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REM Surface Technology has been offering innovation, quality, and technical expertise of the highest order, since its inception in 1965. We have become the pioneers and undisputed leaders in the field of metal surface finishing, earning the credibility and trust amongst a diverse range of clients from many different industries. Our Isotropic Superfinish (ISF) Process has revolutionised the performance capabilities of metal to metal contact parts. Our exceptional surfaces - which are unrivalled by any other technology-mean that a long list of clients keep coming back to us. 

Unlike our competitors who use abrasive machining to lap, grind and hone individual parts, we use an Isotropic Superfinish Process (ISF). This employs a non-abrasive automated mass finishing which gives more efficient, uniform parts that always outperform the competition. This process has a range of purposes, including reducing friction, increasing durability and fatigue resistance, improving lubrication characteristics and lowering lubricant temperature, as well as increasing power density. 

The success of our finishes are built on the hard-work and experience of over 45 years in the metal industry. Thanks to this hugely successful process, we are proud to say that we have supplied and serviced a long list of industry giants, including companies from the aerospace and automotive industries. Other industries served include medical, military, gearing & bearings, motorsports, power generation and decorative. Our expert employees focus on providing only the best results in surface finishing. 

REM Surface Technology is the daughter company of REM Chemicals which based in the United States. We have recently expanded our European operations by moving to a new facility in Cambridgeshire, enabling us to better serve the ever growing number of European customers. An improved manufacturing efficiency in a dedicated facility shows that we are committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of our operations to these new customers.

Here at REM Surface Technology we have five values that ensure our customers receive the best service in the industry. Firstly, our hardworking ethic means that we do whatever it takes to get the job done on time, every time. Secondly, our operations are highly efficient: we expend on only the necessary resources to achieve goals and objectives, meaning our customers receive a cost benefit. Next, customer service-thanks to our cutting edge technology and the support of our expert employees, we provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. Quality: we work to the highest standards and meet or exceed all your expectations. Finally, REM is committed to innovation and growth-we are always on the lookout for ways to improve and expand our services, and we intend to grow REM with respect and integrity. 

Rapid ISF

REM can now offer a rapid ISF process for high volume gear production. The surface finish of gears is an increasingly essential aspect of automotive production – the more sophisticated the finish, the more efficient the gearing, and thus the more fuel efficient the vehicle. Gear mesh efficiency needs to be achievable in production at volume and at speed – and this is a service we can offer through our breakthrough technology and production processes. REM’s Rapid ISF Process is able to produce a planar surface of Ra .1 µm or less in 4 minutes. Please see our website for details.

Material Benefits

REM’s revolutionary ISF process results in a unique isotropic surface condition on gears – when used with the right metals. Steel, stainless steel, and titanium are ideal for this work. Our isotropic superfinish process dramatically reduces wear in any components and parts made from these metals. And we are always ready to true new allows and materials. The benefits experienced when using our process with these metals are found in increased fuel economy, reduced contact fatigue and thus reduced lubrication requirements and costs, increased power density, lower operating temperatures, extended mean time periods between maintenance and longer life cycles with lower failure rates, and lower vibration and noise. Please see our website for details.

Financial Benefits

REM’s ISF process, because it enhances the efficiency and durability of your metal parts and components, also comes with significant cost savings and value-adding benefits. For the producer, the capability to produce parts at high volume and with minimal training or capital expenditure means that an operational budget can go much further than would have been previously possible. And for the end user, the reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs, as well as the longer intervals between necessary maintenance and the elimination of break-in times, all service to increase efficiency and introduce savings.

ISF & Nitriding

Nitriding steel components is a process that minimises geometric distortion while producing a high hardness and a shallow case. But the process also leaves a brittle and hard white layer that needs to be removed at the end. REM’s ISF process is ideal for this work – faster and more effective than conventional honing. The ISF process not only removes the residual white layer but it also leaves a polished and planarised surface while minimising stock removal. Power generation, aerospace, defence, oil and gas and automotive industries can all benefit by combining our ISF process with their nitriding work. Please see our website for details.


Here at REM, we supply a wide range of Aerospace components featuring REM’s ISF® process.

