respol can provide the right flooring solutions to meet health and safety standards as well as providing decorative flooring solutions with integrated corporate logos and colours. Our flooring systems can be provided with easy to clean and anti-microbial seamless flooring features suitable for doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, veterinary surgeries, offices and residential care homes. For more information on our extensive range of flooring systems for the medical industry please visit the Respol website.



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