Examples of the range include: Main and Intermediate Transmission Gears, Turbine Engine Power Gears, Main Transmission Bearings, Air Foils, Blisks, Stator Rings, Tail Rotor Gears, Flight Actuator Components, Rotor Hinge Pins, Generator, Hydraulic and Fuel Pump Gears and Fuel Transfer Components.

ISF® Aerospace parts offer a range of benefits including: Reduced Friction, Reduced Contact and Bending Fatigue, Lower Operating Temp, Reduced Vibration and Noise, Increased Power Density, Increased Part Durability, Reduced Lubrication Requirements and Cost, Increased Fuel Efficiency and Extended Mean Time between Maintenance.

Automotive and Recreational Vehicles

We also offer a fantastic selection of Automotive parts utilising the ISF® process.

The range includes: Rear Axles, Gearboxes, Bearings, Heavy Axle Ring and Pinions, Heavy Duty Trucks, Buses, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, Golf Carts, ATV’s and Snowmobiles and Bicycles.

ISF® Automotive parts offer a range of benefits including: Reduced Friction, Increased Fuel Efficiency, Improved Pitting Resistance, Improved Scuffing Resistance, Increased Power Density, Reduced Lubrication Requirements and Cost, Reduced Operating Times, Reduced bending Fatigue and Increased Part Durability.

Please give us a call at REM to find out more about how the ISF® process can add value to your parts.

The ISF Process and Bearings

Bearings provide a vital roll in all types of drive or rolling systems. They can experience high operating temperatures, high/low speeds and severe loads so they must be manufactured to incredibly high standards in order to operate effectively.

Using our ISF® process, our bearings offer a range of benefits including: Increased Fuel Efficiency, No Run In Required, Eliminated Bearing Metal Debris, Eliminated Failure Due to Micropitting, Spalling and Scuffing, Reduced Lubrication Requirements and Costs, Lower Running Torque, Increased Bearing Life, Lower Operating Temperatures and  a Quieter Operation.


REM offers a range of equipment utilising the ISF process suitable for use in the medical industry. These parts are manufactured to incredibly high standards to provide users with reliable product solutions.

Examples of the range include: Blood Contact Parts, Bone Screws and Plates, Artificial Knee and Hip Implants and Stainless Steel Surgical and Dental Instruments. These parts offer a range of benefits including: Reduced Wear, Improved Corrosion Resistance, Reduced Fatigue Bending, Reduced Hemolysis and Thrombosis in Blood Contacting Parts and Improved Sterility.

The ISF® process enables us to create equipment with smooth surfaces desired in the medical industry for corrosion resistance, sterility and reduced wear.

ISF and Gearing

Our top quality ISF® gearing products are used in a range of industries including: Aerospace, Automotive and Recreation, Motorsports, Off-Highway and Power Generation. The ISF® process reduces friction resulting in extended component life and increased fuel efficiency.

At REM we have the facilities and capabilities to process gears weighing more than 4000 lbs and we have also established a refurbishment programme designed to turn scrap components into ‘good as new’ parts. These refurbished parts our perform non-ISF processed new parts.

ISF® gearing parts feature a range of benefits including: Increased Fuel Efficiency, Increased Power Density, Quieter Operation and Reduced Contact and Bending Fatigue.


Failure is not an option in military hardware. Nor is frequently replacing parts conducive to an effective and responsive military capability REM’s ISF services are widely used in the production and maintenance of military hardware – a testament to our unblemished reputation for efficiency, quality, and for producing metal parts of enhanced durability. REM is an FAA certified service provider to the military – partly because of the extended maintenance intervals that come with our ISF process. And we operate a refurbishment programme to convert otherwise scrap parts into viable components. Our ISF process is useful for producing and maintaining rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, ground vehicles, and armoured vehicles. Please see our website for details.


Components used in motorsports ned to be able to withstand extreme speeds, temperatures, and parasitic friction, and need to operate with high torque requirements. Over-heating and major horsepower losses – as well as, ultimately, catastrophic metallurgical failure of interacting metal surfaces – is a serious danger. But REM’s revolutionary ISF process leads to vehicles with faster and more efficient metal components that minimise parasitic friction while operating with the kind of efficiency and durability necessary to withstand the high temperatures and torque levels. The smooth, micro-textured surface created by the ISF process helps vehicles withstand the harsh conditions of races and other extreme conditions. A wide range of motorsports fields use the ISF process – Formula 1, Nascar, Indy racing and many others. Please see our website for details.


Severe loads and hostile environments characterise the conditions in which the off-highway industry operates. Off-highway heavy equipment has high torque requirements and the typical stop-and-go action of its work exerts significant wear and strain on metal components. Break-in procedures and maintenance schedules are often not strictly followed. All of this leads to the danger of catastrophic failures of metal components – unless the metal components are produced to a higher efficiency and durability standard with REM’s state-of-the-art ISF process. Our ISF process works for gears weighing even over 4,000 lbs. And we can refurbish parts – extending the usable life of expensive components. Earth-moving equipment, backhoes, cement trucks, mining equipment, tractors, bulldozers, and military vehicles, all benefit from the ISF process. Please see our website for details.

Power Generation

Gear wear and micropitting often cuts short the twenty-year lifetimes for which wind turbine gear boxes are usually designed. But strong and intermittent wind gusts, and the start-and-stop nature of the wind itself, places incredible strains on the metal gear components of wind turbines. And the remote location of wind turbines can make regular maintenance schedules difficult to observe. REM’s ISF process therefore becomes critical in giving metal fear parts in wind turbines the efficiency and enhanced durability necessary for long lifetimes of mission-critical service in remote and challenging conditions. Our ISF process works for gears weighing even over 4,000 lbs. Please see our website for details.

Accelerated Finishing Compounds

Over thirty years ago REM Surface Engineering began researching and developing a brand new, innovative concept of chemically accelerated mass finishing.  This excellent technology, now known as the REM process, has been the cornerstone of our success. The REM process uses a patented product line of accelerated finishing compounds for finishing hard or soft carbon steels, stainless steels, titanium and nickel alloys.

ISF Services

REM offers the compete ISF process systems in all of our facilities. ISF services are simple: the first step is simply to contact REM to find the appropriate location for your components and to request a quotation. And then, when you send your unique components to REM, our specialist engineers and technicians will oversee their ISF processing directly; you can ensure a unique isotropic finish for your components without undertaking the additional capital expenditure and overhead of an in-house ISF installation. All of our facilities are equipped with modern surface roughness inspection instruments and expert measurement experts. And we are AS9100:2009 certified at each of our three facilities. We also have approval as a supplier for numerous major corporations in aerospace, the medical industry, the heavy equipment industry, power generation, and the automotive industries. Quick start-up, no capital outlay, no need for additional staff, no waste management, long-term flexibility, and quick turn-around times are all benefits of our ISF services. Please see our website for details.

Accelerated Mass Finishing

We have a global partnership with Rösler, enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of heavy duty, easy to operate vibratory installations.  Continuous flow processing systems have become  increasingly important in the field of accelerated mass finishing. Our equipment comes with grease lubrication system, media unload door, bottom drains and high performance drive motors. What's more, it is lined with unique polyurethane or rubber liners and continually feeds liquid along the length of the processing chamber. A standard or fully customized control panel allows you to automate your operation.

Decorative Finishes

When a smooth or shiny surface is required, nothing does it better than the REM process. This means a whole range of manufacturers and fabricators from decorative markets come to us first. We use the same vibratory equipment and ceramic media that is used in our unique ISF process. Hand tools, cutlery, cosmetics, decorative hardware, plumbing hardware, firearms and lighting fixtures are just some of the markets that could really benefit from using our process.

ISF Materials Treatment Services

All of the services we provide are complemented by our ISF Materials Treatment Services. This unique technology applies chemically accelerated vibratory finishing to Isotropically Superfinished metals or alloys in order to achieve the maximum level of refinement, while always maintaining the integrity of critical surfaces.

ISF Processes/ Surface Finishing

When two metal parts make contact, friction causes the build up of heat. Over time, high temperatures can lead to wear which reduces efficiency.  Eventually, you'll need to pay out for a replacement. Our unique ISF process creates a smooth and shiny finish that increases the efficiency and life expectancy of moving metal parts. This means lower operating costs and the improved performance of your application. REM's ISF process, a physicochemical process using high density, non-abrasive ceramic media, employs conventional vibratory finishing equipment to remove the surface asperities inherent after the machining process. Microscopic specks are safely removed, leaving a smooth surface which reduces friction and heat. The net result is an improved component with increased durability, decreased noise output, and which requires less maintenance. The results of the ISF process are undeniable and can be used in a whole host of industries!

Process Chemistry

The chemicals that we use are water-based, non-toxic and non-hazardous. They are used at ambient temperate, are moderate in pH range and give no metallurgical determent. All these qualities are the reasons why REM's products and processes are patented.

Technical/Engineering Services

At REM Surface Engineering, we recognise that each and every customer has their own specific needs when it comes to utilising the ISF Process. That’s why we now provide a variety of turnkey technical and engineering services. So, whether you’re making use of our first rate ISF services or have a customised ISF installation, REM can provide the additional service support you need to achieve the very highest levels of quality. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Audit Support
  • Customer Service
  • Document Support
  • Process Development
  • Process Maintenance
  • Technical Support

Our ISF services can be carried out from our premises or yours – either way, the results are equally as impressive. They include a significant decrease in wear, longer component life, increased fuel economy, lower lubricant temperatures and reduced operating expenses. To find out more about the value adding/cost-saving benefits of the ISF process, please head directly to the REM Surface Engineering website.

Vibratory Equipment

In 2005, REM forged a partnership with Rösler GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vibratory equipment. We are now able to supply and install their full range of vibratory systems, including vibratory bowls, vibratory tubs, drag finishing systems, material handling systems, waste treatment systems, long radius vibrators, centrifugal disk finishing machines and much, much more. This partnership has enabled us to fulfil our objective of maintaining the highest standards across the metal finishing and surface engineering industries.

Vibratory Finishing Machines

Vibratory finishing machines are used to improve the surface properties of components in a multitude of industries. They are most often used for deburring, degreasing, descaling, polishing, deflashing and smoothing. To find out more about the Rösler range of vibratory finishing machines, please get in touch directly.

Vibratory Tubs

Vibratory tubs are typically found in applications where the even biggest rotary vibrators are still too small. They are particularly suitable for large and sensitive parts which require treatment in separate compartments to reduce the risk of part-on-part impingement. The Rösler range includes model sizes from 178 x 533mm right up to 1,499 x 3,988mm. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about vibratory tubs and their uses.

Drag Finishing Systems

These are the most suitable type of machine for finishing high value and/or sensitive parts which must not touch each other during the process. Rösler’s Drag Finishing Systems comprise of a rotary carousel with up to 12 spindles. The rotation of both the carousel and the spindles ensure all of the parts are consistently treated. Drag finishing has a metal removal rate up to 40 times higher than vibratory finishing.

Centrifugal Disk Finishing Machines

Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines provide performance levels reaching 10-30 times higher than conventional vibratory machines, making them a far more efficient alternative. Through our partnership with Rösler, we’re able to supply a wide range of machine sizes with varying levels of automation that provide the solutions to just about any kind of finishing problem. They include:

  • Double-Batch Systems – manually or automatically operated. Provide reliable precision gap control.
  • Low Profile Machines – highly compact but just as sturdy and powerful.

Shot Blasting Systems

Rösler shot-blasting machines represent the very best in surface treatment technology. Manufactured to the highest possible standard, they are renowned throughout the world not just for the outstanding results that they consistently provide, but also for the cost-effective way in which they provide them. At REM Surface Engineering, we’re proud to be able to offer such a high quality range of machines. If you would like find out more about Rösler shot-blasting systems, please get in touch directly. Our experts are able to provide all of the information and advice you require.


REM Surface Engineering are able to supply a range of Rösler dryers which can usually be connected to the vibratory finishing system for automatic component drying. They include heated rotary and drum type dryers (ideal for spot free drying with organic media), hot air belt dryers, and a selection of dryers with thermostat controls.

Linear Continous Flow Vibrators

A continuous loading process is just one of the benefits of having a continuous flow installation. Linear vibrators allow part input rates and dwell times to be varied in conjunction with the size and sensitivity of the feed components, which means they integrate well into automated process environments. Thanks to our partnership with Rösler, we’re able to offer customers one of the widest ranges of linear continuous flow systems in the industry. Get in touch to find out more about these innovative machines and the benefits they could bring to your processes.

Circular Multi-Channel Continuous Flow Vibrators

REM Surface Engineering are pleased to bring you the Rösler Rotomatic, a circular multi-channel continuous flow vibrator for deburring, grinding, cleaning, deflashing and a variety of other surface treatment applications. Though fully equipped with Rösler’s High-Energy direct drive system, the Rotomatic is still a relatively compact unit. The Rotomatic also benefits from a uniquely designed processing channel that allows first-in/first-out processing with variable cycle times. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Material Handling Systems

REM Surface Engineering are able to supply and install Rösler’s high quality range of material handling systems. Find out more by visiting our website or getting in touch directly. We’ll help you find the right solution for all your material handling requirements.

Long Radius Vibrators

Rösler’s Long Radius (LR) concept allows for a higher degree of flexibility in vibratory operations. They are typically used for in-line continuous processing, as well as for batch processing. When used for batch processing, the machines are fitted with a pneumatic separation flap that allows larger parts to be processed with minimum part-on-part contact. However, LR vibrators are predominantly used for continuous-feed operations, and are commonly placed directly within an in-line manufacturing process without batch loading equipment. LR systems are ideal for fast deburring, edge breaking and radiussing.

Featured News/Research

REM Surface Engineering remains committed to the continual improvement of its products and services. We believe that through regular investment in research and development we can help to drive forward innovation right across the metal finishing and surface engineering industries. Below you’ll find some examples of our recent research projects. You can find more by visiting the REM Surface Engineering website.

High Speed, Automatable Superfinishing of Rear-Axle Hypoid Gears

Superfinishing rear-axle hypoid gearsets significantly reduces friction, wear and operating temperature. This is well documented. But the benefits of this process are outweighed by the increased manufacturing costs, especially in terms of process speed, work in process and labour. For this reason, superfinishing has had limited commercial success. However, REM Surface Engineering have now developed a fully automatable drag finishing process that significantly reduces the time it takes for hypoid gearsets to be superfinished. If you would like to read more, please request a copy of the full document through our website contact form.

Refurbishment of Wind Turbine Gears

Variations in temperature, wind speed and air quality mean that wind turbine gearboxes are often subject to micropitting, abrasive wear, foreign object debris damage, surface corrosion and fretting corrosion. Historically, grinding has been used to refurbish turbine gears damaged by the harsh environmental conditions to which they are commonly exposed. Yet this can be extremely costly, especially when you consider the amount of time and skill involved in the grinding process. However, chemically accelerated vibratory finishing, or isotropic superfinishing, can represent a value-adding, low-cost option for refurbishing both case carburised and nitride gears. Light to moderate gear flank surface damage can be completely removed, providing a non-directional patterned surface with a roughness of approximately 0.08mm or less. Evidence also shows that isotropic superfinishing imparts a finish that increases gear durability. Find out more by visiting the REM Surface Engineering website.

Gear Corrosion During the Manufacturing Process

Even the very best gears are susceptible to corrosion, and this might easily lead to gear failures that have catastrophic consequences. Corrosion is often very hard to detect, especially when it starts in the root fillet region. For this reason, a reliable corrosion-resistant finish is imperative. Our studies show that superfinishing can mitigate the damaging effects of pitting corrosion and intergranular attack (IGA), and also that it is a far superior method of repair than the conventional practice of glass beading. Follow the link to find out more.


Our reputation as innovators in the field of metal finishing has developed in no small part because of the scientific evidence that supports our claims. Follow this link and take a look at the research for yourself. On our website you’ll find the charts and graphs that demonstrate the success of our products and scientific processes.

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